Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Full Service School-Community Collaboration Richard W. Riley, Secretary of Education, provides his remarks concerning today's big-city schools and the new hopeful realism that is being created through building more community partnerships... 02/28/1999
Getting Community Buy-In on School Planning Means Including Your Community in the Planning. Discusses the need for the community to support the process and outcome of planning their new schools and describes how two Cincinnati (Ohio) school districts, one rural and one urban, made it happen... 06/30/1998
Getting the Architects to Listen Cleaning maintenance managers should get involved in the earliest stages of building design, armed with in-depth knowledge of what it will cost to clean the architect's vision. 12/31/1998
GIS in Community-Based School Planning: A Tool To Enhance Decision Making, Cooperation, and Democratization in the Planning Process. Examines use of geographic information systems (GIS) by the Blue Valley School District in Overland Park, Kansas, to help manage and plan for rapid growth and development. The GIS program helps... 06/19/2000
Growing from Within. Discusses the experiences of one Oklahoma school district's efforts to successfully address the expansion and renovation challenges of its highly diverse school system. The importance of gaining... 04/30/1998
Hands in the Dirt and Hearts in the Community: Developing Successful Partnerships for Urban Environmental Education Describes an urban environmental stewardship project undertaken by students at a Seattle public school in an effort to make their school more beautiful, their environment more healthy, and their... 03/31/1998
Happy Together. Discusses the development of a planning symposium as a means of getting community involvement for building a community recreation center. The steps in creating and managing a planning symposium are... 07/31/1998
Harbor High School. Describes the updating of this Santa Cruz high school that considered the significant input of students, staff, and the community. The additions consolidate administrative functions, add classrooms,... 07/31/2005
Hard Lessons: Causes and Consequences of Michigan's School Construction Boom. This provides a detailed review of how school construction decisions — whether to renovate existing buildings or build new, greenfield facilities — are made in Michigan and their effect on... 12/31/2003
Hearing the Public Voice. Discusses the tendency of school leaders to assume ownership of problems and solutions themselves, to focus on politics instead of facts, and to ask the public simply to ratify decisions that have... 12/31/2000
Heritage Oak School: From Obscurity to International Recognition--A Historical Case Study in Participatory School Facility Planning. This case study describes the planning and design process for the Heritage Oak Elementary School in Dry Creek Joint School District. It discusses the rapid residential growth that initiated the... 12/31/1998
High-School Village. Portrays the Sandra Day O'Connor High School in Helotes, Texas, whose architectural design, materials, and building forms reflect a rural Texas setting and a community wish that the large campus... 12/31/2001
How Communities Can Use Research To Hold School Systems Accountable. This study examined how community organizations can use research to identify community education interests and influence school systems to serve those interests. A case study of the Southeast... 04/24/2003
How Helping Hands Beautified a School Concerned about the deteriorating condition of existing facilities, a dedicated group of students, staff, parents, and community members completely redecorated and refurbished the school,... 10/31/1998
How Schools Are Redesigning Their Space. Discusses new visions of learning and how educators and architects are creating three-dimensional textbooks that use the learning environment as a teaching tool. Suggests that there is a current... 08/31/1993
Image Control, not Damage Control. Discusses the need for school districts to practice active community relations in order to positively influence information flowing to the community. Addresses performing a communications audit and... 02/28/2002
Importance of an Educated Community. Encourages the inclusion of community and faculty in school planning. A significant part of this process includes educating people the community as to what is current in education, what this implies... 04/30/2007
Improving Rural School Facilities: Design, Construction, Finance, and Public Support. Most rural school districts face similar issues as they consider new facility construction, renovations, or additions. These issues are how to gain public support for funding, how to make the best... 12/31/1999
Innovative Alternatives in Learning Environments: CAE Fall Conference Proceedings. This paper summarizes the ideas that were exchanged between Americans and Europeans during a conference held in Amsterdam November 7-10, 2000, by the Committee on Architecture for Education. The... 12/31/2000
Intergovernmental Collaboration and School Facility Siting. Summarizes the May 3, 2006 Summit on Intergovernmental Collaboration and School Siting, addressing communication and collaboration between school boards and local governments in selecting sites for... 07/31/2006
Involving People Is Not Hard: It Makes Educational Sense, It's about Value for Money, It's about Ownership. Presents case studies of ten British early childhood facilities that involved the community in the design process, where decisions were being made as to what services the facilities would provide.... 12/31/2005
Involving Principals in School Renovations: Benefit or Burden? Examines the nature and extent of principal involvement in school renovation, assesses costs and benefits thereof, and reviews principal training in school renovation. 09/30/2001
It's a Draw. Using the example of the construction of Fond du Lac High School in Wisconsin, discusses how multi-layer reviews of facility plans and drawings by staff members and the community help ensure a... 10/31/2002
It's All about the Kids: Keys for Successful District Master Planning. Makes the case for significant community in-put on creating school facilities and for a district-wide plan that coordinates education and world-class facilities. The author believes that process is... 03/31/2010
Learn & Live Resource Book. This resource manual focuses on innovative schools around the country that are integrating technology and involving parents, business, and the community. Ten chapters are divided into four sections.... 12/31/1996