Career and Technical Education

Title Abstract Publication Date
Robert H. Williams Classroom and Anadarko Industrial Technology Building. Profiles this technical education building at Utah State University, Vernal. The building combines academic and applied education, and physically connect the campus to the adjacent high school.... 12/31/2010
Rock Port Celebrates New Technology Center Discusses the advantages dome architecture gave to a new school technology center in Rock Port (MO). Advantages cover energy cost savings, lighting, storage space, aesthetics; and accessibility and... 06/30/1997
Ronald E. McNair High School. Profiles this large Stockton, California high school that consists of five buildings in a campus setting. The physical education building and athletic fields are shared with the community, as will be... 09/30/2007
School Capital Manual. An Interim Guide for School Boards, Administrators, Facility Planners and Consultants Who Engage in School Building Projects. [Canada] This manual is intended for use by the Alberta, Canada, school boards, administrators, consultants, education staff, and other individuals involved in school building projects. The purpose of the... 04/30/1997
School Construction: Technology Is Changing the Way Kids Learn. . . and the Classrooms in which They Do It. Examines recent trends in technology education and how learning success can be influenced by effective design. Describes several technology labs, including those in which modular units replace... 02/28/2003
Science and Technology Facilities. Presents four articles on secondary and higher education science facilities. The first presents a view on approaches to teaching science in school and illustrates ideal science facilities for... 05/31/2004
Selected Colorado Technology Education Programs. The transition from industrial arts to technology education is a priority in Colorado. Millions of dollars have been and will be spent to renovate industrial arts facilities and laboratories. Four... 11/30/1990
South Tahoe: A Model for Career Tech Five new state funded facilities, including a green construction and transportation academy and a Hollywood-class arts and design academy, are transforming South Tahoe High School in California into... 05/31/2012
Specialized Educational Facilities. Profiles six specialized educational facilities cited in the 2009 Learning by Design competition. These include two technical education, one arts, one administrative, two athletic, and one library... 12/31/2008
Specialized Educational Facilities. Describes the award-winning designs of four specialized school facilities, including an alternative learning center, two vocational/industrial arts facilities, and an athletic center. Lists of... 12/31/2005
Specialized Educational Facilities. Profiles the Southwest Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility houses twelve academies accommodating core subjects and providing an extensive selection of career and technical... 03/31/2001
St. Cloud Technical College and Workforce Center. Profiles this addition to an disliked, sprawling, one-story community college that offers a lively atrium and easier wayfinding to student services, laboratories, and classrooms. 02/28/2009
St. Georges Technical High School. Profiles this large vocational technical school, accommodating 1,000 students and including three commercial-grade kitchens. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details,... 02/29/2008
Street Scene. Profiles the Minneapolis Community and Technical College Science Building, a building created by stripping the skin off of a former three-story automobile showroom. Photographs, plans, and a list of... 12/31/2009
Tech Lab 2003 Classroom Designs. Computer-managed networks in Technology Lab 2000 give students access to and control of content, applications, and information in the areas of robotics, computer-aided manufacturing, systems... 12/31/2002
Techniques: Going Green. This issue of Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers covers the growing role that career and technical education plays in efforts to increase energy and environmental sustainability. Article... 03/31/2009
Technology Demands. Describes features of successful career and technology education centers. These include flexible or easily modified interior walls support changing curricula, computers in every classroom, an... 07/31/2004
Technology Education Facilities Guidelines. Chapter 1 defines technology education in terms of a vision, educational outcomes, and curriculum and facilities. Chapter 2 focuses on creating technology education facilities and describes the... 12/31/1993
Technology Education Lab Includes technical education products and services, resources, grant and funding information, and links.
Technology Labs of the Nineties Three rationales are provided for the ideal laboratory facilities needed to teach a technology education course. The equipment and types of activities needed to enhance learning are described. A... 03/31/1991
The National Maritime College of Ireland. Describes this state-of-the-art facility designed to meet new educational requirements set down in 1995 by the International Maritime Organisation. The harborside building emphasises its relationship... 05/31/2005
The New Trend in Career and Technical Education. Describes the design of Eastland Career Center's new cosmetology laboratory in Columbus, Ohio; the aim was to provide a hip, high-end salon image that operates functionally for classroom... 05/31/2002
The New, the Newly Reborn and the Growing A growing school population and deteriorating facilities are among the problems faced by the nation's educational system. Finding solutions to both the overcrowding and the crumbling condition... 09/30/2005
The Safe Schools Manual. The Safe Schools Manual is a manual of self-inspection checklists covering environmental, health and safety regulations for secondary occupational and career orientation programs in New Jersey public... 12/31/2010
The William D. Ford Career/Technical Center: Creating a World Class Training Facility. Describes the renovation of this 1981 vocational-technical education facility into a high-tech training facility providing instruction in computer-aided manufacturing, robotics, HVAC design, and... 12/31/2002