Charter School Facilities Funding

Title Abstract Publication Date
Capital Campaign: Early Returns on District of Columbia Charter Schools. Examines the history, present condition, and unique features of the charter school movement in the District of Columbia. Challenges to the movement are discussed, including the significant challenge... 09/30/2005
Capital Financing For Private & Independent Schools. This paper is a primer for school boards and management. It provides a basic overview of the key issues, considerations and options associated with the use of debt by private schools to address... 02/19/2005
Case Study: Charter Schools. This discusses three approaches to finding the right building for a charter school: 1) Finding an available existing school building that can be occupied by the new charter school; 2) Finding and... 06/30/2001
Centralizing Charter School Facilities Financing. Highlights how the Utah State Charter School Finance Authority has created more cost-effective and efficient methods to finance charter school facilities. The structure and procedures of the... 12/31/2007
Charter Friends Initiative on Facilities Financing Discusses the background and origins of the initative, lessons learned, major products, partnerships, and future initiatives. 12/31/1999
Charter Operators Spell Out Barriers to Scaling Up The pace at which the highest-performing charter-management organizations (CMOs) are scaling up is being determined largely by how rapidly they can develop and hire strong leaders and acquire... 07/31/2011
Charter School Bond Issuance: A Complete History. Examines the 13-year history of the charter school tax-exempt bond sector. Identifies the universe of 500 rated and unrated facilities transactions, provides cost and pricing information and examines... 05/31/2011
Charter School Capital Outlay [Florida] Annual reports on Florida's capital outlay for charter schools, back to 1998. 12/31/2010
Charter School Facilities Financing: Some News from the Front Preliminary report on research conducted by Bryan Hassel, a North Carolina-based education and policy consultant, on charter school facilities financing. 07/29/1998
Charter School Facilities Requirements: A Guide for Developers, Brokers and Landlords Guide to charter school fundamentals, economics and facilities requirements, as well as to the key issues and considerations regarding leases. Since the vast majority of charter schools are housed in... 10/31/2007
Charter School Facilities. A Resource Guide on Development and Financing. This manual provides information to help charter schools navigate the facility development process, including worksheets that can be customized to suit a particular school's needs. Sections... 12/31/1999
Charter School Facilities: A Resource Guide for Planning School Space and Understanding Building Codes. Assists with space and facility planning for charter schools, with particular attention to New Hampshire's charter school laws. The document outlines the work of the facility committee or team,... 12/31/2003
Charter School Facilities: Report from a National Survey of Charter Schools. This report presents survey findings about the U.S. charter school system that were collected from 280 schools in 19 states with over 80,000 students. The two-part report examines the responses to a... 03/31/2001
Charter School Facility Financing: Constraints and Options. This paper examines a facility planning model according to which charter schools can maximize their chances of succeeding in the effort to secure permanent facilities. The model includes a facility... 01/31/1998
Charter School Finance This examines charter school finance policies across the 50 states, and answers the question: Does the state provide facilities funds or other facilities assistance to charter schools? This also... 03/31/2003
Charter School Funding Issues. Although a great deal has been written about charter schools, rather little attention has been given to their funding. The first part of this article raises four current issues in the funding of... 08/08/2002
Charter School Funding: Inequity Persists. Reports on funding inequities between district and charter schools, with particular deficiencies in funding for charter school facilities. Charts illustrate where funding disparity for charter school... 04/30/2010
Charter School Funding: Inequity's Next Frontier. Examines charter school funding in 16 states and the District of Columbia, determining that charter schools are significantly underfunded relative to district schools, funding discrepancies are even... 07/31/2005
Charter School Revolving Loan Fund. [California] Recent California legislation (Senate Bill 1759, Chapter 586, Statutes of 2000) makes significant changes to the Charter School Revolving Loan Fund (Education Code sections 41365 through 41367). This... 03/22/2001
Charter School Type Matters When Examining Funding and Facilities: Evidence From California. Examines the finances of charter schools in California, highlighting their fiscal challenges. Using survey data of California charter and conventional public schools, the results suggest that the... 12/13/2005
Charter School: Up and Running. This article describes how modular construction enabled Newark Charter School in Newark, Delaware to meet its deadlines, tight budget, house 435 students between the fifth and seventh grades, and... 12/31/2001
Charter Schools 101: What Potential Lenders Should Know About the Industry. This examines charter school facilities financing issues from the perspective of lenders and investors. This is a primer on the past, present and future of private lending to charter schools. [You... 03/31/2002
Charter Schools and Private Profits. Although charter schools are both public and accountable, they are increasingly being operated by private, for-profit educational management organizations. EMOs profit by reducing labor costs (... 04/30/2000
Charter Schools and the Education of Children with Disabilities. This resource guide provides an overview of special-education laws and issues related to K-12 education for those interested in starting or currently operating a charter school, for host or... 04/30/2001
Charter Schools Are They Reinvigorating Public Education? Discusses funding and siting issues for charter schools, including zoning and public school district cooperation or resistance. 12/31/2004