Building Commissioning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Commissioning Success. Explores the use of a commissioning agent (CA) during school construction projects to ensure that all building systems work together and to specifications. The types of work done by a CA, the cost... 03/31/1997
Commissioning the Building. Defines building commissioning; discusses the selection of a commissioning agent; the benefits, approaches, and components of commissioning; and lists resources. 12/31/1999
Commissioning Ventilated Containment Systems in the Laboratory. Discusses commissioning of laboratory exhaust systems, listing the types of systems that should be commissioned, the personnel who should be involved, and key elements of the commissioning plan. 03/31/2009
Commissioning: Making it Pay. Having a third party scrutinize building design and performance identifies costly problems and usually saves more money than commissioning costs. This article discusses correcting design errors,... 10/31/2005
Continuous Commissioning of Salt Lake Community College South City Campus. Describes the measures taken and savings that resulted from the Continuous Commissioning process for the HVAC system of a 1930's community college building that was originally a high school. The... 12/31/2004
Creation of a System-Wide Commissioning Program for a Public School District. Presents some of the challenges and obstacles involved in initiating a commissioning program in Arlington County (Virginia) Public Schools, as well as anticipated outcomes from the program. As of... 04/30/2003
Cutting Costs. Offers ten suggestions for schools and universities to maximize their budgets: energy upgrades, security technology, maintenance management systems, partnerships, modernized washrooms, windows,... 12/31/2002
Design Guidelines: Commissioning Guidelines Building commissioning can ensure that a new building begins its life cycle at optimal productivity, and improves the likelihood that the building will maintain this level of performance. This online... 12/31/2004
Emory's LEED-EB Pilot Project at Goizueta Business School. Describes Emory University's efforts to develop a green camps, starting with a single building pilot facility. The University organizes its LEED focus into five areas: sustainable sites, water... 04/30/2003
Energy Management: A Strategy for HVAC Savings. Describes retro-commissioning of buildings for energy efficiency. Typical elements for scrutiny include lighting controls, HVAC systems, and the building envelope. 03/31/2008
Energy Submetering: The Key to Cost-Effective Conservation. Examines the monitoring results from two large-scale metering and energy information projects: Texas LoanSTAR Program; and the Texas A & M Campus Project. Data suggest implementing an energy... 10/31/1999
Ensuring Quality. Discusses commissioning of school buildings to validate that materials and systems perform as intended. Establishing priorities for commissioning, staging the process, retro-commissioning of existing... 02/28/2009
Facility Asset Management: The Link Between Construction and Maintenance. Discusses the example set by the Ohio School Facilities Commission, using third party building commissioning for new schools. Some typical problems encountered by the OSFC and how they were solved by... 02/28/2005
Facility Check-Ups It is far easier and less expensive to maintain a building that operates correctly than to maintain one that does not. Commissioning ensures systems operate efficiently and lays the groundwork for... 10/31/2004
Field Commissioning of a Daylight-Dimming Lighting System. A Florida elementary school cafeteria, retrofitted with a fluorescent lighting system that dims in response to available daylight, was evaluated through real time measurement of lighting and air... 06/18/1995
Financing Retro-Commissioning Services Utilizing Performance Contracts. Presents a delivery mechanism utilizing the performance contracting process to secure financing for a retro-commissioning (RCx) service. The approach utilizes building level benchmarking to target... 04/30/2003
FMI K-12 Public School Construction Management. Presents the results of a survey of the largest 500 school systems in the U.S. that discusses top issues in construction management, trends in school construction, master planning practices, funding... 12/31/2004
Going Back To Get Ahead Retrocommissioning helps managers improve the performance of existing facilities. But managers cannot expect accurate and maximum results from the process without properly identifying the project... 05/31/2006
Good News: No Surprises. This article describes the commissioning process, gives advice on managing a commissioning process, and discusses getting the most from commissioning. 02/28/2002
Green Is as Good as Gold. Discusses strategies for greening a higher education institution, emphasizing upgrading controls on existing buildings that adjust utilities according to occupancy, designing for sustainability,... 09/30/2010
How to Achieve a Tight Building Envelope A tight building envelope provides energy efficiency and other benefits. Shows how to achieve a tight building envelope, along with what's trending in the industry. 05/31/2012
HVAC Efficiency: Steps to Savings. Discusses HVAC commissioning, retro-commissioning, and energy audits for buildings. Their relative costs and benefits are cited, as are preventive maintenance techniques and obstacles to investing in... 01/31/2009
HVAC Trials. Explains how commissioning can help to ensure that all components in a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system will work together as designed. Bowdoin College's experience with... 11/30/1999
Lessons Learned from Commissioning 15 Schools. Considers issues in commissioning school facilities, and presents a guideline for school-related commissioning services, including new construction, renovation and retrofit, retro-commissioning, and... 04/30/2003
Long-Term Education Planning Sustainable master planning can produce long-range benefits for education institutions. Discusses tools and strategies such as benchmarking, energy audit, commissioning, and post-commisioning.... 10/31/2011