Title Abstract Publication Date
Classroom Design Manual: Guidelines for Designing, Constructing, and Renovating Instructional Spaces at the University of Maryland. Identifies the essential design elements of modern, higher education high quality learning environments and includes discussions on facility programming, management, utilization, evaluation, and... 10/31/2000
Classroom Guidelines. Design and Construction of Classrooms at the University of California, Santa Cruz. These guidelines have been developed for use by architects, engineers and designers as a tool for designing effective classrooms for the UCSC campus. They provide specific criteria for the design of... 12/31/2002
Classroom Seating Location, Student Grades, and Attitudes: Environment or Self- Selected. Reports on differences in higher education students' grades according to where they were seated in the classroom, and according to whether or not that seating was assigned or by their own choice... 05/31/1980
Classroom Use and Utilization. Discusses how college and university classrooms are distributed by size on a campus, how well they are used, and how their use changes with faculty and student needs and desires. Details how to... 04/30/2002
Classroom. NEXT: Engaging Faculty and Students in Learning Space Design. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University undertook a project to find out what a classroom would look like if it were designed by faculty and students—and then... 06/30/2011
Classrooms. Presents a middle school, high school, and three higher education classroom facilities selected for the American School & University 2006 Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were chosen... 07/31/2006
Collaborating with Users to Design Learning Spaces: Playing Nicely in the Sandbox. Profiles the conversion of an old YMCA building (Holtzendorff Hall) at Clemson University into an academic building for the engineering department. The old movie theater was converted into a... 12/31/2008
Collaboration and Multimedia Classrooms, University of Central Florida. Describes these classrooms that are managed through a partnership between the University's Information Technologies and Resources Division and the Division of Undergraduate Studies. These... 12/31/2005
Collaborative Learning Spaces at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Discusses how the Educational Team at Missouri University of Science and Technology designed their collaborative learning spaces. These spaces not only give students better access to their... 12/31/2008
Computer Classroom and Laboratory Design: Bibliography Incorporating computer technology into the education process involves redesigning the physical space where instruction takes place. Articles in this guide provide examples and advice on modifying... 07/31/1998
Computer Labs Get Rebooted as Lounges: New Gathering Places for Laptop Users Help Colleges Save on Upkeep. This discusses new gathering places for laptop users that may help colleges reduce expenses. More than 11% of colleges and universities are phasing out computer labs or plan to do so. New spaces... 12/05/2009
Creating a Smart Classroom from Scratch. Describes new classrooms set up at South College in Knoxville, Tennessee, with new technology equipment, tools and software, including secure wireless Internet access, lecture capture software,... 05/03/2011
Creating New Generation Learning Environments on the University Campus. Scrapbook of a 5-day design forum rethinking the design and purpose of the university classroom. This publication outlines the intention, events and outcomes of the forum detailing how participants... 12/31/2006
Cutting-Edge Technology Revolutionizes Learning. Profiles Drexel University's Center for Graduate Studies in Sacramento, which occupies leased space in a downtown office building, teaches only evening and weekend courses, and features... 05/31/2009
Defining Interior Architecture: Creating Collaborative Social Spaces within the University Setting. Discusses the discipline of interior architecture from an academic and professional perspective, and through a series of case studies. Higher education social spaces are emphasized, including their... 12/31/2004
Denison University Learning Spaces Project: Checklist for Improving Your Learning Spaces. Offers a checklist for assessing and improving learning spaces. The checklist items address gathering stakeholders to discuss ideas, stating the teaching styles intended for the space, reviewing... 12/31/2003
Design Considerations for Effective Distance Learning. Discusses proper classroom acoustics, good speech intelligibility, clear sightlines, proper lighting, and seating arrangements that need to be considered when developing an effective distance... 02/28/2011
Design Features for Project-Based Learning. This publication is a condensed version of a doctoral research study conducted to determine the features of the physical learning environment for collaborative, project-based learning, primarily at... 01/31/2002
Designing a Classroom For the New Pedagogy: What Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg? This is a case study of an effort to “build a better mousetrap” or technology-enabled classroom. Adopting the principle that pedagogy dictates software and hardware is only needed to run the software... 12/31/2002
Designing Blended Learning Space to the Student Experience. Reviews the more informal learning styles of today's students, six categories of learning technologies, and the need to focus on design that accommodates student-technology interface. Problems... 12/31/2005
Designing Collaborative Learning Spaces Where Material Culture Meets Mobile Writing Processes. Discusses how a combination of movable furniture and mobile technology, including wireless access and laptops, can enhance student collaboration in group-based writing assignments. The lab included... 08/31/2009
Designing Communication and Learning Environments. Designing and remodeling educational facilities are becoming more complex with options that include computer-based collaboration, classrooms with multimedia podiums, conference centers, and... 12/31/1994
Designing for the Virtual Interactive Classroom. This discusses tools for Web conferencing, videoconferencing, full collaboration, interactive classrooms, and screen sharing, used by faculty for online and blended courses such as small group... 04/30/2005
Designing for Uncertainty: Three Approaches. Higher education wishes to get long life and good returns on its investment in learning spaces. Doing this has become difficult because rapid changes in information technology have created... 02/28/2007
Designing Learning Spaces and Integrating Technology to Promote Student Success. Outlines how this community college and its corporate partners undertook a major project to maximize learning opportunities for students, through the design of innovative learning spaces and...