Title Abstract Publication Date
Active Learning. Discusses using green concepts to inspire learning and create buildings as teaching tools. Gives examples of complementary learning spaces that acknowledges the role of teachers as guides and... 02/28/2011
Activity-Enhancing Arenas of Designs: A Case-Study of the Classroom Layout. Perceptions of how five different classroom spatial layouts differ in the way they influence teaching and learning activities were elicited from primary teachers and evaluated in terms of their... 12/31/2002
Adaptable Spaces and Their Impact on Learning. Quantifies the benefits of flexible learning environments with figures representing the learning benefits of comfort, convenience, lighting, movable furnishings, and good acoustics. 22 references are... 12/31/2008
Agile and Information-Rich Learning Environments. Describes agile learning environments that provide flexibility, adaptability, and a variety of learning environments on demand in order to foster individual learning-style profiles, differentiated... 08/31/2010
American Trends in School Design Passantino discusses how demographic changes, new teaching paradigms, the integration of technology, and community collaboration will affect educational facility design in the new millenium. New... 04/30/1997
Analyzing Rectangular Classrooms The shape of classrooms is usually rectangular with various lengths and widths. Certain parts of the classroom are better than others for viewing the board depending on the viewing distance and... 02/29/2000
Appealing Spaces. Discusses the trend away from traditional school space design based on numbers of students, toward design based on achieving educational outcomes. Features of improved learning space and furnishings... 09/30/2007
Architectural Acoustics: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition. Provides design professionals with information on basic concepts, acoustical materials, and technologies for controlling wanted or unwanted sound within and around buildings. The book covers... 12/31/2008
Arranging the Classroom with an Eye (and Ear) to Students with ADHD. Discusses arrangement of the classrooms furnishings, equipment, activity areas, and supplies to address the ADHD student's issues with hyperactivity, impulsivity, distractibility, and... 10/31/2001
Bent on Designing Flexible Spaces. Reviews examples of successful flexible school spaces, cautioning against attempts to design one space to serve too many purposes. 01/31/2008
Best Practice in Classroom Design. Presents detailed results of surveys of New Zealand teachers, students, principals, board members, and design agencies, regarding the effect of good school design on learning outcomes. Survey results... 01/30/2004
Build Schools For Today's Learners Conventional school learning-area designs are losing functionality as electronic learning tools, such as laptops, tablets, and independent-learning techniques play an increasing role in education.... 03/13/2012
Building Blocks; How Schools are Designed and Constructed Affects How Students Learn. Studies show that deteriorating school facilities take their toll on students' and teachers' health and morale. Classrooms should be accessible to the outdoors; clustered around a commons;... 09/30/2001
Building Blueprints: Classroom Space. Briefly addresses the effect of spatial quality, seating, natural lighting, temperature, and air quality as classroom design elements that impact education. 12/31/2010
Building Blueprints: Classrooms and Teaching Spaces. Discusses innovative school facilities being created in Hammond, Indiana. With extensive teacher input in place, the district boasts several new and remodeled facilities that feature optimal learning... 01/31/2006
Building Blueprints: Classrooms/Small Learning Spaces. Discusses four characteristics of effective classrooms: agility, transparent technology, optimized acoustics, and proper daylighting. 12/31/2009
Building Blueprints: Flexible Spaces Promote Student Engagement. Advises on creation of extended learning areas (ELA's) in schools. These group spaces require flexible seating, storage, access to amenities, and connection to other resources. Examples of how... 11/30/2008
Change is Constant. Presents an interview with a school designer that emphasizes the virtues of flexible learning environments. Features of both flexible space, which can be altered by design and construction... 06/30/2007
Changing the Architecture of Teachers' Minds. Presents a collection of case studies that point toward the vital importance of multi-use architecture in the not-as-yet-realized symbiosis between architects and educators. The article argues that... 12/31/1992
Children Planning an Ideal Classroom: Environmental Design in an Elementary School. Disscusses the conceptual merging of influence from open education, behavioral psychology, environmental psychology, and architecture into an approach that can be labeled environmental design. In... 04/30/1981
Children's Brains Are the Key to Well-Designed Classrooms. Recommends consideration of children's brain function when designing classrooms for young children, emphasizing smaller private spaces appropriately scaled to children's spatial preferences... 05/31/2006
Children's Learning Environments [Australia] This explores how different environments influence a child's learning and how best to use and design these environments for optimal learning. It features information about the design and layout... 12/31/2001
Classroom Acoustics Affect Student Achievement. Findings from a study comparing unoccupied classroom noise levels and reverberation times to the age of the school buildings and the elementary student achievement scores attained by students using... 09/18/2011
Classroom Architect: Outline Your Classroom Floor Plan. Interactive tool provides an opportunity for experimentation with classroom layout, in order to support learning goals. After selecting the basic dimensions of the room, one can drag objects to a... 12/31/2010
Classroom Clusters Presents photographs and the floor plan of a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade school building that is designed with teaching and support areas arranged around a large, triangular room that serves... 12/31/1996