Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Using Surplus School Space for Community School Centers. Explores the opportunities for reusing surplus school space as community service centers, and the issues and constraints in planning. This booklet is the fifth in a series that examines community... 01/31/1979
Viewing School Facilities as Community Development Projects: The Case of Hinesburg, Vermont. Instead of accentuating differences among agendas through competition for scarce resources, community members, educational planners, and community development planners cooperated in renovating a high... 02/28/2001
Visions: Involving Teachers as Process Partners for Facility Planning. Suggests teachers be involved in educational school facility planning efforts in order to fulfill educational program needs. The creation or vision process for facilities planning includes the... 12/31/1995
Voice of the Teacher. Explores the relationship between school design and teaching. The American Architectural Foundation visited seven schools that have been recognized nationally for their innovative design, turning to... 08/31/2010
We Must Stop Recreating Century-Old Stand-Alone Schools Divorced from Our Communities: An Interview with New Orleans Architect, Steven Bingler. Discusses how communities can more productively engage in the planning and programming of new school facilities. 03/31/1999
Welcome to the Neighborhood. Case study of the Jordan Park School of Extended Learning, a K-8 school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Discusses how community interest and involvement helped this new school reinvigorate an urban area.... 12/31/2000
What If. This paper addresses the growing population trends in California; the need to counteract the current model of community sprawl by designing smarter schools and community growth strategies; and the... 08/31/1999
What's in a Name? The Decline in The Civic Mission of School Names. Reports on the decrease in schools named after presidents or people in general, and increase of schools named after natural features. This shift from naming schools after people worthy of emulation... 06/30/2007
What's the Secret? Confidentiality in Planning Infrastructure Using Public/Private Partnerships. Examines suppression of information when public infrastructure, including schools, is planned by design-build-finance-operated public/private partnerships. The author studies the case of a public/... 09/30/2007
Where Will I Do My Pineapples? The Little Book of Building a Whole New School. This is the story of a community placed in an enviable position of receiving funding to build a new campus and the technology to transform learning. What is discovered very early on, is that no one... 12/31/2010
Why School Building Programs Go Bust. Provides an extensive checklist of warning signs that might indicate funding trouble for a school capital program. These involve long-range planning, management of the bond issue, construction... 06/30/2007
Winter 2008 School Design Institute. Reflects the comments and recommendations related to specific facility projects presented by two school districts: Seminole County Public Schools (Florida), and Wichita Unified School District 259 (... 01/31/2008