Title Abstract Publication Date
Steelcase Education Solutions Case Study: Stanford The d.School's philosophy holds that space, furniture, tools, and technology are integral to pedagogy. Students are encouraged to display their ideas and work in progress. See how they use their... 12/05/2010
Steelcase Education Solutions Case Study: University of Michigan The University of Michigan takes a fresh approach to their classrooms, implementing a strategy that includes engagement, collaboration and flexibility. A variety of classroom set-ups and solutions... 02/16/2011
Steelcase Node Classroom Chair and Tribeca Flashpoint Learn what's really happening in today's classrooms through the eyes of a state-of-the-art school, and how the new Steelcase node classroom chair helped solve their needs. The node chair... 06/13/2010
Student Learning Center, University of Georgia. Profiles this center serviced by University of Georgia Libraries, Center for Teaching and Learning, Enterprise Information Technology Services, and Computing Services. Interlocking components of... 12/31/2005
Student Practices and Their Impact on Learning Spaces. Considers students' digital, mobile, independent, social, and participatory behaviors as informants for higher education learning space design. A discussion of classroom, or formal, spaces is... 12/31/2005
Student-Centered Learning. Profiles the University of Minnesota's active learning classrooms (ACLs). These technology-rich facilities compel collaborative student-led learning, with teachers assuming facilitator roles.... 01/31/2011
Summary Report of a Survey of Learning Space Design in Higher Education. Reports the results of a survey higher education planners revealing that, in the two years since the last survey, student expectations surpassed technology as the number one factor driving new needs... 07/22/2008
Swivel Seating in Large Lecture Theaters and Its Impact on Student Discussions and Learning. Well-designed university buildings and physical environments have a documented positive impact on student participation, engagement, and feelings of support and belonging. These factors are known to... 12/31/2007
Take My Chair (Please): Experts Say Students Learn More If They Are Comfortable, But Few Colleges Listen Experts on classroom design argue that even the most fascinating lecture or stimulating discussion can be undermined by a bad classroom where temperature, lighting, acoustics, and furniture are... 03/06/2003
Taking Control. Reviews typical features of a smart classroom, which avoids the cumbersome necessity of moving instructional technology in and out on carts. The benefits of standardized devices and remote monitoring... 12/31/2007
Taming the 'Smart' Classroom Monster Best practices for making “Smart Classrooms” affordable, powerful, and easy to use. 12/31/2004
Teal is Not the Color of MIT's Introductory Physics Classroom. This describes a tour of the newer formal learning spaces at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including classrooms in the Stata Center, and the TEAL classroom (Technology Enabled... 09/15/2004
TEAL: Technology Enhanced Active Learning. This describes the 3,000-square-foot TEAL classroom at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts that contains an instructor's workstation in the center of the room, surrounded by 13 round, seven-foot... 12/31/2002
Tech Flex At the University of Southern California, an ambitious campuswide renovation aims to create tech-enabled learning spaces that place a premium on flexibility. 05/31/2012
Technology-Enabled Teaching. If You Build It, We Should Come. When a campus is engaged in an architecture-and-technology integration project, when technology experts are involved from the get-go, ‘smart classroom' construction projects are dramatically... 06/30/2005
The Black Box Theater and AV/IT Convergence: Creating the Classroom of the Future. Explains the concept of a black box classroom where there is a convergence of audiovisual and information technologies providing both the teacher and the students with essential tools and flexibility... 08/31/2002
The Case for New Academic Workspaces. Looks at how universities can provide more innovative, effective and enjoyable working environments for academics and researchers. This report draws on case study research into new academic... 12/31/2008
The Changing College Classroom. Describes the ways in which college classrooms are changing as a result of technology, furnishings, and educational needs requiring more space and different classroom design concepts. Why the... 10/31/1998
The Classroom Environment Provides a colorful floorplan of a proposed classroom with detailed descriptions of classroom features such as teacher's workspace, connecting computer room, library and reference center,... 12/31/1998
The Community College Classroom Environment: Student Perceptions. This qualitative case study investigated how community college students perceived specific classroom attributes as contributing to or hindering their learning. The study addressed three questions:... 08/31/2006
The Effect of Windowless Rooms and Unembellished Surroundings on Attitudes and Retention. Reports on higher education students' learning responses in various combinations of decorated and undecorated, windowed and windowless classrooms, containing both upholstered and unupholstered... 05/31/1973
The ES Corridor Project, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Describes the conversion of wide corridor into informal learning spaces. Community and industry partners contributed their expertise to create a competitive parade of five learning spaces, which are... 12/31/2005
The Evolving Electronic Classroom Electronic classrooms have become increasingly common over the past decade. The combination of data projectors, computers, video playback, and a range of ancillary devices have been found useful in a... 12/31/2001
The Future Of The Campus Isn't The Classroom. The most holistic educational experiences happen outside of the classroom. To make the biggest impact, the author suggests designing adaptable, sustainable facilities that support student life on... 06/06/2011
The Learning Space. This blog provides an environment which offers mediated resources in teaching and learning, guidance in classroom design, instructional design, and digital media creation and display. 12/31/2008