Commons Areas and Student Centers

Title Abstract Publication Date
Grand Prize Award-Colleges and Universities. Profiles Ohio University's Baker University Student Center, notable for its clear visual connection between levels, abundant daylighting, and diversity of formal and informal spaces. 12/31/2007
Gullo Student Center, California Highlights a new college student center in California that serves as a physical and social hub for its campus and has helped transform a bland, bunker-like commuter school into a place that engages... 05/31/2001
Hostler Student Center. Describes this award-winning higher education student center that takes advantage of the prevailing microclimates by maximizing exposure to sea breezes and shade. 12/31/2005
Hub Life: Insights That Shape Campus Spaces. Presents responses to a survey of higher education facility planners as to what design and planning elements best suit a hub, or campus common area. In hub zones, technology is a top priority;... 12/31/2010
Idaho Commons at the University of Idaho. Describes the architectural design, costs, general description, and square footage data for the Idaho Commons at the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. A floor plan and photos are included along... 02/28/2001
Importance of Informal Spaces for Learning, Collaboration, and Socialization. Illustrates principles that are central to the importance of informal learning spaces: 1) The entire campus is a learning environment that provides opportunities for further learning. 2) Informal... 09/14/2005
Informal Learning Spaces and the Institutional Mission. Addresses a shared understanding of what might fall under the heading of informal learning spaces, discusses what constitutes the institutional mission and its various dimensions, identifies how... 09/13/2005
Information Commons, Northwestern University. Profiles this Illinois facility that promotes cross-departmental cooperation with a space that provides modular furniture, a group project rooms, a variety of study booth sizes, and staffing support... 12/31/2005
Juan N. Seguin Elementary School, Houston, Texas. Profiles this daylit school, with classrooms collected pods of four or five, each of which features a common area that can be used as overflow or breakout space. Building statistics, a list of the... 04/30/2003
Learning Spaces All Over Campus. Colleges are making better use of real estate by equipping in-between spaces. Add wi-fi, comfortable seating, and room to spread out your work and almost any space becomes useful work space. Some... 10/31/2010
Learning Spaces. Discusses current low-cost ideas for enhancing informal and formal learning spaces. Informal spaces can include display kiosks in common areas, providing power and comfortable furniture in waiting... 02/04/2011
Linking the Information Commons to Learning. Explores the concept of the information commons, describes some of its features, and focuses on the links between information commons and learning. Typical technology offerings, group spaces, and... 12/31/2005
Looking Up. Discusses school districts transforming their open spaces by looking up — to their roofs - transforming what can be a functional afterthought into a new asset in order to advance strategic goals.... 10/31/2011
Main Street Mix. Profiles the expanded and remodeled Dreyfus University Center at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The building's activities are brought into view around the glazed exterior and the... 12/31/2009
Making Sense of Hard and Soft Dollars: Some Basic Fundamentals for Project Budgeting. Offers advice for student union professionals facing preliminary budgeting for renovation or construction projects, including relevant industry terminology. 12/31/2002
New School of Thought: Collaborative Spaces Are Critical in Today's School Designs Common multiuse spaces include cafetoriums, libraries, and general communal spaces such as corridors and atriums. With some creative thinking, any of these spaces can accomodate a variety of... 09/30/2011
New Student Center, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina. Describes the building of the new student center of Clemson University, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the architects, manufacturers/suppliers, and... 12/31/2001
One-Stop Shops. Describes trends in student unions including rapid response food service areas, extensive retail and service operations, ATM's, satellite service lounges, and flexible multipurpose spaces. 07/31/2005
Pfeiffer Architects Helps Washington State University Renovate Its Student Union Building and Pursue LEED Accreditation Profiles a new student union featuring spaces for student organizations, student government offices, a variety of dining/food service offerings, more than 50,000 square feet of bookstore facilities,... 03/06/2008
Phelps High School: Building a School of the Future. Describes the renovation of the historic Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School in Washington, D.C., a design-build project that is LEED certified. Every inch of Phelps is... 12/31/2009
Place-Making. Discusses the importance of well-designed non-program school space (corridors, lobbies, common areas, etc). Creating opportunities for social interaction, designing safe and observable spaces, and... 12/31/2006
Planning and Achieving Successful Student Affairs Facilities Projects : New Directions for Student Services. This sourcebook for student affairs professionals provides step-by-step guidelines in building a successful college facility project, including residence halls, student unions, dining services,... 03/31/2003
Planning for a Learning Commons. Describes how to organize space and furniture for a learning commons, an informal, student-centered, collaborative environment that provides services and assistance to students in their studying,...
Portland State University: A Ballroom to Accommodate a Variety of Sounds and Events. Profiles this institution's newly renovated ballroom, with its flexible acoustical and lighting features. 02/28/2007
Price Center East. Profiles this large expansion to a student union whose bulk is distributed through a series of interconnecting 'boxes.' The facility was immediately popular and is currently visited by 12,... 10/31/2009