Title Abstract Publication Date
From Bricks to Clicks: Blurring Classroom/Cyber Lines. Discusses online learning programs in various schools, including blended learning that occurs in a web-enhanced or hybrid classroom. In the hybrid classroom model, the class typically meets only... 07/31/2006
Future-Proofing Schools: Strategies and Implementation, Part 2. Offers specific design suggestions to ensure adaptability of a learning space to future educational delivery. Advice on how to create a suite of connected and varied learning spaces, convert... 08/20/2007
General Classroom Space. Illustrates how a Utah school district created classroom learning environments in their elementary schools that prepared students for life-long learning by teaching them in a collaborative,... 03/31/2001
Genius Loci: MacConnell Award Projects + Ewan Mclntosh's Seven Spaces Given the surge of technology use in the 21st century, explores the defining characteristics of schools of the future: group spaces, secret spaces, publishing spaces, performing spaces, participation... 11/30/2011
Giving Change a Chance. Reflects on schools that were designed with collaborative and flexible spaces, but whose spaces are not being used as intended. Encouraging administrators and educators to adapt educational delivery... 01/31/2009
Great Spaces, Fresh Places: How-To Improve Environments for School-Age Programs. Demonstrates simple but effective solutions to the common problems many out-of-school time programs face regarding facilities and other space-related issues. The guide also highlights the importance... 12/31/1999
Home and School Density Effects on Elementary School Children: The Role of Spatial Density. Reports findings of an investigation into classroom spatial density effects on elementary school children. The research indicates that amount of space per child in the classroom may be as important... 06/30/2003
How Do You Make Your Classroom an Inviting Place for Students To Come Back to Each Year? Presents five high school teachers' ideas about how to create a desirable environment for their students' learning in English classrooms. 06/30/2002
How to Design an Autistic Classroom Describes how to make changes to the traditional environment to help foster a learning environment for autistic children. 03/31/2012
Impact of Design on Learning: Multimedia in the Classroom. Describes proper lighting and audiovisual arrangements to create learning environments where occupants can see without distortion or glare from inappropriate viewing angles. 12/31/2002
Importance of Informal Spaces for Learning, Collaboration, and Socialization. Illustrates principles that are central to the importance of informal learning spaces: 1) The entire campus is a learning environment that provides opportunities for further learning. 2) Informal... 09/14/2005
In a World of Us-Ness. Discusses improving a child's sense of belonging to a school community by designing schools around students' needs, creating open plans that are adaptable to future learning modalities, and... 12/31/2008
In Sync: Environmental Behavior Research and the Design of Learning Spaces. Analyzes research relating to the environment's impact on behavior and establishes five different archetypal environments that support learning in the current knowledge age, versus the prevalent... 12/31/2003
In This School, the Classroom Revolution Is Now a Reality - All 360 Degrees of It. This article describes an experimental classroom in the Liverpool area of England that may change the shape of classrooms to come for British schoolchildren. Known as the 360 degree flexible... 02/26/2005
Informal Learning Spaces and the Institutional Mission. Addresses a shared understanding of what might fall under the heading of informal learning spaces, discusses what constitutes the institutional mission and its various dimensions, identifies how... 09/13/2005
Ingenium - Room for Learning [Video] In 2001, England's Richmond upon Thames Council assembled a team to work on a vision for the classroom of the future. The result is Ingenium — a completely new approach to classroom design... 10/17/2009
Inside Stories A group of design professionals show how a school's interior design can inspire teaching and learning. 04/30/2012
Interactive Whiteboards in 1:1 Learning Environments: Defining Public and Private Learning Spaces in the Classroom. This white paper examines the critical role played by interactive whiteboards in 1:1 classrooms, particularly in the way they support differentiated or personalized learning. 12/31/2007
International Pilot Study on the Evaluation of Quality in Educational Spaces (EQES). Provides a guide for those involved in the International Pilot Study on the Evaluation of Quality in Educational Spaces (EQES): national coordinators and research teams, teaching staff, students,... 04/30/2009
It's Time for Americans to Rethink the Classroom Traditional set-ups aren't designed to prepare U.S. students with the creative skills they'll need to compete in the global economy. Illustrates the three main approaches to rethinking the... 08/24/2011
LAVA: Classroom of the Future Shows a classroom of the future, a prefabricated and relocatable classroom unit that integrates into the landscape while enhancing the learning environment, allowing adjustments for changing needs of... 01/24/2012
Learn for Life. New Architecture for New Learning. Diverse collection of inspiring architecture and interiors that support progressive models of acquiring knowledge. New interpretations of kindergartens, schools, universities, and libraries are... 01/31/2012
Learner-Centered Campuses. Describes features of a learner-centered educational facility, including spaces that foster active engagement in learning, group-friendly collaboration areas, and technological connectivity. 10/31/2010
Learning Curve. How Museum Design Taught a New Elementary School. Describes the design of Summit Elementary School in Casper, Wyoming that was influenced by approaches that are central to the best museum design practices: immersive environments, an array of... 04/30/2011
Learning Environment: An Architectural Interpretation of a New Designs. Archetype High School. The New Designs for the Comprehensive High School project used the break-the-mold design-down process to develop a prototype high school. The basic building block of this design is the personal... 12/31/1991