Case Studies--Green Colleges and Universities

Title Abstract Publication Date
U.S.Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. High Performance Buildings Database. This is a searchable database of research data on various factors that affect a building's performance, such as energy, materials, and land use. The database collects information from buildings...
UBC's Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) Will Serve as Test Bed for Innovation Discusses the new sustainable building for the University of British Columbia's Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, a living laboratory for researchers to teach, test, and study... 01/31/2012
University of Buffalo: Setting a Green Example Twenty years ago, colleges and universities relied on academic programs and student activities to attract students. Now, however, prospective students are also measuring their choices of college by... 04/30/2012
University of Maryland. Green Buildings. Describes the green building construction and renovation projects at the University of Maryland. These projects will help the campus conserve energy, reduce the use of raw materials, and save money.... 12/31/2011
Urban Sustainability. Describes sustainability efforts at Boston's Suffolk University, whose urban campus boasts exemplary waste reduction, supplies conservation, recycling, energy conservation, green cleaning,... 03/31/2011
Useful, Green, and Community-Minded Miscordia University's, Dallas, PA, creative adaptation of three existing facilities has saved money and resources and contributed to a strong town-gown relationship. Describes renovation of a... 12/31/2011
Water Efficiency Measures on School Campuses: A Case Study. Profiles George Washington University's Square 80, a sustainable outdoor plaza. Rainwater harvesting, native plants, pervious pavement, roof water collection, cisterns, and biofiltration... 09/20/2010
Y2E2: Building that Breathes. Profiles this Stanford University science building, emphasizing its natural ventilation, daylighting, and sophisticated HVAC and energy recovery systems. 06/30/2011
You, Too, Can Be Green: The Case for Campus Commitment and Action. Over the course of a decade, Cape Cod Community College gained regional and national recognition as a leader within the green campus movement. Becoming green has meant becoming a local, regional, and... 05/31/2007