Color Theory

Title Abstract Publication Date
Unity Elementary. Profiles this elementary school featuring irregular exterior massing and a wide variety of colors and textures. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, a floor plan,... 12/31/2010
Use of Color in Child Care Environments: Application of Color for Wayfinding and Space Definition in Alabama Child Care Environments. Compared the use of color in physical design features associated with the exterior and interior designs of 101 child care centers in Alabama. Found that color was evidenced on the exterior of the... 06/30/2003
Visual Methods and the Visual Culture of Schools This article examines visual methods for understanding the visual culture of schools. It adopts an institutional culture perspective to equate the visual culture of schools with the 'hidden... 03/31/2007
What They See Is What They Get: Ten Myths about Lighting and Color in Schools. Disputes ten persistent myths concerning lighting and the use of color in learning environments. Daylighting, thoughtful lamping, and use of a wide palette of color is encouraged. 02/28/2006
Who's Afraid of a Little Color. Recommends approaches for selecting overall color scheme for a facility: Start with the largest area first. Chose carpet color, then the colors for walls, furniture, and accessories. Suggests that,... 06/30/1997
Why We Think Blue is Calming: Color-Mood Associations as Learned or Innate. This paper explores the question of how we develop specific aesthetic reactions to particular colors. The existing literature on color-mood associations is described. The author concludes that there... 04/25/2006
Young Children's Color Preferences in the Interior Environment. This study focuses on children's color preferences in the interior environment. Previous studies highlight young children's preferences for the colors red and blue. The methods of this... 05/31/2009
Young Children's Preferences for School-Related Physical-Environmental Setting Characteristics. The hypothesis of this research study is that children are influenced by such environmental characteristics as color, shapes, light, and the complexity of their surroundings. The study reports that... 10/31/1990