Title Abstract Publication Date
Designing More Effective On-Campus Teaching and Learning Spaces: A Role for Academic Developers Teaching and learning on campus takes place within specific physical settings that are integral to the process. The traditional, teacher-centred and didactic instruction of universities has been... 10/31/2003
Designing Spaces for Effective Learning: A Guide to 21st Century Learning Space Design. Addresses the design of entrances, teaching spaces, vocational teaching spaces, learning centres, and social spaces in higher education facilities. Within each category, issues of flexibility, future... 12/31/2005
Designing Teaching Facilities: Pedagogy as the Driving Force. Pedagogy, the art and science of teaching, should be the driving force behind the design of any teaching facility. What is taught and how it is taught should determine the size, type, and... 06/30/2005
Designing the Space: A Conversation with William J. Mitchell. Syllabus interviews William J. Mitchell, Dean of MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, about the design of technology-enhanced learning spaces. 08/31/2003
Effects of Studio Space on Teaching and Learning: Preliminary Findings from Two Case Studies. Recognizing that traditional classrooms do not facilitate active learning, colleges and universities are increasingly converting traditional classroom space into studio space. Research indicates... 12/31/2008
Electronic Classrooms and Buildings of the Future. Examines current issues, problems, and trends related to developing and supporting new high technology classrooms, labs, and student learning spaces to meet the critical demand for teaching... 12/31/1999
Emory College Classroom Design Guide. Presents the College's design guidelines for classroom interiors, equipment, and the building envelope. Also included are recommendations for room sizes, room definitions, furniture, equipment,... 08/29/2007
Facilities Design Criteria for the Construction and Renovation of Multimedia Classrooms at Case Western Reserve University Designing a multimedia based facility which accommodates information and presentation technologies to meet today's needs and future needs requires careful planning and organization. It requires... 12/31/1998
Facility Focus: Academic Buildings/Lecture Halls. Profiles four new higher education academic buildings, highlighting their large common areas, daylighting, and sophisticated classrooms. 12/31/2009
FHSU Showcases New Classrooms Designed to Encourage 'Red Balloon' Learning Innovation. Describes newly redesigned learning spaces at FHSU that cultivate new ways of thinking, encourage collaboration, increase all forms of interaction and build knowledge in a discovery-driven process. 10/31/2011
First Questions for Designing Higher Education Learning Spaces We often start the design of learning spaces with service and operational considerations rather than with questions about the character of the learning we want to happen in the space. To correct this... 12/31/2006
Four More Trends in Higher-Education Facilities Examines trends in college buildings focusing on new classroom designs, flexible space, collaboration areas, and the evolving role of the university library. 04/30/2012
From Computer Lab to Sandbox. The old, traditional Computer Information Systems laboratory at Bentley University in Waltham, MA has been transformed into a unique “Sandbox” with state-of-the art technology-enhanced collaboration... 11/01/2011
Furnishing for Connection. Describes how the Fox School of Business at Temple University transformed a traditional classroom into a high-tech meeting and events space that can morph from seminar room to an event area in a few... 09/30/2011
Hard Facts on Smart Classroom Design: Ideas, Guidelines, and Layouts. Covers the principles of college classroom design, the types of college classrooms, levels of technology, architectural guidelines, visual presentation devices, and classroom standards. Seventy... 12/31/2002
High-Velocity Change: Creating Collaborative Learning Environments. Describes how a group of individuals at the University of Kansas worked to design and implement a collaborative learning environment for students, based on theoretical and empirical research along... 07/18/2005
Higher Education Space: Future Directions. Discusses the future of higher education space in the United Kingdom, based on interviews with several British higher education administrators. Physical spaces that universities require are related... 09/30/2007
Human-Centered Design Guidelines. Outlines leaning center design that is based on human need and diverse teaching and learning styles. Elements of human-centered design are characterized as healthful, stimulating, balancing community... 12/31/2005
Imagining All of Campus as a Learning Environment. Key findings of this research project are that although most students own laptops and mobile devices, use of student computing centers at the University of Washington continues to be high; embracing... 12/31/2009
In Sync: Environmental Behavior Research and the Design of Learning Spaces. Analyzes research relating to the environment's impact on behavior and establishes five different archetypal environments that support learning in the current knowledge age, versus the prevalent... 12/31/2003
Incubating Next-Gen.Edu. Describes two newly launched initiatives, one at a large public university and the other at a smaller private institution, that demonstrate the journey incubator spaces take from conception to setup... 05/31/2008
Inside Purdue's Envision Center Case study of Purdue University's Envision Center for Data Perceptualization that breaks away from the classroom experience and brings true multi-sensory discovery and learning to students.... 05/31/2005
Inversions. Reflects on inversions as a metaphor for the process that is unfolding in higher education with respect to education and learning spaces. Inversions are reversals of the normal or expected order.... 02/28/2009
Leading the Transition from Classrooms to Learning Spaces. Presents considerations for learning space design, emphasizing the migration away from the traditional classroom as the sole venue for instruction. Incorporation of virtual learning and an improved... 09/30/2005
Learn for Life. New Architecture for New Learning. Diverse collection of inspiring architecture and interiors that support progressive models of acquiring knowledge. New interpretations of kindergartens, schools, universities, and libraries are... 01/31/2012