Color Theory

Title Abstract Publication Date
Color, Environment, and Human Response. This book, written for architects, interior designers, and color consultants, explores the psychological and physiological effects of color in the built environment. Scientific findings and industry-... 12/31/1995
Color, Perception, and Architectural Interiors Explores the role of color in the human experience of perceiving our environment. Emerging information from a variety of sources suggest that appropriate attention to the details of color in specific... 05/31/2010
Color: An Unsuspected Influence Discusses appropriate use of colors in school libraries and the ways that color affects learning, behavior, and mood. Also examines the use of colors to bring out the best physical attributes of a... 10/31/1999
Colour and Light in Schools. Theoretical and Empirical Background. It is widely recognised that colour impacts on people, but there is little objective and empirical research confirming such influences on educational performance. Without a “principles guideline”,... 12/31/1996
Colour Design for Better Classrooms. Discusses ideal colors for classroom walls, examining warm versus cool colors, color's affect on mood, how light affects color, creating a home like atmosphere, colors and eyestrain, and colors... 12/31/2010
Colour in School Buildings. (Fourth Edition). This bulletin discusses the use of color in school buildings and describes those colors specifically designed for use in schools. Part I discusses the difficulty of using color in physical... 12/31/1968
Computer Classroom Wall Colour Preference and the Relationship with Personality Type of College Students The computer classroom is widely used in colleges and high schools in the United States. In order to create a more comfortable and effective teaching environment, the most preferred wall colours for... 01/31/2008
Creative Kindergarten. [Israel] Case study of a kindergarten in Caesarea, Israel, a city full of Roman structures. The architects took the linear motif of the famous Roman aqueduct and translated it into a contemporary building.... 08/12/2003
Effects of Color and Light on Selected Elementary Students. This study compared children's off-task behavior and physiological response in a normal elementary classroom setting with those in a prescribed classroom environment. In the prescribed... 12/31/1992
Effects of Color Stimulation on Performance and Activity of Hyperactive and Nonhyperactive Children. A theoretically based investigation of color stimulation effects on hyperactivity was conducted. Findings were that stimulation added early or late to a sustained attention task can normalize the... 03/31/1986
Effects of Room Color on Mirror-Tracing by Junior High School Girls. Girls in Grades 7, 8, and 9 practiced mirror-tracing in a neutral colored room to a criterion before being tested in their preferred or nonpreferred colored rooms. The errors decreased significantly... 05/31/1981
Facility Planning: Pricing Aesthetics Aesthetics will enhance the teaching and learning environment. Aesthetics involves balance, order, integrity and meaning, which include scale, proportion, symmetry, asymmetry, light and shadow,... 08/31/2006
Gender and the Meaning of Color in Interior Environments. Although findings are ambiguous, many investigations have indicated that there are differences between gender in preferences for colors. Several research studies are described and their implications... 12/31/1994
Giving School a Radical Makeover. Case study of a secondary school in England that used bold colors to improve the learning environment. This simple step has created more effective learners and a community feel. 12/31/2006
Impact Library Access with Bold Use of Color and Space. Most school libraries have little funding for books, much less for redecorating. So what can a librarian do to give his or her library a makeover? This article presents a few cost-effective ways to... 09/30/2008
Influence of the School Facility on Student Achievement: Lighting; Color. Examines the impact that lighting and color in classrooms have on learning and teaching. Provides excerpts from research on the roles of lighting and color in the educational environment, such as... 03/31/1999
Infographic: What Colors Should You Use? Infographic shows how color evokes emotion and triggers senses. The Psychology of Color explores what colors should and should not be used in interior decorating. 02/02/2012
Joined Up Design for Schools Profiles over sixty projects in which school children thoughout Britain have commissioned pioneering concepts from an array of notable international designers and architects. The client teams of... 12/31/2004
LA Color School. Case study of the Dena Primary Center, a pre-Kindergarten through 2 school in a densely populated neighborhood of East Los Angeles. Within 25,000 square feet, the architects have arranged two... 10/17/2006
Learning Environments: A Review of Physical and Temporal Factors. The impact of classroom stimuli, such as novelty, color, noise, and proximity to teacher or peers on both normal and exceptional children is reviewed. The relation between these sources of classroom... 06/30/1983
Learning, Lighting, and Color. Reviews learning patterns and its connection to visual stimuli. Proper lighting for school entryways and science laboratories is covered, and seven myths about lighting and color in educational... 12/31/2005
Let the Walls Teach. Suggests many uses for classroom walls that enhance teaching. Displays can be used for educational, aesthetic, promotional, competitive, celebratory, and teaching of values functions. Suggestions on... 12/31/2004
Light and Color Goes to School. Discusses the results of recent research indicating that natural light and views through windows have a positive effect on learning and describing the manner in which glare and direct sunlight should... 05/31/2004
Light and Color Research Finalized This article describes research conducted in the North Little Rock School District on the effect of color and lighting conditions on student health and achievement. The researchers found that... 04/30/1987
Light, Colour & Air Quality: Important Elements of the Learning Environment? Reviews and evaluates studies of the effects of light, color, and air quality on the learning environment. Concludes that studies suggest a role for light in establishing and maintaining... 09/30/1987