Case Studies--Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Davey Jackson Elementary School: Sustaining Community Through Greener Education Facilities in Wyoming. Case study of an aging elementary school on an 11-acre site in Jackson, Wyoming that will be replaced by a new $22.7-million building incorporating green elements into its classrooms. The daylighting... 02/29/2008
Del Norte High School. Profiles this San Diego school, featuring exemplary athletic and performing arts accommodations, as well as abundant daylighting, collaborative spaces, flexible teaching areas, and superior energy... 06/30/2010
Design Innovations for Every Need. Profiles one elementary school, two high schools, and a higher education institution for excellence in design innovation and best practices. The facilities were singled out for Learning by Design... 09/30/2010
Designing and Constructing an Exemplar Zero Carbon Primary School in the City of Exeter, United Kingdom Montgomery Primary School is the UK's first zero carbon in use and climate-change-ready exemplar school built to the Passivhaus standard. Its design and solar generating electrical power plant... 12/31/2011
Designing the Sustainable School. Profiles 45 K-12 Schools from around the world that combine good aesthetics, sustainability, and high performance design. The projects represent a wide range of design solutions, location, and scale... 12/31/2006
Designing to Fit the Needs of ED Students Description of the challenges in designing Columbus, Ohio's first public middle/high school for emotionally disturbed students. Building includes sensory rooms, sensory gardens, a P.E. room... 04/09/2012
Designs on Sustainability and Learning. Uses DuPont, Washington's Pioneer Middle School as an example of a sustainable facility that figures prominently in the curriculum. Electronic displays within the building illustrate energy... 12/31/2008
Dillard Drive Middle & Elementary School, Raleigh, North Carolina. Presents design features of the Dillard Drive Middle & Elementary School (North Carolina) that incorporates daylighting in the majority of the classrooms, the gymnasium, dining room, and media... 12/31/2000
Douglas County Elementary School No. 42. Profiles this Colorado school, designed as an energy-efficient and flexible prototype that could be adapted to other sites in the county. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost... 06/30/2009
Druk White Lotus School, Profiles the award-winning Druk White Lotus School in Ladakh, India. The primary and secondary school is a model for green design, using local materials assembled by local craftsmen, and taking... 12/31/2008
Druk White Lotus School. Profiles the award-winning Druk White Lotus School in Ladakh, India. The primary and secondary school is a model for green design, using local materials assembled by local craftsmen, and taking... 11/28/2007
Druk White Lotus School. Ladakh, Northern India Located high in the Himalayan mountains, this describes a set of eco-friendly, non-denominational school buildings, combining modern education with local Buddhist culture, being constructed over a... 12/31/2006
ECHO Academy, Tiffin, Iowa. Describes this alternative high school that features a geothermal well field for heating and cooling, a wetlands septic system, and landscape plantings grown by the students. Building statistics, a... 10/31/2005
Eco-Friendly, Affordable, School. Describes green components of Montreal's St. Johns School, an affordable and eco-friendly building with a solar wall, a geothermal system, and heat recovery. 04/30/2001
Elementary School Is Prototype for Sustainable Design. Describes Hassan Elementary school in Rogers, Minnesota. The school achieved LEED certification through site orientation for optimal daylight, shallow rooms, two-story design, dimming T5 lights,... 03/31/2006
Emc2Group Designs First LEED High School. Descibes Desert Edge High School in Goodyear, Arizona, which is obtaining LEED certification through the use of low-emitting building products and occupancy sensors to control lighting and HVAC. 03/31/2005
Energy Design Resources. Building Types: Schools Includes design briefs and case studies. Energy Design Resources is a resource center for information on energy efficiency design practices
Energy Goes to School. Profiles the photovoltaic system at the Athenian School in Danville, California. The design and manner in which it was installed at no cost to the school are described. 01/31/2009
Energy Services for Schools [Oregon]. Oregon Department of Energy's program offers technical assistance, best practices research, design guidelines, and financing to encourage, support, and ensure that new schools constructed in...
EnergySmart Schools Success Stories. These stories illustrate some of the successes being realized by students, teachers, administrators and communities nationwide to become more energy smart. Projects range from new construction,...
Field of Vision. Profiles Kirkland, Washington's Benjamin Franklin Elementary School. The daylit building operates without mechanical ventilation and is visually and spiritually connected to an adjacent stand of... 12/31/2006
First Geothermal Energy System in Checotah School District Describes Checotah Public Schools' $15.4 million high school construction project that will be powered by geothermal energy, a renewable resource. While the Oklahoma school will save money over... 12/27/2011
Five to Watch. [Green School Pioneers.] Profiles five school systems' endeavors in creating high performance green schools. 03/31/2009
Fossil Ridge High School, Fort Collins, Colorado. Explains how this high-performance school was constructed at no extra design or construction cost, the strategies and products used, and the energy savings realized in the completed project. 02/28/2009
Fostering Whole-Systems Thinking Through Architecture: Eco-School Case Studies in Europe and Japan. Examines how architecture, engineering, landscaping, and educational systems are combined to make school buildings the instruments through which students learn how to lessen human impact on the... 05/21/2009