Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Title Abstract Publication Date
Design Evolution. Promotes the use of building information modeling (BIM) in school design and maintenance. The way BIM functions is explained, followed by a discussion of the many benefits of computerized modeling of... 10/31/2010
Electronic Information in Formation: Submittals, Sharing, and Storage in a Digital World. Details building information modeling (BIM), protocols governing document transmission, the legal status of electronic document transfers, file transfer protocol (FTP) sites, and portable document... 08/31/2009
Get The Picture. Using a student housing project at the University of Dallas as an example, this explains how BIM modeling enables facility owners to evaluate costs alongside the construction team of architects and... 11/09/2009
Getting Started and Working with Building Information Modeling. Advises on achieving thorough communication from planner to designer to contractor and then to facility operator through building information modeling (BIM). Tools for getting started are recommended... 04/30/2009
Green at the Forefront. Advises on coordinating the entire school design and construction team for sustainability at the outset of the project, in order to achieve maximum results. The use of current sustainability rating... 10/31/2009
Journal of Building Information Modeling
National Standard Brings Efficiency to Facility Planning. Advocates the use of the National CAD Standard (NCS) in facility planning and management, as well as being a first step toward the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). 02/28/2010
Practice Matters. Reviews new American Institute of Architect contract documents that address integrated project delivery (IPD), a practice model that seeks to overcome construction industry waste and inefficiency.... 06/30/2008
Seven Questions Project Managers Should Ask about BIM. Advises on interoperability of designer and builder software in order to enable building information modeling. Questions to ask concern types of software in use, legal documents, and how the model... 08/27/2008
Shaping the Future on Campus. Presents the predictions of several experts on the direction of higher education facility design, including continued increase of collaborative space, neighborhood residential design, building... 12/31/2006
The Secret of BIM. Discuses Building Information Management (BIM) and how its three-dimensional design renderings are advancing school design. Examples of how BIM was used to model existing educational facilities are... 03/31/2010
The USC School of Cinematic Arts: The Arrival of Spring in the Facilities Industry. Profiles this new academic building that used building information modeling (BIM). BIM was requested by the main donor because they had realized significant savings on a previous project through BIM. 03/31/2009
Using BIM in HVAC Design. Demonstrates that BIM (building information modeling) software is a very effective tool when used at the beginning of the design process. When changes are made to the design, the software... 05/31/2010
Using BIM to Optimize the Building Envelope. Describes the design benefits of building information modeling (BIM) software, noting how the programs can import and export data to compare various design options and also to help determine... 07/31/2009
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Profiles this satellite building of Arizona State University, built on a tight and reclaimed brownfield site in downtown Phoenix. The use of BIM and other fast-paced construction techniques are... 08/31/2010
What's in Your Back Pack? Three Essential Items for Survival in the Tough and Changing World of Campus Construction. Stresses the importance of building information modeling (BIM), sustainable design, and integration of planning and design participants to educational building. Examples of BIM advantageously applied... 12/31/2008