Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Learning from Your Mistakes. Discusses bringing the community into the planning and development stages of educational facilities, including post occupancy evaluations, to enhance the facility's positive impact on the... 09/30/1997
Learning to Grow and Growing to Learn: Connecting Policies for School Facilities and Urban Growth. Presents a descriptive case study of the politics surrounding Portland Public Schools' facilities policy reform from 2000 through 2003. Portland is a revelatory case because of its history of... 12/31/2002
Local Governments and Schools: A Community-Oriented Approach. Provides local government managers with an understanding of the connections between school facility planning and local government management issues, with particular attention to avoiding the creation... 12/31/2007
Location, Location, Location. Discusses how good schools have drawing power in revitalizing both urban and rural communities and increasing property values. Several examples of the value of school renovation and its impact on the... 04/30/2000
Magnuson Community Garden. Documents the community involvement process undertaken to establish designs for a community garden adjacent to a school and community center in Seattle. Design alternatives are provided, as well as a... 07/31/2000
Making the Grade Discusses the process and results of one Connecticut community's effort to build a new high school and simultaneously renovate its current high school to an intermediate school. The new school... 04/30/2001
Managing Community School Centers. Examines a variety of strategies that have been developed for managing community school centers. Four aspects of management are discussed: 1) setting up an organizational structure that establishes... 12/31/1978
Managing Public Scrutiny. Discusses how proper responses by school administrators to public and media inquiries can promote positive relations with the community. Advice on responding to media inspection and the importance of... 12/31/1999
Mayors and School Districts. Discusses the increased involvement of mayors in education and school facilities issues. Examples of programs from seven metropolitan areas illustrate creative partnerships and programs that build,... 02/29/2004
Meeting of the Minds. Recommends ways that higher education institutions can mitigate conflicts by considering the surrounding community in their vision, including forming an advisory board of university and community... 07/31/2004
Mobilizing Citizens for Better Schools. Using the experience of Kentucky's Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, this book provides guidance for citizens of all states who are interested in implementing school reform. It covers... 12/31/2003
National Symposium on School Design: Schools as Centers of Community. This provides nine unique models of communities working together to design and modernize schools. Each entry provides a description of the model school, a list of principle decision makers and... 03/31/1998
New Designs for Learning: K-12 Schools Project staff have found that designing schools for the future is a learning process in which staff, students, community, and designers work together to discover new ways to design a school's... 07/31/1999
New Schools Better Neighborhoods New Schools / Better Neighborhoods (NSBN) is a civic advocacy organization formed to promote a 21st Century vision for California's urban school districts: new schools should be centers of...
New Schools for Older Neighborhoods: Strategies for Building Our Communities' Most Important Assets. The case studies in this booklet highlight how five communities, in big cities and small towns, overcame the obstacles inherent in creating good new schools in existing neighborhoods. There is... 12/31/2001
New Visions. An educator and an architect discuss school design considerations that include developing a strong learning plan, a strong concept of community, and architecture that supports both. Involving the... 06/30/2001
New York City's Cool Schools; Within the Country's Largest School System, Architectural Innovation Finds a Foothold Describes how extraordinary collaborations between agencies, educators, architects, and others created special places to learn within the New York City school system. It discusses this group approach... 04/30/1999
Nontraditional Approaches to Building Better Schools. Describes a planning model developed by the National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse (San Diego, California). This model provides for district and community scanning of mutual issues, and... 01/03/2002
North Charleston School District Creates Its First Shared Campus Describes how the Charleston County School District participated in the transformation of an older neighborhood into a successful, sustainable community. CCSD engaged both the community and local... 12/27/2011
Notes on Community-Based School Design. Based on experiences in Berkeley, California, offers observations about community-based design of schools: welcome the community into the school, fit the school into its community, be resolutely... 06/30/1999
Oak Valley Aboriginal School: A Journey. Describes this extremely remote Australian K-10 school, whose design and construction addressed the extreme heat, winds, lack of water, and abundant sun. The classroom design addressed hearing... 12/31/2004
Ohio's Education Matters: 2000-2001 Poll. This telephone survey of Ohio adults was intended to gauge attitudes on a range of educational issues. Main findings were: (1) education is important, but its true value is not fully understood; (2)... 12/31/2000
Ohio's Education Matters: 2001-2002 Poll. This survey of Ohio adults was intended to gauge attitudes on a range of educational issues. Key findings included: (1) public schools get a grade of C+; (2) Ohioans underestimate the extent of the... 12/31/2001
Ohio's Education Matters: KnowledgeWorks Foundation 2004 Poll. Presents the fourth year of this poll which surveys Ohioans' opinions on educational adequacy in order to help form public policy. The survey revealed that Ohioans give the schools only an... 12/31/2003
One Plus One Makes Three. This paper explores the emerging shift away from highly specialized, self-centered value systems to more collaborative and integrative approaches in the fields of art, business, and in primary and... 12/31/1993