Bond Issues and Campaigns

Title Abstract Publication Date
Grossmont Union High School District: Capital Construction Proposition H Bond Program Performance Review. Offers a detailed review of the district's bond program, citing its overall success and making suggestions for improvement. Sections cover progress to date, design team costs, construction... 07/30/2007
Guidelines for Program for the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds by Missouri School Districts. This program provides credit enhancement and helps Missouri school districts in need of educational facilities achieve a low borrowing cost and other favorable borrowing terms. This report presents:... 07/11/2006
How Better Schools Build Better Communities. Cites statistics showing how good schools positively affect a community's standard of living, property values, and crime rate and how businesses are attracted to good schools when selecting... 12/31/2003
How Public School Districts Can Improve Their Bond Ratings. Bond ratings have a substantial impact on a borrower's cost of funds, with the difference between ratings having a potential impact of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on debt service... 12/31/2001
How to Get Your School Bond Passed. Explains six early steps to help insure a successful school bond effort: 1)Lay the groundwork early by reaching out before the bond is on the ballot. 2) Build the ballot with items that voters are... 03/31/2006
How to Win a Bond Referendum. Outlines ten steps for a successful bond referendum: survey voters, get board support, craft a winning message, educate the media, identify supporters, build a campaign organization, create a... 09/30/2006
Impact Aid Expanded with Construction Revenue Bond Option. Reviews the creation and make-up of the federal government's Impact Aid program, the revenues from which can be pledged as security for the issuance of bonds. An example of how these funds have... 08/31/2007
Information, Engagement Help Rural District Pass Bond Issue. Discusses how district ensured approval of a proposed $4.2 million bond sale in a community that had experienced an economic downturn in the previous two years with the loss of two major employers.... 06/22/1999
Iowa School-Building Boom May Yield Little in Way of Bonds Iowa schools are gearing up to spend several hundred million dollars for school construction projects in the next decade, but investors shouldn't count on them to issue a lot of bonds in the... 11/30/1999
Knowing the Odds. Parameters that Predict Passing or Failing School District Bonds. This study investigates parameters affecting the likelihood of passing school facility construction bonds by local district election. Using statewide data from Michigan, this study analyzes school... 12/31/2009
Knowing What Matters: An Expanded Study of School Bond Elections in Michigan, 1998-2006. This study investigates what factors are associated with the likelihood of passing school facility construction bonds by local district election. It uses statewide data from Michigan, 1998-2006, to... 03/31/2010
Lessons From the Bond Battlefield Describes how a divide and conquer strategy, with split ballots, can often lead to victory in a bond and operating election. Provides examples of situations when splitting the ballot could make the... 10/31/2001
Local Bond Elections in California: Some Vital Statistics. EdSource Factsheet This report examines the fate of general obligation (G.O.) bond measures in California from 1986 to 1999. For the entire 13-year period, the passage rate for local G.O. bonds averaged 54 percent.... 12/31/1999
Local-Option Levy. Advises those attempting to pass a school levy on how weed out listings of voters who no longer reside in a precinct, but still appear on active voter rolls. This is particularly important in cases... 05/31/2006
Looking Ahead This is an educated guess by the editor of American School & University magazine on what 2005 and beyond will hold for education construction: based on data, spending on education construction... 12/31/2004
Making Better Decisions about Funding School Facilities This publication identifies the major decision points for policymakers addressing this issue and the key questions to consider, and provides examples of strategies used by other states. Primary... 03/31/1998
Managing School Indebtedness: A Complete Guide to School Bonding This presents a complete guide to ensuring a successful venture in school bonding. Chapters present thorough descriptions of every step in managing a bond issue, and each ends with a detailed... 12/31/1993
Many Schools Getting Less Bang for Bonds. Reports on construction cutbacks in 12 of the 19 Orange County, California, school districts that have passed bonds since 1990. Price increases, mismanagement, lack of oversight, overly ambitious... 06/17/2006
Marshall Public Schools Facilities Bond Campaign [Michigan]. Information on What will the bond accomplish?; How much will the bond issue cost?; What are we voting for?; Why now?; When do I vote?; Where do I vote?; Where do I get more information?; How do I... 12/31/2006
Massing Support for a Levy Without Mass Media . The classic campaign strategy in most school communities involves using the mass media to attract widespread attention to an upcoming budget or tax levy vote. Such strategies tend to bring uninformed... 05/31/2005
Minority Support for School Bonds in Charlotte-Mecklenburg: A Cautionary Note. This article examines support for school bonds among minority group members in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, which includes the city of Charlotte. A survey was conducted shortly after a bitter... 12/31/2004
One More for the Money. Describes how the Denver Public School District used detailed planning and precise fiscal management to build 10 schools rather than just the 9 approved by voters in a bond issue, as well as to... 05/31/2002
Outlook 2011. Forecasts issues for schools in 2011. Subjects addressed include funding, class size, bond issues, community colleges, security, construction, sustainability, maintenance and operations, technology... 12/31/2010
Overcoming Negative Sentiment in Public School Bond Elections: An Analysis of Three Case Studies. School districts find that success in bond elections is important to continued growth and development of schools. However, many districts find difficulty in developing the stakeholder support... 04/30/2006
Pass or Fail: Schools are Experiencing Mixed Results in Their Attempts to Fund Facilities Repair and Construction. Examines the mixed results from several school districts that attempted to fund their school repair and construction projects. Enrollment, building deterioration, and school construction needs and... 05/31/1999