Title Abstract Publication Date
'Smart' Spaces Aren't Just for Classrooms Anymore. Describes the revolution in total school design promulgated in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The article discusses the learning that occurs in every school space, not just the classrooms, and... 12/31/2009
10 Current School Facility Features that are Obsolete Looks at school facility features that are obsolete today and yet are still in wide use: departmental organizations; learning in prescribed spaces; school corridors; traditional school libraries;... 06/19/2012
10 Ways to Create Schools Where Students Thrive Describes 10 innovative strategies for creating 21st century schools: engage all stakeholders in the design process; seek education partnerships and joint use; maximize sites well connected to the... 09/30/2011
15 Low-Cost Tips for School Interiors Interior designer Carla Remenschneider and architects Jeanne Jackson and Steven Shiver share their favorite low-cost techniques for brightening schools, including ideas for casework, colors,... 02/01/2012
2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom. Presents over 300 school designs from teams made up of architects, students, and teachers, along with detail on the award winnders. The economical designs are intended developing and under-funded... 12/31/2008
21st Century Learning Environments. Proposes that learning environments must embrace a diverse and complex world of people, places, and ideas. While a tremendous amount of attention has been paid to standards, assessments, professional... 12/31/2008
21st Century Learning Labs for Students of all Abilities. Creative Learning Systems engages learners with fully-integrated classroom systems focused on STEM, technology exploration, alternative energy education and media production. 05/31/2009
21st Century Learning: A visit to the Georgia Department of Education’s Center for Classroom Innovation Describes a room setup with different spaces depending on the kinds of learning and collaboration taking place. The room also offers flexibility with some mobile furniture such as rolling chairs,... 05/06/2012
21st-Century Learning Q&A Twenty-five architects comment on the latest innovations in designing for future learning, as well as how design can support these trends. Questions answered include: What are the latest ideas/... 10/31/2011
A Classroom's Size Determines Its Capacity. Reviews the evolution in classroom capacity as educational programming has changed and offers a contemporary formula for determining a classroom's capacity based on its size and the furnishings... 11/30/2007
A Divisible Auditorium/Boulder City, Nevada. Presents specifications and operation of Boulder City's divisible auditorium. The planners designed a wedge-shaped seating area divided first by an audiovisual core bisecting the wide end of the...
A Giant Half Step. Reviews possibilities for contemporary classroom arrangement when a more traditional double-loaded corridor school design is desired. Size of classrooms, technology integration, and clustering... 02/28/2007
A Learning Curve. Discusses the importance of establishing a learning-technology plan when bringing electronic technology into classrooms. Conducting the classroom audit and synthesis phases of the plan are described... 07/31/1999
A Loft-y Idea for Learning A fourth-grade teacher describes educational uses of a loft he constructed in his classroom. After drafting a constitution, the children brainstormed possible uses as reading/writing nook, small-... 10/31/1995
A Movable Feast. Reviews concepts for continuously adaptable classroom design, noting that wireless technology liberates arrangement from being fixed around the technology, that the L-shaped classroom provides new... 11/30/2007
A Plan for Action or How To Change Old Schools into Open Space Schools Without Any Money! Presents notes from a workshop where three teams of architects and educators from across the country met to study three older school buildings and suggest economical ways for changing them into open...
A Room to Learn. Rethinking Classroom Environments. Based on the latest research about how children learn, this book helps teachers make their classrooms into creative spaces that facilitate teaching and learning. Geared toward showing teachers how to... 05/31/2011
A Survey Study of Elementary Classroom Seating Designs. This paper presents the results of a two-part study that investigated classroom seating design preferences among elementary classroom teachers. In part one, the researchers mapped and classified... 12/31/2000
A Tale of Two Classrooms. Offers a rationale for increasing attention to learning space design, providing an overview of relevant literature and highlighting implications for learning spaces suggested by modern learning... 12/31/2001
A User Assessment of Workspaces in Selected Music Education Computer Laboratories. A study of 120 students selected from the user populations of four music education computer laboratories was conducted to determine the applicability of current ergonomic and environmental design... 04/30/1995
A Variety of Voices: Innovative Learning Spaces Transform the Hartland-Lakeside School District Describes how the Hartland-Lakeside School District, Wisconsin went from typical classrooms to innovative spaces. Across the district, teachers, students and administrators have transformed their... 05/30/2012
ABCs of Successful Classroom Renovations. Asserts that successful classroom upgrades involve an examination of five areas: program fit within an existing building, technology utilization, regulatory compliance, building systems, and... 07/31/2003
Accessorizing the Classroom. Describes how, as is the case with the desks they purchase, schools should choose other furnishings such as computer workstations by balancing aesthetics, architects' recommendations, staff... 05/31/2002
Aces of Space. Profiles four schools that use technology, new design concepts, and flexible furnishings to reinvent their teaching spaces. Curved rooms, interconnected and networked electronic wall displays,... 05/31/2011
Acoustical Environment of School Buildings. Discusses results of a field study made of the acoustical environment of schools designed for increased flexibility to meet the spatial requirements of new teaching methods. Questionnaires were sent... 12/31/1962