Community Development and Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
21st Century School Fund The 21st Century School Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to work on school facility issues nationally and locally in the District of Columbia, building the public will and capacity to...
A City and School District United. Describes the current cooperation between Seattle Public Schools and the city of Seattle, the troubled relationship that previously existed, and the benefits they both currently enjoyed. 09/30/2004
A College in the City: An Alternative. Presents a new way of looking at the urban university. It describes the planning effort for a nonconventional college in the poor urban community of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant section. This... 02/28/1969
A Look at Community Schools. Provides an overview of community school strategies in the United States and how community schools can decrease poverty's detrimental effect on students. The report highlights the examples where... 09/30/2009
A New Strategy for Building Better Neighborhoods. Presents a community redevelopment model that proposes partnering with an intermediary organization to engage in predevelopment project planning that leverages bond financing for a variety of... 09/30/2002
A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships. Examines findings that link investment in education and economic development. Four schools built in economically distressed areas are cited for their positive influence on the economic development of... 07/31/2010
A Toolkit for Tomorrow's Schools: New Ways of Bringing Growth Management and School Planning Together. Describes many aspects of simultaneously planning development and schools. The influence of the modern school system's composition, with magnet schools, charter schools, school shopping parents... 09/30/2003
A University in Detroit Pins New Hopes on Old Buildings. Profiles urban revitalization underway in the area around Wayne State University. The university is reusing abandoned factories, and many crumbling mansions are being restored by faculty and staff. 05/07/2009
A Win-Win for Campus and Community. Dicusses mitigating the disadvantages and enhancing the benefits of being an urban higher education campus. Cooperation between institutions and neighborhoods, creation of green spaces, promoting... 05/31/2010
All Part of the Plan. Discusses the role of higher education in helping renew their host cities, citing the example of Wilkes College and King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The institutions and the city... 01/31/2006
An Urban Renewal School Project in Italy. Describes the features of the winning design for an Italian primary school. This restoration of an historic building will be the cornerstone of an urban renewal project to include a convention center... 09/30/2005
Back to School for Planners Schools are an important community asset, and represent one of the largest capital outlays many local governments make. Decisions about school construction and renovation have profound implications... 09/30/2004
Breach the Wall of Separation In an era of growing needs, finite resources, and a citizenry that expects cooperation and collaboration among various governmental bodies, this article discusses how to breach the wall of separation... 09/30/2004
Building a Vision for Chicago's Schools & Neighborhoods: A Framework for a Facilities Master Plan. Details this organization's recommendations concerning a facilities master plan for Chicago's schools. These include: development of a master plan by June 2006, community engagement to help... 12/31/2004
Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Assets This guide to what the authors call asset-based community development summarizes lessons learned by studying successful community-building initiatives in hundreds of neighborhoods across the United... 12/31/1996
Building Community: A Post-Occupancy Look at the Maryvale Mall Adaptive Reuse Project. Describes the conversion of Phoenix's vacant 1950's-era Maryvale Mall into an elementary and middle school. The project yielded a construction cost of $65 per square foot, and the new... 01/31/2006
Building Educational Success Together (BEST) BEST is dedicated to expanding the effectiveness of those working to improve outcomes for children in urban public schools, focusing on the need for healthy, safe, and educationally adequate schools...
Building the Community Nexus. Advocates integration of education and community services by effective siting of the facilities that house them. These community ?nexus? centers should be planned as a whole, include housing, and be... 12/31/2010
Building Up College Towns. Examines the contributions of some universities to the creation or redevelopment of commercial areas near their campuses. These projects are seen as a means of attracting and retaining students and... 06/30/2007
California State Architect Castellanos On The Impact Of The Built Environment On Neighborhoods With the billions of dollars being directed towards school construction in California, and particularly in Los Angeles, the need to examine and analyze the most efficient application of building... 03/31/2004
Campus and Community. Examines the college's role in enhancing the physical environment and facilities of its surrounding community, based on the experiences of more than 30 institutions, ranging from small private... 12/31/1979
Campuses in Cities: Places between Engagement and Retreat. Discusses the particular issues of campus planning for an urban university setting. Competing desires for refuge and community engagement complicate the process. Historical and ill-conceived methods... 02/22/2007
Capitalization of Parent, School, and Peer Group Components of School Quality into House Price. Reports on testing of competing models of how K-12 public school quality is capitalized into house prices. The value-added model proposes that only locationally fixed district-specific factors such... 01/06/2005
Center for Cities and Schools The Center is committed to bridging the fields of education and urban policy to create equitable, diverse, and livable cities and schools. The Center works to promote understanding of how the...
Center for Innovative School Facilities A project of Innovation Partnership in Portland, Oregon, The Center for Innovative School Facilities provides Oregon's school districts with facility and real estate services, asset management,...