Auditoriums and Performing Arts

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Key to Designing Specialty Spaces. Dicusses specialty educational spaces by providing general design advice, illustrated with five examples from various schools. A media center, music suite, auditorium, outdoor classroom, and athletic... 10/31/2010
The Play's the Thing Experts offer their advice on designing performing arts facilities and auditoriums on campuses. As vital campus spaces with the potential to make lasting impressions, keep the wow factor in mind.... 01/31/2012
The Show Must Go On...Safely. Lists hazards particular to school theatre design and production and advises on ways to avoid accidents involving falls, equipment, and chemicals. 04/30/2004
The Sound of Music: Northfield Middle School Concert Hall. Describes this middle school concert hall, designed to accommodate a school where 600 of the 900 students are involved in a musical ensemble. The unusually elegant hall is suitable for public events... 06/30/2006
The Tatnall School Performing Arts Center. Profiles this theatre for a private school with a strong performing arts constituency. Aggressive value engineering reduced the cost from $15 million as originally designed, to the $10 million that... 12/31/2009
Theater Design. Detailed information on construction, lighting, acoustical structures, electro-mechanical-hydraulic systems, and stage controls. 12/31/1995
Theatrical Comfort-From the Bottom Up. Explains how Louisiana State University improved its uncomfortable theater seating within budget by carefully adjusting the original design, clearly defining user expectations, and gaining contractor... 10/31/2001
This Dome Performs Like a Star. Profiles the North Central Texas College performing arts center, which is housed in a Monolithic Dome. The dome offers superior protection in case of severe weather, is highly energy efficient, was... 03/31/2007
Turntable Divisible Auditorium Macton Corporation manufactures a turntable divisible auditorium (TDA), which is an adaptation of a conventional auditorium or multiuse seating area that incorporates one or more sections of seating... 12/31/1998
Turntables. Changing the Direction of LEED Certification Advises incorporating space saving, acoustically sound, and energy efficient devices such as Turntable Divisible Auditoriums (TDAs). They can save a school or district costs on construction and... 03/31/2012
UC San Diego's New Music Center Design Combines Acoustic Performance with Striking Visuals. Profiles this facility featuring careful attention to acoustics in all spaces and abundant gathering spaces to encourage student interaction. 02/07/2008
What to do Before the Theatre Consultant Comes. Much of the planning and design of a school theater can be done by school personnel before the expense of employing a specialist is assumed. 12/31/1969
What You Don't Know. Alerts readers that fire marshals and inspectors are more vigilant in testing theatre or auditorium fire curtains, smoke vents, and stage curtains. New products, codes and inspection standards are... 04/30/2010
What's Old is New With Eastman Music. Description of a $46 million project at the Eastman School at the University of Rochester that included construction of an east wing next to Eastman Theatre that provides space for teaching,... 03/31/2011