Building Commissioning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Looking at Building Commissioning. Describes the growing trend toward commissioning of school buildings. The duties of a commissioning agent are described, as are the timing of the agent's participation in the construction,... 01/31/2006
Making the Most of It. This discusses 10 ways that administrators can try to accomplish more with the resources they have: facility assessment, computerized maintenance management systems, commissioning, performance... 12/31/2004
Measure Twice, Cut Once. Addresses questions concerning commissioning of school buildings, including the need for commissioning, inclusion of a third-party commissioning agent early in the design phase, certification of... 12/31/2007
Model Commissioning Plan and Guide Specifications. Details the commissioning process for new equipment during both the design and construction phases for larger projects. Going beyond commissioning guidelines, the document provides boilerplate... 12/31/1997
Monitoring-Based Commissioning Using Science Center at Spellman College in Atlanta, Georgia as an example, discusses improving the efficiency of existing buildings with an eye to building controls. 03/31/2012
NEBB Procedural Standards for Retro-Commissioning of Existing Buildings. Provides a uniform and systematic set of criteria for the performance of the Retro- Commissioning (RCX-EB) process when applied to existing building systems such as a building's mechanical,... 12/31/2008
New Construction Commissioning Handbook for Facility Managers. This outlines the commissioning process and identifys players' roles and responsibilities. It specifically provides information to guide the owner's representative or project manager... 09/30/2000
New School Checklist: Can We Head 'em Off at the Pass? Reviews design details and building commissioning for good school indoor air quality, as well as triage for furnishings and educational materials that were either salvaged or discarded from a... 07/31/2007
Optimizing Building Systems with Commissioning. Discusses commissioning, recommissioning, retro-commissioning, and continuous commissioning of buildings. The distinctions between the processes, how they are organized and implemented, and the... 12/31/2008
Planning Educational Facilities: What Educators Need to Know. Provides a detailed discussion of the processes involved in planning a school building, from a discussion on how to organize the local staff to the final evaluation of the building. Individual... 12/31/2008
Procedural Standards for Whole Building Systems Commissioning of New Construction. Provides guidance for systematic development and implementation of a plan for commissioning building HVAC and Plumbing systems. The book is divided into three distinct parts: standards, process, and... 12/31/2008
Quality Does Not Have To Cost More: The Counter-Revolution In Florida Construction. Building commissioning is at the center of a growing quality control counter-revolution that is saving Florida taxpayers millions of dollars on new public facilities, including school buildings, by... 01/13/1997
Retro-commissioning in a Campus Energy Efficiency Program. Retro-commissioning is a systemic approach for conducting forensic evaluations of buildings and its systems. This details how to get started, and discusses costs and savings estimates. 08/31/2011
Retrocommisioning. Interviews three facility managers on what systems to retrocommission, costs, connection of retrocommisioning to preventive maintenance, and expertise required for retrocommissioning. 02/28/2010
Retrocommissioning Handbook for Facility Managers. This handbook provides building owners and managers with basic information about the retrocommissioning process and helps them receive maximum value from commissioning existing buildings. It... 02/28/2001
Retrocommissioning: Essential Questions This provides answers to questions about building commissioning that can help managers understand how the process can deliver benefits to organizations. Describes what the role is for commissioning... 10/31/2005
Savings Persist with Monitoring-Based Commissioning. Describes how Monitoring-Based Commissioning, a program approach that combines permanent building energy system monitoring with standard retrocommissioning practices, can provide substantial,... 08/31/2008
Stewardship and Accountability in Campus Planning, Design and Construction Offers advice from twelve facilities experts to help enhance stewardship of campus facilities design and construction. Topics covered include the high cost of building a better university, design... 12/31/2005
Success Stories. Presents ten case studies of successful building commissioning projects in schools, conducted under the Washington State Dept. of General Administration Building Commissioning Program (BCX). Each... 12/31/2003
Sustainable Delivery. Discusses pre-construction modeling, integrated project delivery, and building commissioning as three components of successful green building. 09/30/2010
System-Inspection Guidelines for Minnesota PK-12 School Construction Projects. This document describes a 1998 commissioning statute passed by the Minnesota legislature requiring that mechanical HVAC systems undergo an inspection process to uncover and rectify problems before or... 12/31/2001
Texas A&M-sized Savings The building commissioning program at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas saves millions in energy costs and improves occupant comfort. 05/31/2004
The Bowdoin College Experience with Commissioning. Describes how Bowdoin College (Maine) lessened the volume of typical new building occupancy problems by commissioning its new facility prior to use. The school's decision to commission is... 10/31/1999
The Building Commissioning Handbook. 2nd Edition. This book discusses building commissioning, which is the process of certifying that a new facility meets the required specifications. One-half of the guide details the roles of the consultant,... 12/31/2003
Total Building Commissioning: A New Attitude for Quality Control. Advocates and defines the process of building commissioning, advocating consideration of comprehensive consideration of the building's overall performance. Benefits to the owner, possible cost... 12/31/2002