Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Cincinnati Organizes and Trains Residents to Help Plan School Rehab Project. Cincinnati is scheduled to submit a facilities master plan to the state in 2002 to become eligible for hundreds of millions in state repair and construction funds. The 75-school district is using an... 03/31/2002
Citizen Oversight of Public School Construction Programs: In Search of Promising Practices. This paper asserts that one part of a comprehensive control system for school construction projects is a citizen oversight committee. It suggests that citizen oversight committees are a cost-... 02/11/2003
City School District of Albany Facilities Plan. The Albany, New York, Board of Education has developed a facilities improvement plan for the Albany City Schools. This document provides detailed information about the plan, its process, vision,... 12/31/2000
Collaborating for Community-Based Planning Discusses collaboration methods and the possibilities of community participation in planning learning environments. Areas discussed include helping school districts save money through business... 08/31/1999
Collaborative Planning for School Facilities and Comprehensive Land Use. Examines the areas of local jurisdictional cooperation required for successful new school planning that also benefits community development. Reviews responsibilities shared by local municipal... 10/09/2000
Colorado School Stories Project Project is a coordinated effort to collect stories about the state budget's impact on Colorado's schools from parents, teachers, students, adminstrators and business leaders in the form of... 12/31/2007
Communication and Stakeholder Engagement at Brighouse Elementary. Describes an intensive effort of stakeholder involvement in the designing of this Richmond, British Columbia, school. Creating a vision, partnering with the community, and involving the students are... 12/31/2010
Communications on School Facility Projects--A Promise to the Community. Discusses Beaufort County School District's (South Carolina) Facilities 2000 plan to simultaneously build and renovate multiple schools within one district and an oversight committee's... 12/31/1996
Communities of Opportunity: Smart Growth Strategies for Colleges and Universities. Discusses how various institutions of higher education across the United States have adopted smart growth strategies to help ensure that new growth and development meet the institutions' mission... 12/31/2006
Community Advocacy Presents several articles on how the community influences and interacts in the planning of educational facilities, as well as what information planners should know about the community for successful... 12/31/1990
Community and School Facilities: Our Vision, Goal, and Initiatives. Outlines the Foundation's position on the value of community-use schools designed with community participation. Guiding principles for creating schools as centers of communities are offered, and... 01/31/2005
Community Collaboration. Describes the use of a design charette involving architects, administrators, board members, facilities staff, students, and faculty to ensure that education priorities help shape the school building... 07/31/2004
Community College Deans of Instruction: Their Role in Institutional Facilities Planning. Reports on a survey of deans of instruction at 300 community colleges that determined (1) their preparation for facilities and institutional planning; (2) the degree to which they are and should be... 04/30/2003
Community Engagement. Discusses the goal of an organization called New Schools/Better Neighborhoods (NSBN), which is to have school districts across California partner with community members during the new school siting,... 12/31/1999
Community Engagement: The Cahuenga Project. Case study and the results of a community based systemic planning process for the Cahuenga Elementary School in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The purpose was to select sites for education... 12/31/1998
Community Guide to The Columbus Public Schools' Building a Legacy of Achievement. This guide outlines key components of a voter-approved $521 million school construction program in Columbus, Ohio. The program will modernize 38 school buildings which house over 17,000 students. The... 12/05/2003
Community Guide to Understanding the School Budget. This guide introduces the community to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools budget and explains how it works. The guide is for parents, voters, taxpayers, residents, and students. The guide describes... 12/31/2001
Community Involvement - Is It Rinky Dink or a Chance to Think? Suggests techniques for meaningful community involvement in school planning. Inclusion of today's increasingly informed parents is essential and should offer a personal approach that includes... 06/30/2005
Community Involvement for Improving Rural School Facilities. This report examines the community-school relationship in a rural school facilities improvement project in Waitsburg, Washington. It offers a brief overview describing the school district followed by... 04/30/1998
Community Involvement in Technology Planning and Implementation This Education Leadership Toolkit, developed by the National School Boards Association, is a collection of tips and pointers, articles, case studies and other resources for education leaders... 12/31/1997
Community Involvement: A Win-Win Approach to School Facility Planning. Suggests objectives, activities, and implementation steps for organizing the community around school building projects. The information, feedback and mobilization elements for a successful strategy... 03/31/2004
Community Organizes to Save Neighborhood School in Philadelphia Outlines key elements of organizing to save a school from closure. Based on the efforts of a community of parents, educators, students and volunteers who mounted an effective and passionate nine-... 04/16/2012
Community Participation Methods in Design and Planning. This book provides the proven tools and techniques for bringing community members into the community design process successfully and productively. It offers 15 case studies chronicling community... 12/31/1999
Community Use of Schools: Facility Design Perspectives. Today's education facilities are having to accommodate more than just traditional students and programs--schools often must provide access for night and weekend use, as well as serve as centers... 12/31/1994
Community Values. Profiles the Rosa Parks Elementary School of Redmond Ridge, Washington. The community participated in the design of this lodge-like building that emulates the local environment, accommodates... 04/30/2007