Career and Technical Education

Title Abstract Publication Date
Designing the Technology Facility of the Future: An Interview Article The development and design of a technology education facility for the Montgomery County school system are described. 10/31/1995
Diploma Design. Describes several British schools and how they accommodate general education, vocational training, and education for life skills. 12/31/2008
Elementary School Computer Labs. Examines how computer labs in elementary schools should be designed to create an information-rich environment that lets students easily interact while learning new skills. Stresses computer lab... 07/31/2001
Enabling the Classroom Offers suggestions for adapting vocational and technical labs and classrooms to accommodate students with disabilities. Suggests that teachers talk with students about their disabilities and lists... 02/28/1999
Facilities Guide for Career and Technical Education. The material in this guide is designed to aid school administrators, teachers, boards of education, advisory committees, and architects who share responsibility in the planning and equipping of a... 12/31/2007
Facility Design in Action Five technology teachers describe how they would design the technology laboratory for the future. What it would look like, who would use it, what kind of activities would be done in it, the required... 02/28/1991
Facility Focus: Mult-Purpose and Community Facilities. Describes the design and programming of four multi-purpose higher education facilities: Cornell's school of hotel administration, continuing/vocational education centers in Illinois and Texas,... 02/28/2006
Fairfield Career Center Addition, Carroll, Ohio. Profiles this signature facility designed to illustrate the emerging role of career and technical schools to the students, staff, and community. Building statistics, a list of the project... 06/30/2003
Fostering Success Within the Cyclic Workforce: Seminole Community College's Innovative Approach to Helping Apprenticeship Students Live, Work, and Learn A first of its kind in the state of Florida, the Seminole Community College's Center for Building Construction was constructed as a partnership project between Seminole Community College,... 08/31/2005
Guidelines for Controlling Indoor Air Quality Problems Associated with Kilns, Copiers, and Welding in Schools Guidelines for controlling indoor air quality problems associated with kilns, copiers, and welding in schools are provided in this document. Individual sections on kilns, duplicating equipment, and... 12/31/1990
Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES Profiles this facility housing an alternative high school, career/technical center, and adult instructional programs. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, floor... 02/29/2008
Hartford Job Corps. Describes the eight buildings of this vocational training facility, designed to encourage a post-secondary community atmosphere for its students, who often have not graduated from high school.... 04/30/2006
High Technology in the High School and Its Effect on Curriculum. In a small suburban high school in Pequannock Township, New Jersey, a high-technology laboratory was created which utilizes a satellite communications dish. The high-technology wing of the school... 12/31/1985
Honorable Mention Awards: Thoughtful Details and Sustainability Earn Design Honors. Describes eight Honorable Mention winners in this competition, awarded to design firms creating a variety of outstanding educational facilities, including K-12 and higher education, with regular... 12/31/2005
Impact of Clicks on Bricks: VET Facilities Planning in an Information Age, Final Report. Evaluates the effect of new learning technology on vocational education spaces in Australia. Topics covered include distance learning, miniaturization, property management, shared use of space... 02/28/2002
Indiana Technology Education Curriculum. Facility Planning Guide. Information on planning for contemporary technology education facilities, fitting programs into laboratories, space requirements for technology facilities, design considerations, and instructional... 12/31/1999
Indoor Field Trips. Describes the design of a new technical education center at Daytona Beach Community College. The facility was designed to be an educational tool to enhance the curriculum's workforce development... 10/31/2002
Industrial Arts Facility Planning Guide. This guidebook presents facility guidelines to aid the school planner in determining appropriate facilities for a model curriculum. The first of four major sections, The Intent of Industrial Arts,... 12/31/1977
Industrial Education Ventilation Study. Volume 1. Final Report. A study assessed aspects of ventilation in industrial education facilities in selected junior and senior highs schools in Alberta (Canada). This report describes the purpose of the study and the... 04/30/1983
Industry Takes a Leading Role in New Skills Center. Profiles the Northwest Career and Technical Academy in Skagit County, Washington. The new technical and career training facility is the result of a coalition of the local school system, Skagit Valley... 07/21/2010
International Technology Education Association ITEA is the professional organization of technology teachers. In addition to standards, resources, curriculum materials, professional development, and conference information, the Web site has an...
Ireland's Refurbished St. John's Central College. Describes this renovated facility which offers vocational and technical training to adults and secondary school graduates. The conveniently-located site was occupied by several dilapidated 1906'... 01/31/2006
John A. Dubiski Career High School. Profiles this Texas technology and career training high school, with individual programs housed in wings that surround an atrium. Each individual wing is designed to resemble a business, and the... 12/31/2010
Katy ISD Agricultural Sciences Center. Describes the new Katy consolidated agricultural sciences center which serves four high schools, features flexible animal housing, and uses timber to avoid the premature corrosion associated with... 08/31/2003
Kick It Up a Notch! Describes the Culinary Arts Demonstration Kitchen Lab and Lecture theatre at Humber College. The noise, traffic, cleaning, safety, and sightline issues in the kitchen were resolved with unique... 08/31/2005