Charter School Facilities Funding

Title Abstract Publication Date
Charter Schools Benefit Community Economic Development. Charter schools have proven an effective tool for urban economic development by reviving communities, providing services, and renovating older buildings. Because charter schools are not provided with... 10/31/2003
Charter Schools Benefit From New Markets Tax Credit Financing. Discusses the benefits for charter schools to use the New Markets Tax Credit Program, a popular and flexible community development financing tool that allows a charter school to partner with a... 03/31/2011
Charter Schools Development Corporation A non-profit organization promoting excellence, innovation, choice and competition in public education by financing charter school facilities. Web site provides a newsletter, information on...
Charter Schools Face a Common Threat: Not Enough Space to Fulfill Their Missions. This article reports on how charter schools in Washington, DC are frenetically searching for space. To meet their needs, charter school advocates are pressing the city to turn over surplus public... 02/20/2002
Charter Schools-A Grand Experiment. Summarizes the growth of charter schools, the varying strength of state charter laws, and their mixed academic results. 11/30/2004
Charter Schools-in-the-Workplace Text of Florida's Charter School Legislation relating to schools in the workplace. (Section 228.056, Florida Statutes, as amended through the 1998 Session). In order to increase business... 12/31/1997
Charter Schools. Examines the popularity of America's charter schools, the seven major legal and policy areas that figure into the development of each state's charter school legislation, and their funding.... 11/30/2001
Charter Schools: A Good Credit Risk to Improve Communities. Discusses the role of banks in financing charter schools facilities, explaining that charter schools present a solid credit risk, and their access to financing structures and credit enhancement can... 03/31/2011
Charter Schools: A Look at State Finance Systems. Discusses the results of a 2000 U.S. Dept. of Education Survey of charter school funding revealing that states general fund charter schools on a per-pupil basis, variously using a state or district... 06/30/2004
Charter Schools: Federal Funding Available but Barriers Exist. Report to Congressional Requesters. This report examines how selected states allocate Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title I and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funds to charter and other public schools and... 12/31/1997
Charter Schools: Limited Access to Facility Financing. This report determines the degree to which charter schools have access to traditional public school facility financing, and whether alternative sources of facility financing are available to charter... 08/31/2000
Charter Schools: New Charter Schools across the Country and in the District of Columbia Face Similar Start-Up Challenges. Report to Congressional Requesters. This study analyzed federal and state charter school laws, addressing challenges faced by charter school startups nationwide, state resources available to address these challenges, and how the... 08/31/2003
Charter Schools: Recent Experiences in Accessing Federal Funds. Statement of Cornelia M. Blanchette, Associate Director, Education and Employment Issues. This report presents a study of charter schools' use of startup grants and grants under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act... 12/31/1997
Charter Schools: Threat or Boon to Public Schools? Discusses the development of charter schools in the United States over the past decade, examining the history of the charter school movement, the rapid rise in charter school enrollment (which... 11/30/2002
Charter Starters Leadership Training Workbook I: Start-Up Logistics. This workbook is the first in a series devoted to all areas of charter-school development. It addresses the logistics of starting a school, such as drafting a charter, creating a vision and mission,... 12/31/1998
Charters Hit by Facilities Funding Woes. Discusses the lack of access to construction aid for charter schools, the role that the Federal government may play to help ease the crunch, and creative ways charter school operators find financing... 11/07/2000
Child-Centered School Funding. This report argues, using Arizona as an illustration, for a market-based school funding paradigm characterized by per-pupil allocations that follow each student to the school of their choice. The... 12/31/1997
Civic Builders: Building Solutions for Charter Schools Civic Builders is a nonprofit real estate development company that provides high-quality, low-cost charter school facilities for charter schools in New York City. The organization's mission is...
Claiming Space for Small Schools. A Report on the New Century Schools: The Bronx, New York 2002-2003. A team from Princeton University's School of Architects followed a group of innovative educators in the Bronx High Schools as they rethought the architecture of small schools. Seeking to imagine... 12/31/2002
Colorado Charter Schools Capital Finance Study. Challenges and Opportunities for the Future. This report discusses strategies that will help charter schools finance their facilities needs. It outlines the history of the Colorado Charter Schools Act, focusing on the contracting process, on... 12/31/1999
Comparing the Level of Public Support: Charter Schools versus Traditional Public Schools. Reports that New York City charter schools receive $300 less per student than district schools, if housed in a public school building, but that charter schools that own their own buildings or lease... 01/31/2010
Competition or Consolidation? The School District Consolidation Debate Revisited. Advocates competition over consolidation as a means to achieve school efficiency in Arizona, with school choice and expansion of charter school opportunities recommended. The costs and experiences of... 01/11/2004
Concept Plan for Relocation to the Nichols Avenue School. Presents a conceptual plan for locating a law-related charter high school to a small, historic neighborhood school building. The deficiencies described include lack of administrative, physical... 12/28/2003
Consensus for Reform: A Plan for Collaborative School Co-locations. New York City Department of Education is trying to expand public charter options. A major challenge of charter expansion is finding school space to support the new school enrollments. But, as... 06/30/2011
Creating Schools at Work Sites. Reports the trend that finds major businesses across the U.S. providing work-site school facilities for their employees' children, wherein the corporation provides the facility space, utilities... 10/31/1998