Classrooms--Distance Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Brave New World. Discusses the latest audiovisual technology available for classrooms, their typical costs, compatibility of the various components, and adoption and training possibilities for various devices. 06/30/2007
A Slow Build. Examines progress in virtual schools, using the Florida Virtual School as an example. While facility and transportation funds are saved, they seem to otherwise have the same cost per student.... 10/31/2009
An Assessment of the Effectiveness of E-Learning on University Space Planning and Design The emergence of newly adopted metaphors such as “virtual university”, “networked campus” and “e-university” may have an impact on a university's modus operandi in the twenty-first century. In... 12/31/2003
AV Technology in Higher Education Overview of the role that AV plays in the Higher Education industry based on surveys and one-on-one interviews. The report identifies product and service purchasing trends by school type, size, goals... 10/31/2005
Building Virtual Classrooms. Describes how two rural community college expanded their distance learning facilities. The problems faced by the present systems, the solutions, and outsourcing where necessary are described. 02/28/2010
Campus Technology Magazine Campus Techology focuses on the use of high tech in higher education. Each issue contains feature articles, case studies, product reviews and profiles of technology use at the individual,...
Classroom Design For Video Teleconferencing. This discusses classroom design from the perspective of how the room will be used. Will it be used primarily as a teaching site, a receiving location, or a combination of both? Also, will the... 06/30/1998
Classroom Design Manual: Guidelines for Designing, Constructing, and Renovating Instructional Spaces at the University of Maryland. Identifies the essential design elements of modern, higher education high quality learning environments and includes discussions on facility programming, management, utilization, evaluation, and... 10/31/2000
Classroom Guidelines. Design and Construction of Classrooms at the University of California, Santa Cruz. These guidelines have been developed for use by architects, engineers and designers as a tool for designing effective classrooms for the UCSC campus. They provide specific criteria for the design of... 12/31/2002
Classroom of the Future. Orchestrating Collaborative Spaces. This book brings together the perspectives of researchers, architects, technical designers, and teachers on emerging theoretical and technological developments pertaining to the classroom of the... 12/31/2009
Cutting-Edge Technology Revolutionizes Learning. Profiles Drexel University's Center for Graduate Studies in Sacramento, which occupies leased space in a downtown office building, teaches only evening and weekend courses, and features... 05/31/2009
Design Considerations for Effective Distance Learning. Discusses proper classroom acoustics, good speech intelligibility, clear sightlines, proper lighting, and seating arrangements that need to be considered when developing an effective distance... 02/28/2011
Designing a Digital Learning Center & the Art of Compromise. Presents a three-year case study of the conceptualization, design, funding, construction, and the installation and implementation of instructional systems for an instructional facility built in... 03/31/2000
Designing a Distance Learning Facility. Details the design of a distance learning facility through analysis of its functions, paper handling requirements, and current and future communications technology needs. It also lists special... 06/30/1996
Designing Communication and Learning Environments. Designing and remodeling educational facilities are becoming more complex with options that include computer-based collaboration, classrooms with multimedia podiums, conference centers, and... 12/31/1994
Designing for the Virtual Interactive Classroom. This discusses tools for Web conferencing, videoconferencing, full collaboration, interactive classrooms, and screen sharing, used by faculty for online and blended courses such as small group... 04/30/2005
Developing a Distance Education Infrastructure Development of distance learning infrastructure is a multifaceted project, from the desktop to the far reaches of the Internet. Attention must be focused on the outgoing data and information, as well... 12/31/1999
Distance Education Classroom Design. This discusses telecommunications wiring considerations; dial-up, two-way compressed videoconferencing; WisLine dial-up audioconferencing; satelline, cable, and television viewing; computer local... 03/31/2003
Distance Learning. Discusses alternatives for the installation of the technology and equipment needed to support distance learning. 02/28/2010
Facilities Design Criteria for the Construction and Renovation of Multimedia Classrooms at Case Western Reserve University Designing a multimedia based facility which accommodates information and presentation technologies to meet today's needs and future needs requires careful planning and organization. It requires... 12/31/1998
Facility Focus: Distance Learning Labs. Describes four new higher education buildings designed specifically to accommodate distance learning by video and Internet. 09/30/2005
Financial Trouble in Higher Education. Discusses the impact of the current recession on higher education facility construction, the growth of distance learning that requires fewer facilities, and advises facility managers on putting... 02/28/2010
Fostering Collaborative Knowledge Construction in a Video-Based Learning Setting: Effects of a Shared Workspace and a Content-Specific Graphical Representation. This study examined means of fostering videoconference-based collaborative learning. An experiment was conducted with 15 learning dyads divided into three conditions of videoconference-based learning... 02/28/2007
From Bricks to Clicks: Blurring Classroom/Cyber Lines. Discusses online learning programs in various schools, including blended learning that occurs in a web-enhanced or hybrid classroom. In the hybrid classroom model, the class typically meets only... 07/31/2006
Going the Distance. Examines the planning process behind successfully providing full access to distance-learning programs for all students. Distance learning under the regulatory mandate of the Americans with... 06/30/1999