Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Community-Based School Planning: If Not Now, When? Describes a new model of planning and decision-making for school design. Committees are being assembled that are truly representative, including parents, teachers, and students, as well as business... 09/30/2002
Community/School: Sharing the Space and the Action. Details the procedures that will enable school districts to initiate and develop their own community schools. It discusses financing, planning, building, staffing, and operating facilities that are... 10/31/1973
Constructing a New School. Through a year-long effort by the Little Village Community Development Corp. and following a 19-day hunger strike by parents and community members, the Chicago School Board committed to building a... 05/31/2003
Corning's Choice. Discusses Corning, Inc.'s relationship with the surrounding community and the problem that arose when a large Corning-backed campus-style high school was proposed that brought objections from... 06/30/2001
Creating a School for the Future: John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School: A Case Study. Describes the inception and realization of this revered community school created within a restored 1911 St. Paul, Minnesota, high school building, and combined with an adjoining new YMCA facility.... 12/31/2003
Creating Communities of Learning: Schools and Smart Growth in New Jersey. This paper discusses New Jersey's unprecedented $12.3 billion school construction and reconstruction project, launched in 2000, as an opportunity to reconstruct the state's communities,... 05/31/2001
Creating Communities of Learning: Schools and Smart Growth. Describes two projects seeded by New Jersey's Communities of Learners campaign: a national design competition for a new high school in Perth Amboy, and an effort to create large scale public... 03/31/2004
Creating Connections: The CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility Planning. Guides new and experienced school planners from the conception of educational needs through occupancy and use of the completed facilities. Chapters follow the planning, design, and occupancy... 12/31/2003
Creating Excellent Secondary Schools: A Guide for Clients. This British guide introduces some of the key issues around school design, and then proceeds through school building project stages: 1) creating a vision for the school and appraising the options:... 12/31/2006
Creating Learning Environments That Work. Examines how Walnut Hills High School's (Cincinnati, OH) new Arts and Science Center was designed to students' and teachers' specifications. Facility assessment and planning are... 04/30/2001
Cultivating Dialogue Before Building. Describes how two school districts--one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the other in Yorktown, Virginia--involved their communities in a school building and renovation planning process called discovery... 05/31/2002
Cultural Impact of Participants in the Design of Community Schools. This report examines how the traditional roles and relationships between a school system as owner, and the architect, as designer, are substantially altered when educational facilities share their... 12/31/1997
Customer-Focused Approach to Design Inspires Customization and Creativity. Discusses how including the community in the decision making process for school design helps prioritize design needs in new school construction and inspires customization and creativity. An example... 06/30/1998
Design Down Process: Designing a School in Iceland with Its Users. Describes a process used by an architect to work with the stakeholders of a school in Iceland to design a new building. The process, called design down, starts with the biggest issues and moves... 09/30/2002
Design Down: Collaboration for Long-Term Investment. Describes the author's design down process that brings designers, parents, educators, students, and administrators into the design process. The eleven steps of the design down process are... 03/31/2005
Design for First Nations Schools: Learning in Four Directions. Explores the importance of storytelling in First Nations communities and describes three lessons learned by an architectural firm that has designed over 20 First Nations schools: engaging the... 12/31/2004
Designing a Responsive School Environment. Describes the community involvement process initiated by the design firm and consultant for a new elementary school in Davidson, North Carolina. The process consisted of a literature search, numerous... 12/31/1992
Designing a Responsive School: The Benefits of a Participatory Process Inadequate school facility planning carries fiscal, human, and academic costs. Building a responsive school requires that future inhabitants participate in the planning process. The accommodation of... 05/31/1996
Designing Early Childhood Education Environments: A Partnership Between Architect and Educator Maxwell discusses the importance of teacher involvement in the child care facility design process to create a physical environment that facilitates learning goals. The physical attributes of an... 07/31/1996
Designing Facilities for the Next Millennium Outlines a five-step process to help school and community members in planning the initial phases of a new school: (1) establish a realistic planning timeline; (2) select a design team with diverse... 06/30/1999
Designing Schoolhouses of Quality. Discusses using consumer-focused techniques in the school construction and renovation. It explains the idea of allowing community stakeholders to direct the design of a school, its value in design... 05/31/1998
Designing Schools for the Whole Community School buildings should be beautiful and inspirational, raising the spirits of those who use them. This explains how important it is that schools with funding for building work or improvements... 09/30/2003
Designing Schools That Work A study of what people valued in an old school in Virginia and what they wanted in a new one can be summarized as a facility that encourages interaction among people. Specific planning... 01/31/1993
Designing with Maintenance in Mind. When planning for a new facility, consideration of maintenance needs is crucial to successful design. Designing for maintenance needs involves considering such factors as the durability of materials... 11/30/2002
Designs for Learning in the Knowledge Age. Reviews designs for learning in the knowledge age, exploring the relationship between learning and the built environment, examining the role of teachers in designing educational spaces, and calling... 05/31/2003