Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Developing Housing, Alumni Involvement and Long-Term Legacy Strategies for Today's Entrepreneurial Campus and Community. Describes thoughtful campus renewal to relieve a shortage of housing and parking at the University of Cincinnati. Rather than impose its expansion on the neighbors, the school involved them, creating... 12/31/2002
Development Plan for Relocation to the Nichols Avenue School. Submitted by Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School A plan for the renovation of and improvements to the Nichols Avenue School building and site in the District of Columbia, for the future home of Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School. This... 03/28/2004
Djidi Djidi Aboriginal Primary School: Celebrating a Noongar Heritage. Describes the design process for this school, which involved extensive exploration of the indigenous culture through meetings with teachers, tribal elders, and parents. The informal, open design... 12/31/2004
Do you Have Their Support? How to Make Informed Decisions Using Focus Groups. Advises on use focus groups to determine opinion on school facility issues. Populating the group with the correct mix of stakeholders, developing the line of questioning, the proper role of the... 12/31/2008
Do-It-Yourself Focus Groups: A Low-Cost Way To Listen to Your Community. Helping school, district, and/or community leaders facilitate discussions with community members about improving schools, this guide discusses how to use informal focus groups to gather information... 12/31/1996
Education Law Center Non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of equal educational opportunity on behalf of poor, minority children and children with disabilities, especially those attending public schools in New...
Educational Commissioning. Describes the motivations, methods, and benefits associated to author's concept called Educational Commissioning, where teachers, students, parents, and community partners are educated as to the... 12/31/2004
Educational Specifications. Summarizes the steps involved in creating and educational specification, and the elements that the final document should contain. Community involvement is emphasized at every step, with members... 01/31/2011
Educator and Architect Partnerships for Success. An architect and educational facilities consultant talks about the roles of architect and user in a building process, suggesting how educators can make best use of partnerships with architects. 12/31/2001
Eight Great Community Relations Ideas. Presents eight winners of the School Planning & Management's Community Relations Contest that produced ideas that other school districts can use to strengthen community-school coexistence.... 04/30/1998
Embracing the Community. A new high school in Gaylord, Michigan, is a focal point for community involvement and activity. The 550-seat auditorium had community input in the design stage, and classrooms were designed to... 07/31/1996
Engaging the Community: Strategies That Work. Discusses preliminary findings from a study of leaders in the community school movement, detailing the strategies and actions that help them succeed in uniting the community and its schools. 06/30/2005
Engaging Your Community as a Partner in Planning School Facilities. Discusses the importance of obtaining community support for a new school and how to engage the community at six stages of the process: preparation, programming, design, bidding and contracting,... 12/31/2002
Everybody's House - The Schoolhouse: Best Techniques for Connecting Home, School, and Community This provides administrators and other educators with practical techniques--based on case studies of successful programs--for reaching out to parents, families and other community members and keeping... 12/31/1996
Exploring School and Classroom Environments in Irish Primary Schools A growing number of international studies document the importance of well- designed school facilities for children's educational outcomes. However, less attention has been given to the... 03/31/2012
Extreme Makeover: Transforming Your School District through Renovation and Renewal. Describes a school renovation program in West Aurora, Illinois, that granted discretionary funds to each school and their respective planning committees. The result was a program where each school... 01/31/2006
Facility Issues in Community School Centers. Examines the development and substance of the building program, issues related to site selection and development, and overall building design strategies. This booklet is the fourth in a series that... 12/31/1978
Facility Siting: Risk, Power and Identity in Land Use Planning. This penetrating new edited collection examines risk, power and identity in contests over the siting of infrastructure and industrial facilities. Examines the social, political and environmental... 12/31/2004
Fall 2007 School Design Institute. Reflects the comments and recommendations related to specific school facility projects presented by the school officials of four districts: Broward County Public Schools (Florida), Cleveland... 09/30/2007
Follow the Roadmap. Sets out a strategy and plan to involve all constituencies for planning green schools. A summary Top Tips for Developing an Energy Conservation Plan with Ease is included. The authors'priorities... 03/31/2010
For Generations to Come: A Leadership Guide to Renewing School Buildings. This guide provides a framework for community involvement in modernizing or building new public school buildings. The process is broken down into the five steps of assessment, envisioning, planning,... 12/31/2003
Forming a United Front. Discusses how consensus planning encourages group participation and enhances the overall design and construction process. Describes values analysis and ways to include others in examining values,... 07/31/1996
Forming Small Learning Communities: Implementing Neighborhoods in an Existing High School. Outlines a longitudinal study of a Midwest urban high school to investigate the design of smaller learning communities within large school buildings. Explores the role of the physical environment in... 12/31/2000
Fresh Thinking for K-12 Schools: Community Leaders. Describes how school leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Bibb County, Georgia, confronted community resistance and dissatisfaction with the capital program. Reforms to project management,... 03/31/2010
From the Ground Up: A Handbook for Organizing for Capital Improvements to Your Public Schools. Guidelines are presented of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that illustrates to parents and community members of local school councils how they can advocate for and get real capital... 12/31/1997