Auditoriums and Performing Arts

Title Abstract Publication Date
Rose Center for the Arts, Lower Columbia College American studio Opsis Architecture designed the Rose Center for the Arts in Lower Columbia College, Longview, Washington, which not only meets the artists' needs with a cutting-edge theatre and... 04/19/2012
Royal Conservatory of Music Telus Centre for Performance and Learning. Profiles this new music conservatory addition, featuring abundant performing and rehearsal spaces, generous public areas, appropriate acoustical isolation, and a concert hall large enough to host... 01/31/2010
School Health and Safety Standards for Dance Education and Dance in Physical Education Student safety is an important goal when teaching physically active skills, and school safety standards should be considered as important as the dance content standards for students. A recent survey... 03/31/2005
Seating for Assembly Spaces Guidelines for designing accessible seating in sports and concert facilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines require wheelchair companion seats and comparable lines of... 03/31/1995
Second Act. Profiles the renovation of the University of Texas' Bass Concert Hall for fire safety, patron accommodation, and increased theatrical possibilities. 02/28/2010
Seven Things You Need to Know to Build a Better Stage. Discusses details of house size, gross-up margins, adjacencies, fly loft height, orchestra pit, accessibility, and sustainability that are important to consider when designing an academic theatre. 08/19/2009
Sharing Space. Explores why flexibility is an essential component in the design of multipurpose performing-arts centers for schools. Discusses stage size and shape, seating configuration, and design considerations... 07/31/2001
Small Town, World Class: Marshall High School Performing Arts Center. Describes this high school auditorium designed to visually and technically accommodate professional orchestras and touring shows, as well as give the the feeling of attending an event in a... 06/30/2006
So You Think You Can Dance. Discusses performance flooring for dance and sport classes, citing the need to determine the main use of the room, dangers to the body from improper flooring, types of subflooring, and advice on... 09/30/2006
Sound Good? Discusses the importance of thorough research when considering construction of a campus performing arts center, including retaining an acoustical consultant or acoustician to recommend a similar... 04/30/2002
Specialized Facilities. Profiles 40 outstanding new or renovated specialty education facilities selected for their contribution to the educational program, adaptability, design, technology accommodation, sustainability, and... 10/31/2008
Specialized Facilities. Profiles 15 specialized educational facilities honored for functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. These include dining, performing arts,... 10/31/2010
Specifications for Acoustic Performance. Discusses inclusion of acoustical specifications in building design and construction, advising on how to accurately merge them into the plans, and the appropriate CSI Masterformat divisions to use. A... 11/30/2008
St. Louis Prep School Opens Completed Fine Arts Center Chaminade College Prepatory School in St. Louis opened the doors to its new performing and fine arts center — a $17.5 million, 80,000-square-foot facility designed to support a variety of arts... 11/02/2011
Stadium Complex Serves Athletics, Arts. Discusses how a Birdville, Texas, school put the wasted space in its football stadium to use as meeting places for various district and community activities, a black box theater, and space for... 02/29/2000
Star Performance: Integrating Architecture and Engineering in the Valley Performing Arts Center. Profiles the new Valley Performing Arts Center at California State University at Northridge. Features of the flexible concert hall and energy-saving HVAC and hot water system are detailed. 08/31/2008
State-of-the-Art Performing Arts Facility Born out of Historic High School. Profiles Colorado State University's new University Center for the Arts, which converted the 1924 Fort Collins High School into a facility providing concert, theatre, dance, and visual arts... 12/31/2007
Student Assembly. This is an interview conducted by Entertainment Design editor David Johnson with several New York-area professionals who specialize in school theaters to discuss some of the issues involved in... 06/30/2001
Student Services and Visual/Performing Arts Complex, Bay College. Profiles this multi-purpose building, consisting of a combination of renovation and new construction. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, a floor plan, and... 02/28/2010
Symphonic Sails. Describes the Central Washington University's Music Education Facility and its architectural details evoking properties of music. Technical features of the acoustically superb concert hall are... 12/31/2004
Take a Bow. Discusses the benefits of a school performing arts facility to the curriculum and to the economic vitality of the community. Designing a center around the types of performances anticipated, community... 07/31/2009
Take a Seat, Please. Offers decision making tips when choosing auditorium seating for both indoor and outdoor use. Tips for outdoor seating include deciding on weather-resistant options, permanent or temporary bleachers... 10/31/1998
TASB/TASA School Architecture Awards, 2001. Describes the design features of five schools and a performing arts center that received recognition from the TASB/TASA School Architecture Awards. Each entry contains photos, project information,... 12/31/2001
The Art of Partnership. Describes the new performing arts center in New Albany, Ohio. The professional level facility was created by a partnership between the school district, the community, and private industry. 06/30/2008
The Auditeria: A Multi-Use Space. This presentation illustrates how a full working auditorium (auditeria) can be planned that is also used daily as a cafeteria or study hall, all without sacrificing performance activities. Cost... 10/06/1996