Commons Areas and Student Centers

Title Abstract Publication Date
Student Commons Areas. Explores the new philosophy, lighting arrangements, and planning considerations behind the next generation of school common area design. Designs that enhance safety and security, and that can be... 01/31/2001
Student Commons. This addresses the student commons area in terms of its use as a social space for student or instructional space, and covers the common design principles that all commons areas should have.... 09/30/2010
Student Hubs: The New Campus Hot Spot. The need for constant collaboration and connection is driving the emergence of a new type of learning space across college campuses—“hub zones” that offer a place for students to meet, gather, and... 08/16/2011
Student Learning Centre (SLC) Embraces the New Melbourne Model of Teaching: Facilitating Collaborative Learning. Draws on innovative designs to create the new Student Learning Centre (SLC) at the University of Melbourne School of Engineering. To facilitate collaborative learning while acting as a point for... 12/31/2009
Student Services and Visual/Performing Arts Complex, Bay College. Profiles this multi-purpose building, consisting of a combination of renovation and new construction. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, a floor plan, and... 02/28/2010
Student Unions: Campus as One. Discusses effecting higher education student center design, emphasizing central location, four fronts to the campus, one-stop shopping for goods and services, and inclusion of outlets for... 02/28/2006
Students Find MIT Ethos Alive in Design of Twenty-Four Hour Study Lounge. Describes the security and technology accommodation features of this study area built within the existing structure of the MIT Library. Includes seven references. 12/31/2002
Success Breeds Success. The Evolution of a Student Center Describes the University of Alabama North Campus Student Center that will combine recreation, residential housing offices and a convenience food concept in the new facility. The new facility will... 03/31/2012
SUNY Oswego Poucher Hall Rehabilitation, State University of New York College. Describes the conversion of this former elementary school into an academic commons for the humanities. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, floor plans, and... 08/31/2006
Tangeman University Center. Profiles this University of Cincinnati student center addition that surrounds a 1935 Georgian edifice, which was gutted and modernized as part of the project. 10/31/2007
The Future Of The Campus Isn't The Classroom. The most holistic educational experiences happen outside of the classroom. To make the biggest impact, the author suggests designing adaptable, sustainable facilities that support student life on... 06/06/2011
The Lavin-Bernick Center for Student Life, Tulane University. Profiles this student center that re-used the concrete frame of an existing building, saving demolition and waste costs. Plans, photographs, building statistics, and a list of project participants... 10/31/2008
The Layered Campus. Describes campus design that encourages social interaction through common areas that are adjacent and well-connected to classroom, study areas, residences, and each other. Single-loaded corridors... 05/31/2005
The Mobile Classroom. Profiles the learning Plaza at the New Line Learning Academy in Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom. The large gathering space features furniture with wheels, 360-degree projection, and divisibility by... 12/31/2008
The New Student Center. Discusses features of today's successful student centers. Principles of centralization of services, technology availability, and green design are discussed, illustrated by examples and a case... 12/31/2006
The School Library Space is Changing. Discusses the evolution of school libraries toward being social and learning commons spaces, and away from being storage for large quantities of books. The article emphasizes that this trend extends... 04/30/2011
The Serious Matter of Informal Learning. Traces the development of three key types of learning centers intended as the university's primary support for informal learning, and raises questions about the limitations of this approach to... 12/31/2008
The Third Teacher Architect Trung Le talks about Winnetka, Illinois North Shore Country Day's Upper School project, featuring adaptable classroom spaces, common gathering areas, and flexible furnishings. 12/15/2011
The University Center, University of Michigan-Dearborn. Describes the renovation of an undistinguished student center into an inviting commons accommodating student services, a food court, a bookstore, student organization offices, and views to the... 08/31/2004
The Wheeler School. Profiles this Providence private school's new student center, which greets visitors with its updated signage and soft colorations that morph from green to blue to gray depending on the... 06/30/2009
Tips for Carpeting Your Student Union Building. Presents guidelines for enhancing the investment value of carpeting in student union buildings, foyers and hallways, administrative offices, cafeterias and food courts, and recreation areas. Color... 02/28/2001
Town Square for Kids. Presents design features of the Dawson Elementary School (Corpus Christi, Texas) where an atmosphere of an old town square and the feeling of community have been created. Photos and a floor plan are... 12/31/2000
Wang Campus Center. Profiles this Wellesley College campus center that features an asymmetrical composition of jutting volumes, canted walls, swooping ramps, and tilting roofs, all articulated in slate, glass, and... 06/30/2006
Wanna Improve Education? Demolish the Classrooms. Discusses the radically different design of Denmark's Ørestad College. Organized around a central staircase and atrium, the boomerang-shaped floor plates spin and shift like a camera shutter to... 07/31/2010
What Students Want On campus food service facilities benefit both students and the entire campus community, especially when students are invited to participate in the design process. Discusses four dining halls and... 12/31/2011