Classrooms--Distance Learning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Home Workstation Ergonomics for the Online Learner This presentation reports on a study that attempted to understand more about the conditions under which distance education students are working. It reviews the parameters already established for... 12/31/2001
Illuminating Classroom Design. Discusses how modern schools require specific lighting systems to accommodate computers and other technologies. Describes special needs for direct and indirect lighting when considering visual... 06/30/1996
In Sync: Environmental Behavior Research and the Design of Learning Spaces. Analyzes research relating to the environment's impact on behavior and establishes five different archetypal environments that support learning in the current knowledge age, versus the prevalent... 12/31/2003
Instructional Delivery. Discusses the popularity, effectiveness, and modalities of distance learning and the implication it has for school facilities. Highlights the various technologies used for delivering distance... 03/31/2006
Interactive Classroom Design Issues. The design of a large classroom intended to properly support two-way live interactive instruction through videoconferencing can be quite complex. The layout and design issues will vary widely... 12/31/2005
Learning Spaces: A Tutorial. Focuses on the design of informal and formal learning spaces mostly inside campus buildings, although many of the concepts could be applied in other spaces, including virtual ones. After looking at... 12/31/2008
Master Classrooms: Classroom Design with Technology in Mind. Technology is changing the classroom requiring new design features and considerations to make them flexible and interactive with the teaching process. The design of a Master Classroom, a product of... 12/31/1995
MIT Does Distance Learning. Describes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's distance learning facilities in Bechtel Hall, where the central router and all the associated equipment are a third of a mile away from the... 03/31/2001
New School of Management, Delaware State University, Dover, Delaware. Presents features of Delaware State University's New School of Management designed to stimulate positive gains in teaching and learning. The design incorporates state of the art distance... 12/31/2000
New Technology and Education in Finland. Discusses Finland's new National Strategy for Education, Training, and Research in the Information Society for 2000-2004. The new strategy's objectives and how to achieve them are examined... 09/30/2000
No More of the Same Old, Same Old. [A Brave New (Interactive) World] Briefly describes innovation in whiteboards, distance learning technology, and classroom furnishings. 06/30/2010
On-line Learning and the Implications for School Design. Discusses the ascendance of online learning at the high school level. A variety of online learning networks are described, as is the effect of telecommunication on the classroom. Virtual education... 12/31/2010
Online University Programs: Opportunity or Competition? Discusses the current state of online learning and how some higher education institutions blend distance and on-site education. 05/31/2008
Outfitting Classrooms. Discusses how selecting and properly installing audiovisual equipment and systems is critical to ensure that schools most effectively meet their educational objectives. K-12 school facilities must be... 10/31/2002
Perceptions of Instructors and Students Toward Interactive Video Distance Education Classroom Design in Higher Education. The purpose of this descriptive study was to determine the perceptions of instructors and students toward interactive video distance education classroom design. Subjects were college students who...
Presentation & Display: The Challenge of Next-Generation Monitors and projectors are getting slicker and sleeker, but that doesn't mean setting up the smart classroom is without tribulation. This discusses lighting issues, camera and rear projection... 12/31/2005
Putting Technology in the Hands of Students. Describes network upgrades that enable schools to run security, distance learning, and sophisticated instructional programs. 01/31/2011
Reaching Out. Discusses technology and equipment requirements for developing an effective distance-learning classroom. Areas covered include cabling, the control booth, microphones, acoustics, lighting, heating... 07/31/1999
Remote Labs! The authors of this paper propose an Internet facility that will authentically provide laboratory experiments remotely. Such a facility is brought to the doors of the distance learner to help provide... 12/31/1999
Sound Solutions. Discusses advances in audio transmission and reproduction that make distance learning in music possible. Echo cancellation, microphones, playback equipment, and sound-controlled cameras have made... 10/31/2005
Technological Challenges: Designing Large Compressed Video and Multimedia Classrooms Designing a distance learning classroom requires integration of educational goals and philosophy with technology and ergonomics. The technological challenge and key to designing effective distance... 02/15/1996
Technology Transforms Two B-Schools: Two Case Studies. Describes state-of-the art technology at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and the University of California's Haas School of Business. Features include advanced video... 05/31/2004
Telematics and Electronic Communication and Their Effect on Educational Space. A report examines technology's influence on the educational process as well as the physical classroom, and the needs and concerns these new technologies bring to architects and educators in... 07/28/1999
The Cost of Online Learning. Examines development considerations and tips for controlling costs when a university decides to develop an online distance learning service. Use of the interactive Web Site for Determining Costs tool... 03/31/2001
The Future Setting of the Design Studio. Explores the impact of virtual classrooms as an emerging classroom typology in comparison to the physical classrooms in the design process. Two case studies were held in order to infer design... 02/28/2009