Case Studies--Green Colleges and Universities

Title Abstract Publication Date
St. Olaf College, Regents Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. Profiles this new academic facility that combines the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and mathematics. The building is LEED Platinum certified. Building statistics, a list of... 10/31/2010
Street Dixon Rick Gets Re-Inspired by the Campus that Inspired America. Profiles new dormitories at Vanderbilt University's Peabody Campus that recall the architecture of the University of Virginia, after which the institution was modeled and to whose style it has... 10/09/2008
Student Accommodation Addresses Global Issues of Sustainability and Conservation Description of Charles David Keeling Apartments located at the University of California San Diego. The design employs a suite of tactics to address Southern California's pressing environmental... 03/12/2012
Student Center is Catalyst for Sustainability at Central New Mexico Community College Describes new student center and library on the main campus of Albuquerque's community college that contains a variety of sustainable features and student-oriented spaces. 02/29/2012
Sustainability Initiatives at SMU. Describes sustainability efforts at Southern Methodist University, including a 2007 LEED Gold engineering building, and an extensive discussion of the installation and maintenance of vitreous... 02/28/2010
Sustainability Standard. Reviews building features and materials that went into the renovation of Harvard's Blackstone building, yielding an energy- and water-saving facility. Of particular interest was the creative... 12/31/2007
Sustaining Green School Momentum Although economic recovery is slow in coming, education institutions continue to lead the way in green facility design and construction. Discusses CHPS, LEED, Center for Green Schools, state mandates... 01/31/2012
Testing the Green Philosophy. Describes the features of Santa Clara University's sustainable demonstration building, created as a laboratory to monitor differences in comfort and energy use and to serve as a model for future... 05/31/2006
The Benefits of Life-Cycle Costing. Describes how early commitment to green design and construction, as well as careful attention to life-cycle costs yielded a the highly-rated LEED-Platinum Applied Research Development Building at... 10/31/2008
The Benefits of Sustainability. Discusses how sustainable design can impact operational costs, support and improve student learning, and even promote change in students' behavior. Describes sustainable measures designed by the... 05/31/2011
The First Certified 'Green' Dormitory. Describes Carnegie-Mellon University's New House residence hall, which is the country's first LEED-certified dormitory. Environmental awareness extends to the lifestyles that the building... 03/25/2004
The Future is Now. Profiles the Leonard A. Ford Hall science building at the University of Minnesota-Mankato. The high performance building's details are discussed, as is its popularity as a student meeting place... 12/31/2009
The Green Schools Revolution. Provide expert opinions on why green construction has not become mainstream, and what is will take for it to get there. They point primarily toward money as the primary reason green construction lags... 02/28/2001
The Greener Lab. Discusses particulars of school laboratories, where larger amounts of air, energy, and water are consumed, and more hazardous materials are generated. Fume hood air recovery, indoor air quality, heat... 03/31/2011
The Greening of the Samuel T. Dana Building: A Classroom and Laboratory for Sustainable Design. Rehabilitation of this 1904 building at the University of Michigan used green design to preserve its role as a center for learning and research. 12/31/2004
The Integrated Learning Centre.[Kingston, Ontario] Details the site selection, energy and water conservation features, construction materials used, waste reduction systems, and indoor environment enhancements that earned this Ontario university... 12/31/2004
The Maret Center Merits Attention. Profiles this Missouri college academic building that is to be powered completely by renewable energy. Wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass resources will be used in the prototype facility, which... 07/31/2007
The McPhail Center for Environmental Studies. Barney Memorial Hall Renovation. The Barney renovation project produced a statement building: a place where environmental principles are upheld and demonstrated to the community. The project promotes sustainability, uses renewable... 07/31/2006
The Princeton Review's Guide to 286 Green Colleges. Offers a guide to 286 U.S. colleges and universities that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. The document was produced in partnership with the United States Green Building Council (... 12/31/2009
The Princeton Review's Guide to 322 Green Colleges Profiles 322 institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada that demonstrate notable commitments to sustainability in their academic offerings, campus infrastructure, activities and... 12/31/2011
The Roe Center at Central College. Profiles this LEED Platinum facility that co-houses education, psychology, and community-based learning departments, along with their community partners. Building statistics, a list of the project... 04/30/2011
The Role of the Landscape in Creating a Sustainable Campus. Colleges and universities are expanding at unprecedented rates, creating new hazards for our increasingly fragile natural environments. Higher education administrators and planners are finding that... 12/31/2003
They Say They Want a Revolution. Profiles LEED-certified and otherwise sustainable new dormitories at Rice Unversity, Angelo State University, the University of New Hampshire, and Pitzer College. These new facilities respond to a... 09/30/2008
Three Community College Case Studies. Provides three case studies of community colleges making use of green technologies: The Green Center of Central Pennsylvania, Cleveland State Community College, and North Shore Community College... 04/30/2011
Town & Country: A Tale of Two Cultures. Describes efforts at rural Grinnell College and urban New York University to operate a sustainable campus. Successes and failures are described, especially where cooperation from neighboring land... 07/27/2009