Career and Technical Education

Title Abstract Publication Date
Kitchen Construction Costs Are Still Rising. Discusses how costs for constructing culinary school kitchens has risen dramatically, largely due to a 50 percent rise in steel costs in the last six years. Recent slackening of demand for building... 10/31/2008
Labplan This interactive publication, the result of a planning study sponsored by the National Science Foundation, provides tools, guidelines, and data necessary to plan and design high school science, math... 12/31/2002
Lamar Institute of Technology, Multi-Purpose Building. Describes the conversion of an early 1960's sorority dormitory into a modern technical education facility through partial demolition and a new addition. Interior finishes mimic the natural... 06/30/2005
Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences Addition No. II. Profiles this addition to a rapidly-growing school that maintains the historical character of the original building and of the neighborhood. Building statistics, a list of the project participants,... 08/31/2009
Lancaster Mennonite School, Ag Tech Facility. Describes this expansion of a 1940's building on its constrained site, and the contractors's ability to commit to a tight schedule. Building statistics, a listing of the design and... 08/31/2005
Less Building, More Results. George Washington Bush Middle School (Washington) is built to accommodate a design and technology program. Technology education and information resource areas are located centrally to a cluster of... 03/31/1996
Less Standardization, More Flexibility Five new state-funded facilities, including a green construction and transportation academy and a Hollywood-class arts and design academy, are transforming South Tahoe High School into a career tech... 03/31/2012
Lincoln Technical Academy. Profiles this abandoned 1916 landmark school that was renovated to accommodate career and technical education programs. Preservation of the exterior alongside the updating of the interior is... 05/31/2008
Los Angeles' High-Tech High Demonstrates Successful Integration of Technology and Design. Describes the transformation of an auto shop, print shop, and metal shop into a charter school for high-tech career training. The flexible and open plan fuses educational and professional... 09/30/2005
Lycoming Career and Technology Center. Profiles this Hughesville, Pennsylvania, career and technology education facility offering automotive, food service, health occupations training, as well as general classrooms. Building statistics, a... 08/31/2008
Minimum Facility Recommendations: Technology Education. Lists minimum per student and total square footage for technology education programs, with separate charts for grades 6-8 and 9-12, and separate figures for existing and new facilities. 12/31/2004
Mixing It Up Southridge High School was funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant to design a building for an integrated vocational/academic program. The curriculum includes cross-discipline team teaching,... 10/31/1997
Modular Technology Education Planning Guide: 15 Key Steps To Creating a Successful Technology Education Program at Your School. Modular Technology Education (MTE) uses a combination of multi- media and hands-on activities to teach important concepts that increases the students interest level as well as provide students with... 12/31/1993
National Research and Dissemination Centers for Career and Technical Education. NCCTE is a consortium of research centers from the University of Minnesota, Ohio State University,University of Illinois,Oregon State University, and Pennsylvania State University, and is funded by...
New Designs for Career and Technical Education at the Secondary and Postsecondary Levels: Compendium of Design Reviews of Related Research, Policies, and Exemplary Practices. Presents design reviews from a project to develop new designs for career and technical education at the secondary and postsecondary levels. These projects focused on whole high school and community/... 01/31/2003
New Designs for Career and Technigal Education: The Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center. Describes the planning and design process for this facility serving five counties in southwest Indiana. The process addressed the context, audience, image, expectations, process, organization,... 12/31/2002
New Designs for Life Skills and Voc Ed. Discusses trends in design for life skills and vocational education facilities, including the accommodation of broader technology, flexible design, and community involvement. Examples of outstanding... 02/28/2010
NIOSH Safety Checklist Program for Schools. Many States mandate that career-technical schools and institutions have safety and health programs in place, conduct hazard analyses for each career-technical program, do safety inspections and... 09/30/2006
Open University. Describes this new information technology education facility in Copenhagen that was designed to set an architectural precedent in a previously undeveloped area. Teaching areas are concentrated around... 04/30/2004
Outside the Box. Profiles a new vocational school in New Caledonia, British Columbia, built within a former big-box retail structure, resulting in a building within a building. Plans, photographs, building statistics... 09/30/2006
Planning Technology Teacher Education Learning Environments. This guidebook may be used to design a technology teacher education laboratory or to remodel a traditional industrial arts laboratory. Components include the: formulation of a philosophy of... 12/31/1990
Prototypical Facility Educational Specifications. This document presents prototypical educational specifications to guide the building and renovation of Idaho vocational schools so they can help communities meet the advanced, professional-technical... 11/30/1999
Research Review: Impact of Physical Environment on Academic Achievement of High School Youth Burkhalter reports on research involving high school students who were immersed in a high-tech vocational program at the Alabama Space and Rocket Center and students who participated in traditional... 12/31/1982
Rethinking Community College Space Planning to Accommodate Workforce Development. Discusses space planning for rapidly-expanding workforce development programs in community colleges. Students in these programs are typically working adults, married with families, and more likely to... 02/29/2004
Rethinking School Design. Describes the design process of a revolutionary high school design that melds technology and the arts to provide students with employable skills that future job markets require. 07/31/2000