Capital Improvement Programs

Title Abstract Publication Date
15th Annual School Construction Report. Reports that school construction completed in 2009 was just over $16 billion, representing a 16 percent decline over 2009. $11.9 billion was spent on new schools, while $2.1 billion went to expansion... 01/31/2010
2005 Indiana School Construction Annual Report. Compares the sizes and costs of Indiana school building projects to national costs and sizes for 2004 and 2005, revealing that Indiana's costs were 40.4 percent higher than the national average... 07/31/2006
2005 South Carolina School Facilities Planning and Construction Guide. Provides mandates and recommendations for school construction according to codes and laws adopted by the state. Organized by divisions as follows: 1) general requirements, 2) site selection, 3)... 12/31/2004
2006 South Carolina School Facilities Planning and Construction Guide. Provides mandates and recommendations for school construction according to codes and laws adopted by the state. Organized by CSI Masterformat divisions as follows: 1) general requirements, 2) site... 12/31/2005
2009 Annual Report and 2011-2012 Budget Presentation to the Governor and Select Committee on School Facilities. Reports that Wyoming school facilities meet state adequacy standards and proposes a budget that aims to help raise that standard. Areas not adequately able to be assessed include capacity and... 08/31/2009
2010 Special Sector Study on Education Construction. Advises on how to better understand and more effectively pursue opportunities in the $50 billion educational facilities construction market. The study delivers analysis and extensive data, in... 12/31/2009
A Bold Plan. Illustrates how the Arizona School Facilities Board is moving ahead with a massive capital-improvements program for school facilities. Explains the board's guidelines for assessing buildings and... 07/31/2001
A Capital-Financing Plan for School Systems and Local Government A capital-financing plan helps district leaders find a balance between funding operating and capital needs. Plan helps prioritize capital needs, obtain design work, and begin construction on a... 12/31/2011
A Continuous Improvement Capital Funding Model. Describes a capital funding model that helps assess facility renewal needs in a way that minimizes resources while maximizing results. The article explains the sub-components of a continuous... 08/31/2001
A Model Schedule for a Capital Improvement Program. The Model Schedule for a Capital Improvement Program described in this paper encourages school leaders to consider a more holistic view of the planning process. It is intended to assist those... 12/31/2001
A Nearly $2B Effort. Describes the four major components of Philadelphia's school restructuring program, the program management put in place to accomplish it, along with the program's funding, educational... 04/30/2008
A Proven Methodology for Assessing School Buildings. Discusses the methodology and benefits of the Building Condition Assessment Survey (BCAS) approach for evaluating school building conditions for long-range capital planning. The level of survey... 11/30/2000
A Report on a New School Facilities Capital Plan. This report is designed to reflect the recommendations and opinions of the School Facilities Task Force (appointed for Alberta in February 1997) and public opinion regarding the development of a new... 12/31/1997
A Year of Reform and Rededication: New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation 2006 Annual Report. Presents a report of the Corporation's work in calendar year 2006. The Corporation is charged with ensuring that the state complies with court mandated full funding of school construction in... 12/31/2006
Alabama Department of Education Capital Plan Report. Provides a district-by-district summary of school capital improvement plans for Alabama schools. For each project, the type of work to be done (replacement or renovation) is listed, along with a... 12/31/2010
Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Capital Projects Priority Lists. Provides school capital projects priority information for years 2003-2008. Documents online illustrate initial and final project considerations, amounts requested and recommended, and local and state... 12/31/2007
An ACT Concerning Education. This bill requires education facilities master planning for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). It requires the first ever 10-year facilities master plan, ground rules to ensure that school facility... 12/31/2010
An Overview of the State School Facility Programs. Describes the variety of California school facilities programs grants, the organization and staffing of the Office of Public School Construction, and the School Facility Program construction process... 04/30/2008
Apple Awards Capital Project: Guidance Manual. Provides guidance for Washington's Apple Award Construction Achievement grants, a program that rewards schools improving their achievement on state tests with grants for capital improvement... 08/31/2006
Assessing the Need. This issue paper presents an assessment of Georgia's need for school facilities--both current need as well as the additional need created by law HB 1187. For the purposes of this paper, the... 11/27/2000
Asset Management Plan: 1998-2003. Jefferson County School District, No. R-1. The Jefferson County School District (Denver, Colorado) presents its final scheduling and funding source information for the 1998-2003 capital improvement program and the status of the 1992-1997... 02/28/1998
Auditor's Review of the Operations and Administration of the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization. Reports that the auditor for the District of Columbia office established a procurement contract record management system that did not facilitate a review of school-and project-specific expenditurcs... 05/10/2011
Avoid Costly Mistakes. Reviews the statistics on numbers of recently constructed schools, noting a recent decline. Concluding that school renovations will be more the norm in the short term, the author advises using... 04/30/2011
Avoiding Project Creep. Discusses how to keep school district capital-improvement projects within budget. Areas where runaway costs creep into a project and ways of cutting are lessening these costs are examined, such as... 07/31/1998
Back to School: An Effective Approach To Managing School Renovations. Explains that U.S. schools are in no physical condition to educate students in ways that will increase the quality of life by developing a more enlightened and skilled populace. It outlines a simple... 08/31/1997