Bond Issues and Campaigns

Title Abstract Publication Date
Pass the Plate. Presents case studies of school district's efforts to get a school construction bond passed. Fifteen organizational steps for successful bond passage are highlighted. 02/29/1996
Passing the Bond. Advises on getting bond issues passed, emphasizing cooperation and communication. Defining the need for the voters, establishing extensive communication between all stakeholders, building consensus,... 06/30/2011
Perceptions of Successful Strategies and Passage of School Bond Issues. This study examined strategies that could assist public school administrators and school boards with the passage of bond issues. It specifically looked at such issues as the time of year that an... 02/28/2002
Planning a School Construction Referendum: A Case Study of a Small Rural School District in Southern New Jersey. Narrate the author's experience on a school planning task force developed in response to a failed bond referendum. The public demanded more say in the future planning for the community's... 12/31/2009
Planning for Quality Describes one Wisconsin school district's use of continuous quality improvement (CQI), coupled with community involvement, to plan and pass a referendum for a new K-8 school. Fourteen CQI... 02/28/1997
Planning for the Long Haul. Describes the use of a comprehensive facilities needs assessment and master plan to help school districts successfully manage increased enrollments and deteriorating facilities. An example of master... 06/30/1997
Planning Successful Bond Campaigns. This document contains specific recommendations for conducting bond campaigns. It outlines the three major considerations of any bond campaign: (1) committee organization and appointment; (2) time... 12/31/1997
Politics of Building or Renovating Rural School Facilities While new school construction bond elections for rural school districts can be difficult to pass, success is possible. This paper presents one superintendent's effective campaign to build a $4.2... 05/01/1998
Program Progress Update.[Cleveland] Reviews the behind schedule state of school construction under Cleveland's current bond issue. Efforts to catch up include elimination of some project from the original program. A short glossary... 08/12/2007
Proposed November 4, 2008, Bond Resolution. This Los Angeles Unified School District bond proposal also includes correspondence which describes typical repairs and upgrades planned for the schools. These efforts largely address technology... 07/30/2008
Public Universities Keep Wary Eye on Bond Market. Many public-university administrators are watching as the nation's credit markets seize up, trying to assess the impact on universities' and state bonding agencies' ability to issue... 09/30/2008
Put it to the Voter: Issues in School Bond Referenda This paper discusses school bond referenda in South Carolina. First, it examines laws pertaining directly to school bonds and those that may impact school bond funding. Next, demographic factors and... 12/31/2011
Quality of Life...Investing in Our Children's Future. The Case for Building and Maintaining Our Public Schools. This study examines the problem of deferred maintenance in U.S. public schools, including the repair funding required to comply with federal mandates in the next 3 years; the estimated percentage of... 12/31/1995
Raising Money, Winning Votes. Discusses how school districts putting the right people in the right management positions when running bond-issue campaigns can better assure campaign success. Characteristics required of campaign... 10/31/2000
School Bond and Tax Elections in Michigan. Describes Michigan's laws affecting school finance, their six steps of the bond procedure, their conduct of the bond election, and a list of recent Michigan bond elections. 12/31/2009
School Bond Guide. The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a guide to the Kansas statutes relating to the issuance of school bonds and the construction of school buildings. Statutory citations are provided. Samples... 07/31/2004
School Bond Success: A Strategy for Building America's Schools It has become increasingly difficult for school administrators and boards of education to obtain funds for meeting educational community needs and obstacles to providing high quality education. This... 12/31/1998
School Bond Success: A Strategy for Building America's Schools. Advises on strategies for resolving school bond issues and practical information on specific activities for bond campaigns. Chapters provide the case for the need; essentials in successful bond... 12/31/2001
School Construction Bond Citizen's Oversight Committee The mission of this oversight committee is to oversee the expenditure of money for the construction, repair, and modernization of schools by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The... 12/31/2006
School Construction Defies Fiscal Doldrums. This first of a three-part series reports on record school construction beginning in 2002, despite a sagging economy. Reasons for the increase include bond issues passed during the strong economy of... 03/16/2004
School Finance Elections: Hip-Hop to Victory with GOTV Strategies. Describes get-out-the-vote strategies that can be used to improve voter turnout for school finance measures. Types of voters, contact methods for each, and their voting tendencies are explained.... 11/30/2004
School Improvement Bond Campaign [Parsons District Schools, Kansas] Includes links to information on the proposed improvements, an educational facilities slideshow, pamphlet of facts, blueprints, architectural drawings, aerial photos of campus, and renovation updates... 12/31/2004
School Tax Elections: Testing Messages and Targeting Voters. Advises on improving school tax election results through message testing, benchmarking questions, and sorting out responses by demographic classification trees. 11/30/2010
Soft Sell, Hard Numbers. Where's the Money for K-12 Schools? This gives advice to facility executives to do their homework on facility conditions and costs while seeking public support. The following steps are discussed: 1) Let the academic plan and enrollment... 02/28/2001
Something for Everyone How do you encourage a small town to bond a new school that is equal to its entire annual operating budget? The planners of the Mashpee Junior/Senior High School did it by creating a facility that... 12/31/1998