Charter School Facilities Funding

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Summaries of State Charter School Facility Laws Some states have passed state charter school facilities laws that provide per-pupil facilities aid for charter schools. This provides summaries of laws from California, District of Columbia,... 12/31/2008
Technical Assistance for Setting Up a Charter School: School Facilities. Guidelines on charter school construction costs, site options, and building code requirements and regulations. Besides constructing a new facility, this describes creative options for housing a... 12/31/2002
Technical Assistance Worksheets. Provides fourteen worksheets to help organize real estate projects for nonprofit charter schools and early childhood programs. The worksheets guide the user from assessing readiness before the... 12/31/2005
The Answer Key: How to Plan, Develop and Finance Your Charter School Facility. Provides charter schools with step-by-step assistance in planning, evaluating, and implementing a facilities project. The guide is organized by each stage of the development process, from early... 12/31/2004
The Business of Charter Schooling This brief details some of the ways that individuals, companies, and organizations secure financial gain and generate profit by controlling and running charter schools. To illustrate how charter... 12/01/2016
The Changing Field of Facilities Financing. The Charter School Center's May 2010 newsletter focuses on recent developments that may help charters better meet facility needs, including federal bond programs and growing interest by... 05/18/2010
The Charter School Facility Finance Landscape. Provides a national directory of private nonprofit and public providers of funding and financing for charter school facilities. Based on research and interviews with over 50 charter school... 04/30/2005
The Downtown School Community Report. Connecting Learning With Life. In August 1993 the Des Moines (Iowa) community created a new type of neighborhood school by placing an elementary school close to where the parents work, rather than where they live. This school, the... 12/31/1995
The Evaluation of Charter School Impacts. Evaluates outcomes in 36 charter middle schools in 15 states. The report compares the outcomes of 2,330 students who applied to these schools and were randomly assigned by lotteries to be admitted (... 05/31/2010
The Finance Gap: Charter Schools and Their Facilities. This study examines the facilities experiences of charter schools in fourteen states and the District of Columbia, jurisdictions that house 75 percent of the nations charter schools. The findings... 12/31/2003
The Future of School Facilities: Getting Ahead of the Curve. This paper asserts that instead of assuming that the future of learning has to take place in buildings we happen to have now, districts can let innovations in instruction and learning drive how they... 04/30/2002
The Generation Gap: A Decade of Charter Growth Continues. In its semi-annual report on the charter school debt sector, Fitch notes the increasing demand for alternative educational choices, including charter schools, home and private schooling, and the... 10/31/2002
The Paradox of Support: Charter Schools and Their Institutional Partners. Nonprofit organizations, private foundations, and for-profit corporations interested in shaping public education regularly partner with charter schools in New York. State law allows charter schools... 03/31/2002
The Role of Partnering Organizations in New York City Charter Schools. In December 1998, New York State passed charter legislation allowing 100 new charter schools and an unlimited number of public schools to convert to charter status. The charter law has provided... 03/31/2002
The Sustainable Answer Key: A Guide to Building a Sustainable, High-Performance Charter School Facility. Provides a step-by-step guide for integrating sustainable building features into a charter school facility. The guides includes an overview of the benefits of green schools, worksheets, advice on... 12/31/2009
Tipping Point or Turning Point? Discusses growth in charter schools, increased federal funding for charter schools, the increasing maturity in charter school conception and oversight, demographic particulars of charter school... 10/31/2009
U. S. Department of Education. Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities. The Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities program provides assistance to help charter schools meet their facility needs. Under this program, funds are provided on a competitive basis to...
U. S. Department of Education. State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grants Program. The purpose of the State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grants program is to assist charter schools with school facility costs by providing Federal funds to states to establish or enhance and...
U.S. Charter Schools Charter schools are innovative public schools providing choices for families and greater accountability for results. This website includes state profiles, information on federal support, resources,...
U.S. Charter Schools: Facilities. Good compilation of charter school facilites information, including background, planning, needs assessment, site selection, financing, and resources. 12/31/2008
Underwriting Loans to Charter Schools. This technical assistance memo examines the three most significant risks for charter school lenders: Operations, Real Estate/Project Planning, and Political. The memo explores the causes of each risk... 08/31/1999
Urban Schools: What's Next Today there is a potpourri of public schools operating within urban school districts, including typical PK-12 neighborhood schools; magnet, thematic and choice schools; and a wide variety of charter... 05/22/2012
USCS Start-Up Brief: Facilities. Offers advice on how to secure facilities for a charter school, following an outline of four steps: 1)developing a facilities plan, 2)assessing building/site needs, 3)selecting and evaluating a site... 12/31/2004
Using Municipal Bonds to Finance Charter School Facilities. Highlights the success of the Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School in partnering with Mosaica Education, Inc., The Palmer Foundation, and the City of Philadelphia to use... 12/31/2007
Venturesome Capital: State Charter School Finance Systems. Chapter 7. Facilities and Capital Outlay Financing. This report examines the laws, regulations, and practices governing charter-school finance during the 1998-99 school year. This chapter discusses facilities funding issues. 12/31/1999