Case Studies--Community Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Balancing Act. Describes the design of the South Fayette Township High School outside Pittsburgh, the centerpiece of the area's 100-acre K-12 and community educational campus. The building strives to provide a... 05/31/2003
A Fish Tale: Cabrillo High School's Aquarium Gets a New Facility. Examines how community cooperation helped to create a state-of-the-art aquarium for its high school. Discussed are building challenges and solutions, sponsorship from the state of California, and the... 11/30/1999
A New Urbanist Model of Learning. Profiles the Walker Creek Elementary School in North Richland Hills, Texas. The new school in a new residential development is conceived as a community center, and features outdoor learning areas,... 05/31/2007
A Successful Partnership. Profiles Portland, Oregon's Rosa Parks School, including an overview of the school's design, educational and community program, and numerous green features. 12/31/2007
A Team Effort. Reviews recent successes in the construciton of community schools and notes administrative and funding obstacles to a more widespread community schools movement. 06/30/2009
Albanian Model School. Examines an Albanian suburban school design whose structure is intended to meet the community's present and changing needs and stimulate learning. Design planning, the school's role in the... 01/31/1999
Ann Richards Middle School, La Joya, Texas. Honoring la Joya's Mexican culture, Kell Muñoz Architects creates an oasis of color in a hot bleached landscape. The heart of the school is a large open plaza, similar to those in the small... 02/28/2003
Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School. Profiles this 500-student Sacramento high school that shares a garden with an adjacent elementary school and its classrooms with community college classes at night. 07/31/2007
Balancing Innovation and Cost in Facility Planning. Profiles two joint use endeavors. The first is in Mason, Ohio, where a high school and community center share a site, yielding shared athletic facilities. The second is in Juneau, Alaska, where a... 04/30/2006
Bolstering the Community. Describes the Langston High School Continuation/Langston-Brown Community Center in Arlington, Virginia. The LEED silver-rated facility anchors the neighborhood, hosting educational programs for... 12/31/2004
Bringing Back the Neighborhoods. Reviews progress being made in the creation of community schools in New Orleans, Cincinnati, Pass Christian, and Saint Paul. 09/30/2007
Build a School, Inspire a Community. Profiles River Crest Elementary School in Hudson, Wisconsin. This green school was built at 29% below the average cost for schools in that region, and has formed partnerships with the YMCA camp... 04/30/2010
Builder Turns Landlord in School Construction Plan. Discusses the public-private financing partnership for funding the new Inderkum High School in Natomas, California, in which the school district and a private developer entered into a “lease-... 07/27/2003
Building for Campus and Community A growing number of higher education institutions and their surrounding communities are approaching facilities from a shared-use perspective. Some are partnering with local public entities to fund,... 01/31/2007
Case Study: Pontiac Township High School/Pontiac Community Recreation Center. AS&U Architectural Portfolio 2001. The recreation center was added to the existing high school pool building. It includes a gymnasium; a second floor jogging/walking track; a racquetball court; a senior-citizens' center with... 12/31/2000
City Heights Initiative: Educational Programs. Price Charities is funding an educational initiative that partners the San Diego State University School of Education, three City Heights Public Schools and the local teachers union to create a... 12/31/2002
Coalition for Community Schools Advocates Neighborhood-Centered Schools Across the Country. Describes the benefits of community schools and progress being made to implement them around the country. Particular mention is made of programs in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Portland,Oregon. 10/31/2005
Community Campus Plan, Pass Christian School District, Pass Christian, Mississippi. Relates how a hurricane-destroyed school was replaced by a community campus that includes the also-destroyed Boys & Girls Club and public library. Gathering all these participants on one site... 12/31/2006
Community Centers/Joint-Use Facilities and Modular Facilties. Profiles two joint-use facilities and one modular high school honored for functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. The joint-use facilities... 10/31/2010
Community Centers/Joint-Use Facilities. Profiles two community center/joint use facilities selected for the 2009 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors Showcase. The projects were chosen for their ability to integrate... 07/31/2009
Community Relations. Describes the Huron Valley Schools' successful funding and completion of extensive new athletic facilities, designed for shared use with the community. Community use generates revenue and the... 04/30/2005
Community Service. Discusses how Boston-area school fitness centers open doors for both students and local residents. Two high schools that offered town residents memberships in their new fitness facility are... 12/31/2000
Community Use/Joint Use Facilities. Profiles five community and joint use educational facilities, awarded for their adherence to the stated goal of the facility, their ability to enhance learning, functionality, and sustainability.... 10/31/2009
Community Values. Profiles the Rosa Parks Elementary School of Redmond Ridge, Washington. The community participated in the design of this lodge-like building that emulates the local environment, accommodates... 04/30/2007
Constructing a New School. Through a year-long effort by the Little Village Community Development Corp. and following a 19-day hunger strike by parents and community members, the Chicago School Board committed to building a... 05/31/2003