Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Kid-Friendly School. Describes the experience of school districts in the Kansas City area of including students in school design. The project provided insights into what students think is important in their schools:... 01/31/2004
The Latest at Longview: 2. Roll Up Your Sleeves. Details the charette process that architects and administrators completed as part of the facility space planning process for Longview Community College's (Missouri) Liberal Arts Building... 09/30/2000
The Little School System That Could. Examines the Manassas Park, Virginia, City Schools' 10-year turnaround from a low- performing district to one in which every school was accredited by 2005. The turnaround is largely credited to... 12/31/2007
The Organization of Space and Activities among Latinos: A Strategy for Making School More Culturally Familiar. In an ethnographic study, teachers investigated a cultural difference between Anglos and Hispanics involving organization of space and activities at home, and applied the findings to high school... 03/20/1997
The Planning Game. Discusses how to get a community to participate in educational facility development that is effective provided one starts with a format that is fun. It presents a sequence of workshops that have been... 03/31/1999
The Politics of School Board-Community Interaction: A Case Study of a High School Construction Project. This study examined the politics of school-community interaction around a high school construction project, describing the events surrounding one school board's decision to renovate versus... 12/31/1989
The Principal's Role in School Construction and Renovation. Principals can provide input and feedback during the planning stage for building or renovating schools. Questions to ask focus on potential number of students, grade configuration, student grouping,... 04/30/2003
The Responsive Designer. Discusses the use of evidence-based design and responsive research when designing learning environments. Four built examples illustrate the results of engaging the community in the design process. 03/31/2001
The School Design Process: An Opportunity for Change? Reports on a study to determine if involving teachers in the design process for school facilities would result in a commitment to change by the whole faculty. In one rural Minnesota school district a... 08/22/2001
The School I'd Like: Children and Young People's Reflections on an Education for the 21st Century. In 2001 the British newspaper The Guardian launched a competition called The School I'd Like in which young people were asked to imagine their ideal school. This book presents material drawn... 12/31/2002
The School of the Future. Describes The Walt Disney Company's K-12 school of the future design that was developed from combining the hands-on knowledge of a school district and the curriculum expertise of a teaching... 12/31/1997
The Schoolhouse of Quality: How One Voice Built a Better School. The forces of democratization of centralized governments and institutions and the pursuit of companies to deliver customer-defined quality in their goods and services require better schools to... 12/31/1997
The Teamwork Touchdown. Winner of the School Planning & Management 1997 Building Team Contest is the Jackson Memorial Middle School in Massillon, Ohio. Renovation and addition to the middle school (Jackson Local School... 05/31/1997
Thinking Space: A Workshop Resource to Support Visioning of Learning Spaces for the Future. Provides a workshop resource to support people who are thinking about, or currently undertaking school renovation or rebuilding projects. It includes a set of activities, tools and techniques that... 12/31/2008
This New School. Recounts the planning, financing, design, and construction sequence of two high schools, a higher education classroom building, and a dormitory. The successes and setbacks, community involvement, and... 07/31/2005
Three Decades of Design and Community: History of the Community Development Group. Reviews thirty years of built results from the Community Design Group, an option within the North Carolina State University's Master of Architecture that sent students into communities to design... 12/31/2003
Three School Districts Honored for Their Community Relations Efforts. Examines three award-winning school districts receiving recognition for their community relations programs or packages. The two top winners are recognized for a school promotion video and for a... 04/30/2000
Timothy Dwight Elementary School, New Haven, Connecticut. Describes the design of a multipurpose addition to an elementary school in New Haven, completed by the Yale Urban Design Workshop. The project was launched as a three-day community design charrette... 01/31/2002
Toward Community-Based Architectural Programming and Development of Inclusive Learning Environments in Nairobi's Slums. Discusses problems involved in improving the conditions for education in Nairobi, Kenya, and describes the process undertaken by children in one inner-city slum to envision a safe, healthy school... 03/31/2003
Transforming the Learning Environment. This explores areas that are considered important factors affecting the educational environment design. These include work spaces for students; innovative modes of assessment for new learning... 12/31/1993
Turf Wars. How Does a University Grow When its Neighbors Say 'No'? A description of the tensions and differences in perception between universities and local communities, focusing on George Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania. 11/20/2003
Under One Roof: How Public Spaces at Schools Help Entire Communities Grow Many communities are finding that agreeing to pool their monetary resources together can be a way of giving the local school and the local community room to have academic and nonacademic events. Four... 06/30/1998
Up and Coming. Profiles the work of Alabama's Baldwin County Public Schools in creating a school facilities master plan in a rapidly growing district. Extensive community involvement and support is described. 05/31/2008
Urban Facility Planning: Broad-Based Involvement. Discusses an unsuccessful and a successful broad-based school planning endeavor in two urban school districts. The unsuccessful district had a monolithic structure, little grassroots involvement, and... 05/31/2004
Urban School Facilities: An A-Z Primer. This describes essential characteristics required to successfully develop and implement an educational facility planning processs. The intent of these essential characteristics is to outline an... 12/31/2002