Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Works Tool Kit. The United Kingdom's non-profit School Works project was initiated to respond to the challenges of updating school infrastructure by showing the links between design and education, producing... 12/31/2000
School-Community Collaboration. Describes ways that schools connect to their communities, how some school/community partnerships have been forged, and tips on how to transform existing facilities into community schools. 07/31/2004
Schools as Centers of Community: A Citizens' Guide For Planning and Design. Second edition. This publication outlines a process for planning schools that more adequately addresses the needs of the whole learning community. It explores six design principles for creating effective learning... 11/30/2003
Schools As Centers of Community: John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School. This online video describes St. Paul's award-winning John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School, a state-of-the-art K-6 community school and neighborhood hub created in an abandoned high... 12/31/2004
Schools Designed with Community Participation. This publication presents case studies of school buildings to demonstrate the application of a post occupancy evaluation (POE) during various stages of the design and planning process. It explains... 06/30/2002
Schools for the Twenty-First Century. Proper planning in the design of new school facilities saves time, money, and resources. The importance of planning increases when funds are scarce, as limited dollars must be put to their best use.... 12/31/1989
Schools That Fit: Aligning Architecture and Education. This booklet presents one architectural firm's understanding and application of the latest educational research in real-world settings. It asserts that architects can make significant... 12/31/2001
Smart Planning Saves Money. Describes strategic planning initiatives that can save money in school construction and renovation. In spite of a weak economy, school systems are still required to maintain and expand their... 04/30/2011
Something for Everyone How do you encourage a small town to bond a new school that is equal to its entire annual operating budget? The planners of the Mashpee Junior/Senior High School did it by creating a facility that... 12/31/1998
State Policies and School Facilities: How States Can Support or Undermine Neighborhood Schools and Community Preservation. This report reaffirms the contribution made by historic neighborhood schools to their communities. It offers guidance to officials and local preservationists for creating state policies that help... 04/30/2003
Students Designing Their Learning? Young people know and understand that more traditional group teaching in formal layouts is necessary at times, but these are moments and should not be the whole approach. Extols the importance of... 11/30/2011
Sustainable Schools: Are We Building Schools for the Future? [United Kingdom] Reviews the record of Great Britain's Building Schools for the Future program, with regard to the creation of positive, sustainable learning environments. The conclusions, supported with... 07/15/2007
Tailored to Fit. Discusses the virtues of collaborative design in school planning, which incorporates the knowledge and priorities of users with the expertise of designers. The users may include school board members... 10/31/2006
Taking School Design to Students. This digest describes seven strategies for effectively involving students in school design. These methods include using student artwork, using disposable cameras, hosting student forums, involving... 12/31/2003
Taking the Measure of a Customer-Designed School. Explores how research can confirm that customer-driven educational facilities planning actually works. It describes a matrix format for gauging value scores on a school renovation's importance... 07/31/1998
Talk of the Town. Designs for Learning: Building Schools for the 21st Century. Presents excerpts from a satellite town meeting where participants discussed issues common to the nation's schools. Topics include federal legislation for school construction, the planning of... 09/30/1998
Targeted for Growth. Discusses the experiences of one school district in Kansas City (Missouri) in gaining community support and involvement in planning for increased student enrollment while providing the best... 03/31/1998
The ABC's of Building a School. This booklet is designed for administrators who are being encouraged to build a new, or remodel an old, school facility. It describes the planning process from perceived need to the hiring of an... 12/31/1998
The Custodian: Your New Building Design Consultant. Discusses how today's classrooms and other campus buildings are driving the need to consider the requirements of maintenance personnel when designing new facilities. Issues such as planning for... 12/31/1999
The Decision Making Roles and Processes of Texas Superintendents in Educational Facility Planning. This survey of 96 Texas public school superintendents and 96 Texas public school business managers determined their decision making roles and differing perceptions of the facility planning process.... 12/31/1994
The Design-Down Process: An Alternative to the Traditional Education Specification Process for Defining Learning Environments. Describes a process of defining educational specifications called design-down, which recognizes the importance of societal changes and community involvement when building or renovating schools.... 06/30/1997
The Development of Elementary School Educational Specifications and Preliminary Building Plans Through the Use of Citizen and Staff Involvement. This dissertation recounts the functioning of a practicum established to develop educational specifications and preliminary building plans for five new elementary schools in the Sacramento City... 12/31/1974
The Hermit Crab Solution: Creative Alternatives for Improving Rural School Facilities & Keeping Them Close to Home. What rural communities can learn from the hermit crab is that finding and reusing cost-effective accommodations can be a brilliant survival tactic. This book offers educators and community members a... 12/31/2003
The Importance of Participatory Planning. Advises on the importance of community involvement in school planning, considering the declining number of taxpayers with school-age children and the multiple community uses that the school will... 07/31/2008
The Inner Struggle. Describes one inner-city school district's struggles with old buildings and community apathy that has caused no school funding issues to be passed in 2 decades. Showing the school district'... 06/30/1998