Construction Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Non-Architect's Guide to Major Capital Projects: Planning, Designing, and Delivering New Buildings. Introduces the steps and sequence of planning, designing, and delivering a capital project. The six stages of the project delivery process (planning or pre-design, schematic design, design... 12/31/2004
The True Value of Green. Analyzes costs for building certifiably green schools at every level and in several states. Tables for cost per square foot, cost per student, and square feet per student compare costs of non-LEED to... 09/30/2010
Through the Roof: American School and University 26th Annual Education Construction Report 2000. Presents the 26th Annual American School and University Official Education and Construction Report revealing data on school construction projects across the United States. Project costs are... 04/30/2000
Tough Times, Silver Lining: Builders Lower their Bids. Reflects on how the current decrease in construction activity could mean savings for colleges with the money to build now. Bids significantly below what were anticipated are not uncommon, as... 02/12/2009
Two-in-one Building Concept Maximized Construction Funds Case study of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, that built a unique two-buildings-in-one: 201,000-square-foot Residence/Rec Center, completed in the fall of 2009, and four-story, 265-bed... 11/29/2011
UC Irvine Douglas Hospital: A Model for the Entire Industry. Describes how this university hospital was built under stringent California guidelines, with careful builder oversight, and was still completed early under budget. Extensive cooperation between... 08/31/2010
Under Control. Offers advice on how school administrators can properly plan and monitor school construction projects to contain costs. Cost control tips discussed include project scope definition, contract bidding... 10/31/2001
Understanding School Construction Project Costs. Advises on how to properly interpret data, continuously communicate progress, and anticipate inflation, all in an effort to avoid cost overruns and bad publicity for school projects. Common... 08/31/2006
University Report. Reports rising university construction spending, mostly for residence halls and infrastructure. The top 20 university design firms and top 20 university contractors, according to billings, are listed. 06/30/2009
University Report. Briefly reviews higher education construction trends, then ranks the top 20 higher education design firms and top 20 K-12 higher education building contractors according to their 2006 revenue. 06/30/2007
Waste and Abuse: Public School Roofing Projects. This report details the results of a comprehensive inquiry by New Jersey into one aspect of school construction, the repair and replacement of roof systems, which represents the single most expensive... 08/31/2000
What Can $3.6 Billion Buy? Los Angeles School Construction Has a Choice. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is pioneering a more efficient method for managing a $3.6 billion construction program so that decisions are made faster and vendors are paid in a timely... 01/31/2004
What's Up with the Construction Industry (Besides Costs)? Discusses why school construction costs are rising so rapidly and the factors that will affect a school's building project. Tips on the decisions school boards can make to lessen the cost impact... 11/30/1999
When Funding is Scarce: Making the Best Use of Existing Facilities. Offers an array of guidelines for determining renovation and adaptation needs in a school facility's operational considerations, time and schedules, facility modifications, and found spaces, and... 12/31/2009
Where Did the Money Go? Despite the recent boom in school construction spending, this nation is not catching up with the backlog of school space needed nor overcoming the deficits of so many of its older schools. Discusses... 03/31/2000
Where Has the Money Gone? School Construction in Los Angeles Unified School District The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) offers its own school district data in four areas: enrollment growth; seat capacity; school construction costs; and land acquisition. Also included are... 06/30/1998
Who Affects Costs of Constructing School Facilities? School officials must be aware of their own and others' influences on the cost of constructing a school facility. Administrators' responsibilities include investigating the architect's... 10/31/1985
Who Pays for the Architect's Mistakes? Discusses standard of care and accountability for errors and omissions in the work of design consultants such as architects and engineers. Emphasizes the responsibility of owners, the importance of... 08/31/2002
Why Are School Construction Costs So Low? Discusses the influences of increased labor productivity and lower risk on construction costs, which are lowering bids on school construction bids during the weak economy. 07/21/2010
Why Construction Safety Is Important. Reviews the owner's role in construction safety, and advises on how the owner can work with the contractor to encourage the contractor's obligations under safety regulations. The elements... 06/30/2006
Widespread Materials Inflation Demands Industry Attention. This paper compares two common inflation measures, the consumer price index for all urban consumers (CPI-U) and the producer price index (PPI) for finished goods, against a variety of PPIs for... 11/30/2005
Wood Scores A+ in School Construction Discusses how wood has been used as a structural and finish material in schools; considers the effects of wood on human health and well-being in an educational environment; describes the... 12/31/2011
[New York] State Education Department Facilities Planning Unit Report. The Education Department's Facilities Planning unit approves state aid for school-district construction projects outside New York City. This report presents findings of an audit that evaluated... 12/31/1995