Title Abstract Publication Date
Physical Place On Campus: A Report on the Summit on Building Community Report from a summit held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison to consider the relationship between physical place and campus community. Findings included the following: 1) higher education lacks a... 05/31/2012
Place and Space in the Design of New Learning Environments. Highlights examples of recent developments of new learning environments which have been enhanced by the contribution of educational developers at several Australian universities. A set of... 06/30/2000
Planning in a Digital World. Profiles the Arizona State University's Decision Theater, a technologically sophisticated classroom equipped with a 260-degree set of seven screens that displays GIS map layers, demographic... 09/30/2007
Post-Secondary. Profiles 71 outstanding new or renovated higher education facilities, selected for their contribution to the educational program, adaptability, design, technology accommodation, sustainability, and... 10/31/2008
Presentation & Display: The Challenge of Next-Generation Monitors and projectors are getting slicker and sleeker, but that doesn't mean setting up the smart classroom is without tribulation. This discusses lighting issues, camera and rear projection... 12/31/2005
Renovation as Innovation: Transforming a Campus Symbol and a Campus Culture. In an effort to completely transform both teaching spaces and pedagogical orientation, a multi-stage project that tied professional development efforts for faculty and administrators to a redesign of...
Resources for Designing Library Electronic Classrooms This annotated bibliography identifies resources for librarians who are designing instructional classrooms. These spaces are complex environments and the needs of library instructors, students,... 03/31/1998
Revision of Space Utilization in the Ontario Colleges to Support Learner Centered Pedagogy, Technology and Users This report explores classrooms and adjacent corridors which, when combined, form one of the central areas within the college campus. Additionally, this report questions why these areas do not... 12/31/2010
Revoicing Classrooms: A Spatial Manifesto Why is the physical learning environment in schools largely ignored by teachers within pedagogical practice? The author contends that the Knowledge Age requires that school, college, and university... 12/31/2003
SCALE-UP, North Carolina State University. Profiles this classroom design featuring with 7-foot-diameter round tables that each seat three teams of three students. Each team has a laptop to support their learning, as well as ready access to... 12/31/2005
Scale-Up: Student-Centered Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programs Shares designs for state-of-the-art learning studios, teaching methods, and instructional materials that are based on more than a decade of discipline-based education research. As a visitor to the...
Science Center, Hamilton College. Profiles this new New York college science teaching facility, highlighting many features including its interior transparency, flexible classrooms distributed throughout the building to encourage... 12/31/2005
Seriously Cool Places: The Future of Learning-Centered Built Environments Describes the use the University of Dayton's Marianist Hall Learning Space, through a fictitious narrative involving students and faculty. The narrative is derived from observation of use of... 12/31/2005
Shaping the Future of Learning Environments: Emerging Paradigms and Best Practices. This issue of Open House International explores and investigate qualities and characteristics of learning environments at different scales and in different contexts, from classroom typologies to... 02/28/2009
Signposts of the Revolution? What We Talk about when We Talk about Learning Spaces. Discusses efforts that have resulted in learning environments that promote active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation. These individual projects, possible... 02/28/2009
Smart Classrooms Require Smart Planning. Discusses considerations in flooring, wiring, and furniture when remodeling classrooms for the information age. Conversion planning stages are addressed. 03/31/2000
Smart Classrooms, Dumb Decisions? More and more technology has been put into classrooms, hoping it makes the learning experience more effective and the teaching options more flexible. This discusses the implications for today. 10/31/2002
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) An association focused on the promotion, advancement, and application of effective planning in higher education. Website includes publications, information on professional development, and a...
Space Matters: Experiences of Managing Static Formal Learning Spaces. Managing the space in which learning takes place is subject to ongoing debate. Spatial management and movement can impact upon the construction of meaning within education and upon the dynamic of... 12/31/2007
Space Planning for Institutions of Higher Education. Provides a general framework for planning of higher education facilities, with statewide to individual department perspectives. The document begins with overviews of facilities master planning and... 12/31/2005
Space Planning Guidelines. Second Edition. Presents higher education space planning advice from the Australian Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers. The Guidelines define types of space and offer formulas for calculating square... 12/31/2002
Space Strategies for the New Learning Landscape. Discusses ten strategies which are key to improving learning space and stimulating campus transformation. The Learning Landscape is the total context for students' learning experiences and the... 02/28/2009
Spaces for Learning: A Review of Learning Spaces in Further and Higher Education. Summarizes a five-month program of research which included a literature review, interviews with representatives of national educational organizations, four case studies of new learning environments... 01/31/2006
Special Planning for Special Spaces. Selected Articles from Planning for Higher Education. Presents articles from the journal Planning for Higher Education organized around four core spaces commonly found on a college or university campus: cultural spaces, instructional spaces, student... 12/31/1996
Stanford University: Wallenberg Hall. Presents this 2002 renovation of a 1900 landmark campus building, featuring five advanced resource classrooms, 19 additional classrooms, a theatre for classes and small performances, and breakout... 12/31/2005