Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Open the Windows: Design New Spaces for Learning. This article encourages everyone to become active in the conversation about how what one knows about emerging technologies can inform the design of new schools and classrooms. It presents some... 12/31/2010
Open-Door Policies Discusses the new trend in K-12 architectural designs that help schools provide interdisciplinary, hands-on learning along with community interaction. Several design projects are highlighted. 10/31/1999
Opportunity-Rich Schools and Sustainable Communities: Seven Steps to Align High-Quality Education with Innovations in City and Metropolitan Planning and Development. Illustrates policies and strategies at all levels of government that are increasingly associating educational outcomes with community planning and housing. The research developed seven steps to link... 05/31/2011
Options for Improving Rural School Facilities. Many options exist for improving rural school facilities, among which are questions of school closure versus modernization or replacement. This report addresses the question of the future of the... 06/05/1998
Our School Building Matters. Provides a toolkit for teachers to help make the most of the learning opportunities created by building a new school or refurbishing an existing one. The resource provides ideas for exploiting the... 12/31/2009
Parent Participation, School Accountability & Rural Education: The Impact of KERA on Kentucky School Facilities Policy. Discusses forms of parent involvement and democratic empowerment partially restored in the state of Kentucky, and now engendered as a result of the Kentucky Educational Reform Act (KERA). The... 12/31/2002
Participation by Design: A Shared Learning Environment. Reviews the process that converted two high school classrooms into a graphic arts studio to be shared by the three small schools housed within the building. The process brought together students,... 12/31/2003
Participatory Design for the Minnesota Center for Arts Education. Presents the results of an assessment of this campus, a reused college campus considered inadequate for the climate and current use as an arts high school. Students and faculty interviews were... 12/31/2001
Perceptions of Educators about School Design Issues. Research results are presented from focus groups and telephone surveys concerning the attitudes and opinions of public school educators on the issue of school design, including an additional report... 01/31/1998
Pictures are Necessary but Not Sufficient: Using a Range of Visual Methods to Engage Users about School Design. Describes a consultation that was undertaken in a British secondary school as part of a participatory design process centered on the rebuilding of the school. A range of visual methods, based on... 12/31/2009
PK-12 Public Educational Facilities Master Plan Evaluation Guide. Proper planning of school facilities is critical for all school districts no matter how large or small. When school districts properly plan for their school facilities they have better schools, more... 12/31/2010
Places To Learn. School Facilities Provide an Entry Point for Community Organizers. School facilities are both part of a community's physical infrastructure and a vital factor in educational quality. As such, they can provide a concrete issue around which community groups... 06/30/2001
Planning a School Construction Referendum: A Case Study of a Small Rural School District in Southern New Jersey. Narrate the author's experience on a school planning task force developed in response to a failed bond referendum. The public demanded more say in the future planning for the community's... 12/31/2009
Planning for Quality Describes one Wisconsin school district's use of continuous quality improvement (CQI), coupled with community involvement, to plan and pass a referendum for a new K-8 school. Fourteen CQI... 02/28/1997
Planning Small High Schools: Unique Challenges for Futuristic Thinking. Discusses the planning of small high schools, using the 225-student Red Lodge High School near Billings, Montana, as an example. Techniques for maximizing the budget and planning for the future are... 03/31/2008
Planning Without Anxiety. Examines how to conduct a successful school renovation or building planning process through thorough preparation and community involvement. Briefly highlighted are the use of population projections,... 09/30/2000
Position Paper on School Closings. A position paper addresses school closings in the District of Columbia arguing that these closings are not within the context of a 10-year educational facilities plan that included community input,... 12/31/1996
Preserving Heritage While Restoring and Improving Facilities: A Rural Community's Experience. In Waitsburg, Washington, the community was actively involved in a rural school facilities improvement project. The district serves approximately 410 students in three buildings on a single campus.... 12/31/1999
Programming and Design of Public Schools Within the Context of Community. This paper translates the best of educational practice into school design criteria for architects and communities wishing to build innovative schools that reflect community excellence. First... 09/30/2000
Protecting Plano. Examines how one school district used a comprehensive plan, that included cooperation between parents, students, and local law enforcement, to effectively respond to the current furor over school... 01/31/2000
Public Engagement and School Facilities. Provides a workbook to assist community groups in engaging the public concerning school facilities. Meeting guidelines help organize the phases of the discussion, provide questions, and assist the... 12/31/2003
Public School A-B-C's. Reveals how working with the surrounding community can make public school construction and renovation easier and make the school a more community-friendly facility. Topics cover the facilities... 08/31/2000
Queen Anne High School, Scotland Profiles this Edinburgh-area high school, built through a 25-year public-private partnership contract, as part of Scotland's first phase of recent school estate renewal. The school is built...
Raising Standards: Opening Doors. Developing Links between Schools and Their Communities. This British publication offers guidance to help schools open up the use of their premises and facilities and to enhance their links with the local community. It highlights the benefits of... 12/31/1998
Reaching Consensus. Advises on how to coordinate constituent interests when building a new academic library. Meeting plans and exercises, architect selection, master planning, site selection, and massing are covered. 07/31/2008