Build New or Renovate?

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Final Determination. Discusses ways of comparing costs of renovation and maintenance of a facility versus building new. A detailed table provides an itemized example of how capital renewal costs might compare to new... 10/31/2003
Adaptive Reuse: Reusing Buildings for Future Generations while Maintaining Connections to the Past. Describes adaptive reuse of college buildings, which involves reconfiguring existing buildings for entirely new functions, including its benefits. Examples include Bartlett Hall at the University of... 04/30/2003
Alternatives to Construction [Portland Public Schools] This white paper explores program changes, the use of modular classrooms, leasing, and public/private partnerships as alternatives to new construction and major renovation of Portland, Oregon's... 03/19/2012
An Appraisal Guide for Older and Historic School Facilities. Assists in the evaluation of the physical condition and educational adequacy of older and historic school facilities. The authors discuss principles of school facility assessments, the appraisal... 12/31/2004
Assessing the Fit Between Educational Programs and Older Buildings. Explores the evaluation of an aged school facility's ability to support today's educational programs and ways of enhancing this support through building improvements. Covers national school... 02/28/2000
Blending Old and New. Discusses how schools and universities can transform outmoded urban structures, such as factories, warehouses, and department stores, into attractive and functional school facilities. Issues... 07/31/2000
Build New or Renovate: How Facility Assessments Can Help. Explains what a facilities assessment consists of, what it measures, the benefits of engaging a professional, and how long it might take. 12/31/2002
By Design. Examines some key areas that school administrators need to consider when creating new, or updating old, school spaces for students and staff. Design considerations encompass space management,... 12/31/2001
Cinderella Stories: Adaptive Reuse of Older Buildings. Highlights the advantages of adaptive reuse of older campus buildings and offers several criteria for assessing whether or not an adaptive reuse is desirable or feasible. 06/30/2007
Closing Doors. Explores how various school districts assessed and decided on whether to reinvest in expanding old schools or to construct new ones. Discusses the balancing between school enrollments, construction... 06/30/1999
Complicated Issues: To Renovate or Build New Discusses issues to consider when making the difficult decision to renovate or build new 02/29/2012
Deteriorating School Buildings: And the Walls Come A-Tumblin'Down Describes the challenge that Illinois faces in trying to bring its older schools up to date. Discusses the debate over replacement versus renovation, enrollment and projected rises in this rate, the... 10/31/1990
Educate Yourself About Preservation: Preserving Pennsylvania's Historic School Buildings. From one-room nineteenth-century schoolhouses to the sprawling post-war high schools of the mid-twentieth century, historic schools across Pennsylvania are threatened. The PHMC's historic school... 12/31/2006
Feasibility and Cost Analysis Forms. North Carolina Public Schools A comprehensive set of checklists and rating systems on 13 pages intended to help evaluate the cost and feasibility of renovating or replacing an old school building. The forms are intended to be... 04/07/1998
Find Out If Your School Is Fit for a Retrofit. Addresses the advantages of pursuing school renovation, rather than new construction, during a weak economy. Savings realized through closing air leaks and water intrusion are also discussed. 07/21/2010
Fix of Flatten? (Will Renovations Work for Your School Buildings?) Advises on how to determine if a school is worth renovating, or should be replaced. Evaluation if the building's physical condition, historical significance, a conversion planning process,... 09/30/2008
Guide for School Facility Appraisal This guide provides a comprehensive method for measuring the quality and educational effectiveness of school facilities and may be used to perform a post-occupancy review; to formulate a formal... 12/31/1997
Handling Rapid Growth; Renovate, Repair, or Rebuild? Nevada's Clark County, the fastest growing school district in the nation, uses a life-cycle facilities management approach that monitors the individual components of each building on a database... 09/30/2001
Hard Lessons: Causes and Consequences of Michigan's School Construction Boom. This provides a detailed review of how school construction decisions — whether to renovate existing buildings or build new, greenfield facilities — are made in Michigan and their effect on... 12/31/2003
Hidden Opportunities. Discusses transforming outmoded educational facilities to meet the new and diverse educational needs of students. Describes how to assess an old facility's potential for new uses and create... 07/31/1998
Historic Neighborhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Educations. Examines the numerous advantages that can be gained from preserving older neighborhood schools. Debunks the notion that well-renovated historic schools cannot meet modern standards. Recounts the... 04/30/2003
Historic Neighborhood Schools: Success Stories. Issues and Initiatives. This document offers 19 case studies that show how people across the United States have kept historic schools as vital parts of their communities. The case studies offer concise summaries of... 12/31/2001
Historic Schools Technical Assistance Consortium. Final Report. This in-depth study of selected historic schools in the Columbus Public School district demonstrates that the renovation of such buildings can achieve a high standard of educational adequacy for a... 11/30/2002
Historic Schools: Restore or Replace? As school districts examine options in today's economic environment for maximizing student capacity, reducing operating costs and accommodating ever-changing educational programming, the... 08/24/2011
Lasting Value. Promotes the value of retrofitting and renovating older, neighborhood schools. Improved public health from walking to school, lower property taxes for having not built a new school, saved... 06/30/2010