Construction Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Alternative School Construction Methods. Discusses the use of insulated concrete forms, modular units, and tilt-up concrete in school construction. The advantages to energy efficiency, construction speed, and cost are cited. 06/30/2009
Ambitious but Affordable. Explains how several owners obtained outstanding educational facilities, even though the budget required a reduction from the original vision for the building. Areas for saving that do not diminish... 02/28/2006
An Approach for Measuring Reductions in Operations, Maintenance, and Energy Costs: Baseline Measures of Construction Industry Practices for the National Construction Goals. The Construction and Building Subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council (NCTC) has established seven National Construction Goals. This document provides a detailed set of baseline... 12/31/1996
An Overlooked Asset. Community Colleges Shine Despite the Sketchy Economy. A fragile economy forces many community colleges to confront a paradoxical challenge: accommodate surging enrollments while responding to shrinking state funding. From a design and construction... 09/30/2011
Analysis of Regression and Surveys in Ohio LSC Report on S.B. 102 on Claimed Cost Savings from Exempting School Construction from Prevailing Wage Requirements. Analyzes claimed cost savings from exempting Ohio school construction projects from prevailing wage requirements. While the state claimed significant savings, this report indicates that the state... 07/07/2002
Architect's Square Foot Costbook. Details square-foot costs for a variety of educational projects incorporating lighting and heating innovations that meet LEED criteria. Many of these projects also reflect sustainable design concepts... 12/31/2007
Architects and Design-Phase Cost Estimates. Emphasizes the importance of cost estimates being done by independent estimators. The articles provides responses to the usual client arguments for not doing so. 12/31/2009
Are You Building a School or a Liability? A Guide to Using Total Masonry Construction in Public Schools. Explains the value of total masonry construction in K-12 schools for the purpose of reduced life-cycle costs, safety, and mold resistance. A discussion of the importance of the building envelope,... 12/31/2003
Arizona School Construction Costs: Sample Study. Facts on school construction, from a statewide perspective, are an important part of long-range planning. To help with such planning, the state of Arizona compiled information on construction costs... 08/31/1996
Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) AACE International serves cost management professionals: cost managers and engineers, project managers, planners and schedulers, estimators and bidders, and value engineers. AACE International has...
Avoiding Change Orders in Public School Construction Increased student enrollment and the current poor state of the educational infrastructure require the construction of more school buildings and the renovation of many of the existing ones. The large... 12/31/2006
Avoiding Project Creep. Discusses how to keep school district capital-improvement projects within budget. Areas where runaway costs creep into a project and ways of cutting are lessening these costs are examined, such as... 07/31/1998
Battling Budgets. Addresses capital program expenditures in the current situation of increasing prices, increased competition for students, and increased student expectations. Choosing specific projects to be showcase... 10/31/2006
Beating the Odds by Spreading the Word. Describes how the Edwardsville (Illinois) Community Unit School District 7 constructed much needed new schools in record time through contractor awareness and pre- qualification, a regularly updated... 01/31/2009
Best Practices Report: A Sampling of Best Practices and Resources of School Facility Construction. Reviews useful documents from the California Office of Public School Construction and several feature projects that illustrate recent school facility planning ideas and design solutions approved by... 02/28/2003
Betting on Bonds This looks at school construction bond referenda proposed and passed in 2005. A bond proposal signifies an institution's need for capital funds; it's passage is a barometer of the public... 12/31/2005
Billions to Spend. How a $5.7 Billion Program to Rebuild Los Angeles Community Colleges Went Astray. A six-part series investigates how tens of millions of dollars was wasted in a Los Angeles Community College District $5.7 billion project to rebuild its nine campuses for the 21st century. 02/28/2011
Boom Time: American School and University 24th Annual Official Education Construction Report 1998. Examines building cost trend data for educational facilities from the American School & University's 24 annual Official Education Construction Report for 1997. Data tables list education... 04/30/1998
Bucking the Trend. American School and University 28th Annual Official Education Construction Report 2002. This annual construction report reveals that even as the overall economy continued to suffer, education construction spending reached record heights in 2001, and promises to remain robust through at... 04/30/2002
Building & Renovating Schools: Design, Construction Management, Cost Control. Covers the building and renovating process from initial planning, needs assessment and design through move-in. The “Planning and Design” section features guidelines for developing planning documents... 12/31/2003
Building by the Book: American School and University 22nd Annual Official Education Construction Report 1996 This 22nd annual Official Education Construction Report details school and university construction information. It documents the amount and type of construction put in place and projected to be... 04/30/1996
Building Community: A Post-Occupancy Look at the Maryvale Mall Adaptive Reuse Project. Describes the conversion of Phoenix's vacant 1950's-era Maryvale Mall into an elementary and middle school. The project yielded a construction cost of $65 per square foot, and the new... 01/31/2006
Building for the Boom. American School and University 27th Annual Education Construction Report 2001. Presents construction comparative data from the 27th Annual Official Education Construction Report on education construction spending for 2000. Data tables show where the construction is happening by... 04/30/2001
Building to LEED for New Construction, 2nd Ed. Provides an overview of green building and an in-depth look at the contractor's role on a LEED v3 project, focusing on the information contractors need to know to effectively and efficiently... 12/31/2009
Building Type Index: Construction Information by Building Type Provides preliminary cost estimates for all levels and types of schools, as well as for particular spaces within schools. Various types of construction are estimated, and case studies accompany most...