Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Artful Instruction. Describes an educational program that involves students in the construction process to help them better understand the entire operation and expose them to new ways of thinking about the structure... 12/31/2000
At a Price. Discusses the use of student and faculty fees for paying for the construction and renovation of college recreation facilities. Community participation in the recreation facilities as an additional... 03/31/2001
Becoming a Voice in School Facilities Design: Taking the Lead. Included here are a few tips for how school-level personnel can be advocates for the role their facility plays in the education process: seek a role in facilities design; encourage your district to... 10/31/1997
Behind the Design. Dan Mader, CEO of Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc., discusses his firm's uses of the design charrette (an intense design work session), and talks about how important it is to have the community... 08/31/2002
Being Involved in School Design: A Guide for School Communities, Local Authorities, Funders and Design and Construction Teams. This is a guide for school communities, local authorities, funders, and design and construction teams. The booklet includes ten case studies, useful information, and a glossary. The first five case... 08/31/2004
Blue Ribbon Planning Vancouver (Washington) is rebuilding its entire educational infrastructure. Community involvement in the planning process for each school has created a sense of ownership, created spaces that... 06/30/2001
Boston Schoolyard Initiative. Since 1995, the Boston Schoolyard Initiative (BSI) has been transforming Boston's schoolyards from barren asphalt lots into dynamic centers for recreation, learning and community life. The BSI...
Breach the Wall of Separation In an era of growing needs, finite resources, and a citizenry that expects cooperation and collaboration among various governmental bodies, this article discusses how to breach the wall of separation... 09/30/2004
Building a Community-Based School: One Way to Do It--And One Way Not To Overview of the New Schools/Better Neighborhoods conference from New Orleans-based architect, school planner and educational consultant Steven Bingler, who was a keynote speaker. Bingler succinctly... 05/31/1999
Building a Full-Service School. Offers practical and comprehensive guidance for establishing school-based and school-linked academic, health, and human services as part of a holistic way to facilitate children's learning... 12/31/1997
Building a Learning Community Describes the charter school located within the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, and discusses theories of school design that should reflect the input of all stakeholders, including the... 01/31/1998
Building a Rooftop Playspace: I Can't Believe We Did It! Describes how the process of constructing a roof-top play space at the West Side Montessori School in New York City yielded lessons about organizing a community for a specific goal, the importance of... 06/30/1999
Building a School and Recruiting Staff Under Budget and in Less Time Using CQI In planning a new school and general remodeling and technology upgrades, the Oshkosh (Wisconsin) High School District used a variation of total quality management called Continuous Quality... 06/30/1999
Building Educational Success Together (BEST) BEST is dedicated to expanding the effectiveness of those working to improve outcomes for children in urban public schools, focusing on the need for healthy, safe, and educationally adequate schools...
Building Good Community Relations. Discusses ways of building community support for school construction through aggressive communication and engagement of the public, especially seniors and others who do not have children in school. 10/31/2003
Building the Better Playground. This article covers design, safety and community involvement aspects of over 100 Alabama elementary school playgrounds built by community and school groups with guidance from Tom Jambor. Jambor is... 02/15/1994
Building the Future: Lessons From Tasmania. Reece Community High School in Devenport, Tasmania, an obscure, blue-collar community in one of Australia's most remote regions, was recently recognized as producing the best planned, designed,... 01/31/2004
Building Your Dream School: Some Thoughts to Consider. Presents a reader-friendly account of the school design process, with guidance on defining a community's dream school, building support for its funding, converting dreams into an actual design,... 12/31/2005
Can Parents Design Schools? William J. Bennett's views on the influence parents can have on school design and the alienating effect on parents from schools when they are not part of the planning process. He offers the... 06/30/1995
Catching the Age Wave: Building Schools With Senior Citizens in Mind. Examining the trend toward an older U.S. population, this publication discusses why educators and school facility planners should consider designing multipurpose schools that specifically contribute... 09/30/2002
Celebrate School Building Day. Discusses ways that school districts can celebrate national School Building Day that channel students, parents, local professionals, business leaders, and legislators to consider the role the school... 02/29/2000
Center for Innovative School Facilities A project of Innovation Partnership in Portland, Oregon, The Center for Innovative School Facilities provides Oregon's school districts with facility and real estate services, asset management,...
Charrettes Get Results. Reviews the American Architectural Foundation's National School Design Institute, and advises on the benefits, difficulties, procedures, and expectations related to having such a design... 12/31/2006
Charting a Planning Course: A Guide To Communicating the Neighborhood's Message. An understanding of communication tools can help community organizations and their leaders better inform their neighborhoods and achieve community goals. This guide discusses why there is a need for... 12/31/1982
Children, Learning, & School Design. A First National Invitational Conference for Architects and Educators. Presents papers from a conference marking the 50th anniversary of Crow Island School in Winnetka, Illinois, held in November, 1990 to examine how collaboration between educators and architects could... 12/31/1991