Bond Issues and Campaigns

Title Abstract Publication Date
Voter's Choice: The School Facility Health and Safety Bond Act of 1997. [New York City] Fiscal brief to enhance public understanding of a pending bond act to authorize the state to borrow up to $2.4 billion through the issuance of bonds to fund capital projects related to the... 12/31/1996
Watch Your Language. Advises on how to properly word a bond referendum to help ensure passage. Split-sampling testing techniques to assess reaction to various phrases are described, and a variety of reactions to phrases... 01/31/2006
What Types of School Capital Projects are Voters Willing to Support? In many states, investments in school capital must be approved by bond referenda. Consequently, voter preferences can directly impact the quality of school facilities and their infrastructure.... 03/03/2011
Why School Bond Votes Fail and How to Win Them. Explains how lapses in public participation and lack of awareness of voter psychology causes many bond efforts to fail, and suggests strategies for success that emphasize abundant communication and... 02/28/2006
Why School Building Programs Go Bust. Provides an extensive checklist of warning signs that might indicate funding trouble for a school capital program. These involve long-range planning, management of the bond issue, construction... 06/30/2007
Win at the Polls This handbook provides techniques and tools to help pass a bond issue or school finance campaign. It describes how to get organized; conduct research; select communication techniques; and adapt... 12/31/1984
Winning School Finance Elections. Advises on successful bond campaign strategies, including engaging voters from the beginning, conducting the process transparently, and using voter research. Also included are key questions to ask... 09/30/2007