Title Abstract Publication Date
Thinking Outside the Box: Reinventing the Traditional Classroom. Discusses shortcomings of traditional learning environments and provides examples of classroom designs appropriate for contemporary educational delivery. These designs accommodate flexibility,... 12/31/2005
This State-of-the-art Classroom Makes Physics Fun Describes studio classroom with white smart boards, writable windows, and giant touch-screen computer monitors encouraging hands-on learning. 10/08/2011
Trailer Classrooms Suprisingly Popular For many parents, nothing in public education elicits as much scorn as a portable classroom. There are concerns about lack of bathrooms, long treks to the main building, small windows, bad air and... 02/14/2000
Transforming the Learning Environment. This explores areas that are considered important factors affecting the educational environment design. These include work spaces for students; innovative modes of assessment for new learning... 12/31/1993
User Participation: A New Approach to School Design in Korea. Documents work of the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI). Planning discussions lead to subject-specific classroom clusters. 12/31/2010
Using a Technology-Enriched Environment To Improve Higher-Order Thinking Skills. Examined the effects of a technology-enriched classroom on student development of higher-order thinking skills and student attitudes toward computers in grades five and six. Describes use of the Ross... 12/31/2001
Using Technology To Enhance the Classroom Environment. Addresses the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in a classroom environment. Discusses classroom setups, including networks and Internet connections; utilizing resources, including... 12/31/2001
Variety Is the Spice of Education! (Part 2) Examines distinctive educational interiors, profiling nine facilities that feature exemplary learning spaces, conscientious finishes, and engaging common areas. 07/31/2007
Voting with Their Seats: Computer Laboratory Design and the Casual User. Student computer laboratories are provided by most teaching institutions around the world; however, what is the most effective layout for such facilities? The log-in data files from computer... 08/31/2007
Wall-to-Wall Coverings. Reviews advances in wall coverings that make them impact and scratch resistant, easily cleaned, sound absorbing, and able to reproduce desired graphics to create instant wall murals. Weight... 05/31/2007
Wanna Improve Education? Demolish the Classrooms. Discusses the radically different design of Denmark's Ørestad College. Organized around a central staircase and atrium, the boomerang-shaped floor plates spin and shift like a camera shutter to... 07/31/2010
What Happens in the Arcade Shouldn't Stay in the Arcade: Lessons for Classroom Design. This article presents an analysis of physical space in video game arcades and participants' positions therein to suggest how language arts teachers can explore student-designed learning spaces.... 08/31/2010
What I've Learned After 15 Years of Designing Schools Architect Steve Southerland picks nine favorite lessons to help lift school projects from merely functional to inspirational: know your client; classroom shape; rooms as backdrop; harden the finishes... 08/24/2011
What is the Classroom of the Future? Reports on Slate Magazine's Fifth Grade Design Studio, a competition to design the fifth grade classroom of the future. Winning design by Greg Stack and Natalia Nesmealnova of NAC Architecture... 02/28/2011
Whatever Happened to the Open Classroom? Discusses the development of open classrooms in the early 1970's when school interiors were built without walls, and the backlash that followed by the mid-1970's. 03/31/2004
Wonderful Rooms Where Children Can Bloom! Over 500 Innovative Ideas and Activities for Your Child-Centered Classroom. K-2 This book for primary grade teachers provides over 500 ideas and suggestions for designing the environment and developing learning activities in a child-centered classroom. Part 1 of the book... 01/09/1997
Wonderful Walls In this article, the author emphasizes the importance of working walls in children's programs. Children's programs need working walls (and ceilings and floors) which can be put to use for... 02/28/2006
Writing on the Wall: Specifying Green Ideas for Whiteboards. Reviews design and materials for markerboards, citing features that make them easy to write on, erase, and clean. The impact resistance, sustainability, and durability of components are considered,... 02/29/2008
Your Ideal Classroom This article provides suggestions for designing a classroom that will offer creative learning opportunities for students--a classroom where work flows throughout, materials are ready and abundant,... 01/31/2006
Z-Shaped Classroom Supports Technology, Enhances Learning. Examines the benefits of the Z-shaped science lab classroom configuration as a means of learning enhancement. Each section of the classroom is illustrated and described. Also discusses construction... 09/30/1997
ZoN Classroom 2021 Describes a classroom of the future, a technology-rich agile learning environment. 05/31/2012