Title Abstract Publication Date
Learning Environments: Where Space, Technology, and Culture Converge. Suggests that the time has come to broaden the scope of that inquiry and consider factors beyond space, including learning culture and the changing roles of instructors, students, and other people... 09/30/2009
Learning How to See. Advises on how to view higher education space through contemporary concepts learning, engagement, interaction, and excitement. The author suggests what constitutes space shaped by learning,... 12/31/2005
Learning Landscapes in Higher Education: Final Report. Learning Landscapes is a research project looking at the ways in which academics work with colleagues in campuses and other key stakeholders to develop and manage innovation in the design of teaching... 03/31/2010
Learning Spaces All Over Campus. Colleges are making better use of real estate by equipping in-between spaces. Add wi-fi, comfortable seating, and room to spread out your work and almost any space becomes useful work space. Some... 10/31/2010
Learning Spaces as a Strategic Priority. Describes how the authors have, by making learning spaces an issue, opened the door for a meaningful institutional dialogue on the quality of teaching at Butler Community College, the role space and... 12/31/2008
Learning Spaces. Focuses on less often discussed facets of learning space design: how learner expectations influence such spaces, the principles and activities that facilitate learning, and the role of technology... 12/31/2005
Learning Spaces. Discusses current low-cost ideas for enhancing informal and formal learning spaces. Informal spaces can include display kiosks in common areas, providing power and comfortable furniture in waiting... 02/04/2011
Learning Spaces: Involving Faculty to Improve Pedagogy. Discusses how an institution should clearly articulate its learning objectives and then place a high priority on including curriculum redesign in the planning process for new learning spaces. Faculty... 02/28/2009
Learning Spaces: More Than Meets the Eye. With the advent of technology on campus comes a shift from classroom to learning space. New conceptions of the classroom are being driven by the emergence of new methods of teaching and learning,... 12/31/2002
LeBaron Hall Auditorium, Iowa State University. Profiles this new instructional auditorium that accommodates both lectures and group activities. The customized seat design that makes this possible is described. The chapter also describes how the... 12/31/2005
Lessons Learned Deploying a Digital Classroom. A number of university campuses have undertaken the development of digital classrooms that enable presentation of digital media and digital lecture recording. While educators from across disciplines... 03/31/2004
Lost in Space: Finding the Right Learning Space for Students. Advises on coordinating the design of higher education learning spaces, including managing competing preferences from different teaching and learning styles, organizing design professionals,... 09/30/2009
Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration Tool that shows how space can be intentionally manipulated to ignite creativity. Guide offers novel and non-obvious strategies for changing surroundings specifically to enhance the ways in which... 12/31/2011
Making the Case for Space: Three Years of Empirical Research on Learning Environments. Research project shows that students in new, technology-enhanced learning spaces exceeded final grade expectations relative to their ACT scores, suggesting strongly that features of the spaces... 12/31/2009
Master Classrooms: Classroom Design with Technology in Mind. Technology is changing the classroom requiring new design features and considerations to make them flexible and interactive with the teaching process. The design of a Master Classroom, a product of... 12/31/1995
McGill University Building Design Standards. Presents this institution's guidelines for building design, including location and adjacencies, entrances, support spaces, ceiling height, orientation, acoustics, surfaces, finishes, fixtures,... 08/31/2009
Messiah College: Boyer Hall. Profiles this large new academic building that houses 50 percent of the Pennsylvania college's academic departments and 40 percent of its faculty. Formal and informal instruction spaces are... 12/31/2005
Moveable Walls Allow for Space Flexibility. Describes portable and hung moveable wall systems and examples of how they are used to reconfigure spaces and enhance aesthetics. Staff training and acoustics are also discussed and a list of items... 01/31/2006
Moving Beyond the Classroom: Accommodating the Changing Pedagogy of Higher Education. Questions the future of the physical classroom as a paradigm for teaching and learning settings within the university setting. In turn, it proposes the notion of learning spaces as layered... 12/31/2004
New Building Type Unifies Lecture Halls and Food Court. Profiles Kuztown University of Pennsylvania's new academic building which consists of seven high-tech lecture halls surrounding a 55-foot atrium featuring a central food court and comfortable... 12/31/2006
New Learning Environments: A Study of How Architecture Can Respond to Interdisciplinary and Mobile Learning. By evaluating designs based on the evolution of the American school as a building typology and predicting the future of higher learning based on the progressing pedagogical shift, this thesis... 04/30/2010
New Learning Spaces: Smart Learners, Not Smart Classrooms. Improving how students learn will benefit from great information technology and multimedia infrastructure, but ultimately the focus must be on getting smart teachers and students to use smart tools... 08/31/2002
Olin College of Engineering: Academic and Olin Centers. Profiles the entirely new Massachusetts campus of an engineering school that graduated its first class in May, 2006. The robust technological infrastructure is describes, as are the tiered classroom... 12/31/2005
PAIR-Up. Relfects on recent conversations elevating the importance of place, space, design principles, and learning in the evolving IT infrastructure of higher education. Today, the impact of emerging... 02/28/2009
Pennsylvania State University: Smeal College of Business. Profiles this large business school complex featuring a trading room, e-incubator lab, research laboratories, 150-seat auditorium, team study rooms, 22 classrooms, offices, interview rooms, executive... 12/31/2005