Title Abstract Publication Date
Learning Environments and Classroom Design. Discusses open classrooms, noise, heat and performance, personal space, crowding, territoriality, educational theory and classroom design, home base, and special formations. 12/31/1998
Learning Environments: Redefining the Discourse on School Architecture. Investigates the physical environment of the school as only one component, although an important one, of learning environments suitable for learner-centered, consiructivist approaches to learning.... 04/30/2007
Learning Environments: Where Space, Technology, and Culture Converge. Suggests that the time has come to broaden the scope of that inquiry and consider factors beyond space, including learning culture and the changing roles of instructors, students, and other people... 09/30/2009
Learning Journeys, Moving Towards Designs for New Learning Spaces: Two Truths and a Suggestion. Discusses how educational space should reflect the pedagogy, the role of flexible furniture in learning spaces, and how boundaries between formal and informal learning spaces should be blurred. 12/31/2006
Learning Modalities and Space. Describes an architectural response to the need for alternative learning modalities. The article addresses the sub-groups that need to accommodated by grade level, subject matter, and instructional... 12/31/2009
Learning Spaces Bibliography. Presents a bibliography of books and periodical articles on the topic of learning spaces. 12/31/2009
Learning Spaces. Focuses on less often discussed facets of learning space design: how learner expectations influence such spaces, the principles and activities that facilitate learning, and the role of technology... 12/31/2005
Learning Spaces: A Tutorial. Focuses on the design of informal and formal learning spaces mostly inside campus buildings, although many of the concepts could be applied in other spaces, including virtual ones. After looking at... 12/31/2008
LearnSpace Facility Engages! Enlightens! And Envisions! LearnSpace shows that learning can take place in a variety of spaces and places. LearnSpace assists schools in identifying future educational needs and the corresponding spatial requirements for... 11/30/2011
Let the Walls Teach. Suggests many uses for classroom walls that enhance teaching. Displays can be used for educational, aesthetic, promotional, competitive, celebratory, and teaching of values functions. Suggestions on... 12/31/2004
Linking Architecture and Education: Sustainable Design for Learning Environments. Presents a holistic, sustainable philosophy of learning environment design based on the study of how schools, classrooms, playgrounds, homes, museums, and parks affect children and how they learn.... 12/31/2008
Location and Interaction in Row-and-Column Seating Arrangements. Reports on the connection between high- and low-verbalizing students and classroom seat selection, and the effect of seat location on students with moderate verbalizing behavior. Includes 26... 05/31/1976
Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration Tool that shows how space can be intentionally manipulated to ignite creativity. Guide offers novel and non-obvious strategies for changing surroundings specifically to enhance the ways in which... 12/31/2011
Making Spaces. Describes the remodeling of two school spaces into multi-sensory exploration spaces linking narrative, video, and subject knowledge. Theatrical experience can be conducted within the rooms to create... 12/31/2008
Making the Best Decisions: Designing for Excellence! The authors suggest that classrooms must provide an appropriately stimulating environment that supports learning and provides teachers and students with a comfortable place to learn. Lists requisite... 10/31/1997
Management of the Physical Environment in the Classroom and Gymnasium: It's Not That Different This article extends information from a text by Weinstein and Mignano (2003) to address classroom organization in terms of the physical environment. That text is an extrapolation of Steele's (... 08/31/2006
Master Classroom. Using the studio arrangements and work habits of Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein, and Jamie Oliver, the authors propose three classroom configurations suitable for contemporary educational models. 05/31/2006
Multipurpose Spaces. Examines multipurpose spaces in schools. After a brief review of the history of multipurpose spaces, the document covers a variety of key issues to be considered for optimal performance of space that... 09/30/2010
New and Renovated Schools: Design of Instructionally High Performance Learning Spaces. Discusses school layout design and furnishing options for maximum use of technology in education. 12/31/2002
New Classroom Model is Sustainable and Replicable. Five K-12 classroom teachers have been selected to develop a replicable classroom model of technology integration that is sustainable and that supports research-based instructional strategies through... 12/31/2004
No More Bland Interiors. Cites five schools for the creative interiors that respectively bring surrounding outdoor elements into the design, reflect the maritime history of the neighborhood, express a finished industrial... 07/31/2005
Open Plan School in Portugal: Failure or Innovation? Offers a brief history of the rise and fall of the open plan school design, along with its advantages and its adoption in Portugal. The case of Portugal's Escola da Ponte, a successful open plan... 12/31/2007
Open Space Schools. Presents numerous examples of noteworthy open space schools. In addition, the authors have drawn from their own experiences with the planning, design, and construction of open space schools. The book... 12/31/1970
Opening the Doors to Learning. Describes Forest Hills Eastern High School of Ada, Michigan. The LEED-certified school features hallways without lockers and classrooms with double doors that incorporate the corridors and adjacent... 02/28/2006
Opening Up Learning: from Spaces to Environments. Reflects on the evolution of learning areas from spaces to environments, with the interweaving of classroom, libraries, labs, and informal spaces, as well as the call for all stakeholders to join in... 04/30/2009