Construction Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Districts Buying Power: Spending on Construction and Renovation. Presents the results of a survey of school district spending on construction and renovation, indicating that U.S. school districts spent $23.77 billion in 2006-2007, representing expenditures by 86%... 02/29/2008
Dollars and Sense II: Lessons from Good, Cost-Effective Small Schools. Argues for small schools in three ways. First, analysis of more than three thousand construction projects shows that smaller schools are no more expensive to build than much larger schools. Second,... 12/31/2004
Dollars and Sense: the Cost Effectiveness of Small Schools. This publication summarizes research on the educational and social benefits of small schools and the negative effects of large schools on students, teachers, and members of the community, as well as... 12/31/2001
Dome Schools: Who Says Buildings Have to be Boxes? Many school districts are finding that it can cost less to build a dome school than a traditional school building. A concrete dome is a one-piece structure that is built using a relatively simple... 09/30/1999
Effects of Energy Needs and Expenditures on U.S. Public Schools. Statistical Analysis Report. This report provides national estimates on energy needs and expenditures of U.S. public school districts. The survey provides estimates of Fiscal Year (FY) 2000 energy expenditures, FY 2001 energy... 04/30/2003
Efficient Resolution of Construction Disputes: Alternative Dispute Resolution. Discusses negotiation, mediation, and arbitration as an alternative to traditional legal proceedings in a construction dispute. Professional counsel may or may not be involved in these proceedings,... 10/31/2008
Elderly School Syndrome--Or, How to Make Budget Estimates for Major School Rehabilitation. Explains a method for converting school building rehabilitation costs into costs per square foot (unit costs) for seven categories of building components. Unit costs are useful in budgeting,... 06/30/1993
Ending School Overcrowding in California: Building Quality Schools for All Children. Reports that the state currently targets school construction funds for anticipated growth districts, but not to relieve overcrowding. Even though the 2002 Critically Overcrowded Schools (COS)... 12/31/2004
Facility Needs and Costs in America's Great City Schools. Results of a survey of the nation's major city public school districts show substantial construction, renovation, modernization, and deferred maintenance needs because of the age and size of... 09/30/2011
Finished in a Flash. Discusses how fast-tracking construction and bundling projects for higher education construction. Examples from several campuses illustrate how labor costs can be higher due to overtime, how... 12/31/2008
First Cost vs. Life-Cycle Costs. Urges accommodation of small increases in building costs that can obtain life cycle cost savings of 10-25 percent. Typical ways that school systems are realizing these savings are highlighted. 12/31/2005
Florida Department of Education Office of Educational Facilities. This web site includes information on the cost of construction; online forms and manuals; capital project plans; appropriations history and projections; classroom size reducation allocation; charter...
Florida Educational Facilities, 1999. This publication describes Florida school and community college facilities completed in 1999, including photographs and floor plans. The facilities profiled are: Buchholz High School (Alachua County... 12/31/1999
Florida Educational Facilities, 2000. This publication describes Florida school and community college facilities completed in 2000, including photographs and floor plans. The facilities profiled are: J. R. Arnold High School (Bay County... 12/31/2000
FMI K-12 Public School Construction Management. Presents the results of a survey of the largest 500 school systems in the U.S. that discusses top issues in construction management, trends in school construction, master planning practices, funding... 12/31/2004
From Headaches to Lawsuits. Reviews situations in new school construction that can escalate from inconvenience to litigation. These include site selection, project delays, cost overruns, improper contracting, and poor... 07/31/2007
Frugal Construction Standards. [Florida] This booklet provides best practice recommendations for building functional and frugal schools in Florida. Seventeen best practice construction recommendations are addressed, including... 01/24/2000
Get Real. How can you arrive at an accurate construction estimate when you only have a vision? Simply follow these four steps to a credible conceptual budget: start with teamwork; do your homework; design to... 08/31/2003
Green Building Square Foot Costbook Comprehensive collection of recent LEED and sustainable building projects along with their square foot costs, broken down by CSI MasterFormat section and adjusted for 2012. For each building,... 12/31/2011
Green Building Survey Shows Increased Interest in K-12 Realm. Discusses recent findings indicating that a large percentage of construction executives prefer green K-12 facilities. The benefits include better community image, better teacher retention, reduced... 03/31/2006
Green Buildings and the Bottom Line. Examines financial considerations of green building across many building types, with one chapter each devoted to the practice in higher and K-12 education. Current attention to and financial... 10/31/2006
Green Design and Construction. Profiles River Crest Elementary School in Wisconsin's Hudson School District. The LEED-Gold certified school was built at a square foot cost about 25 percent less than similar schools in the... 03/31/2011
Green Energy in New Construction: Maximize Energy Savings and Minimize Cost. Discusses the concept of simultaneously achieving low energy bills and low construction costs by utilizing energy modeling and LEED principles. It is noted that LEED construction will not guarantee... 11/30/2010
Green on a Budget. Discusses sustainable building features that actually cost less or only slightly more than nonsustainble ones. These include proper orientation on the site and reduction of impermeable surfaces,... 09/30/2008
Green School Economics. Despite the widespread belief that green buildings are much more expensive than conventional ones, a report of 30 green schools (LEED certified or equivalent) demonstrates that green schools cost... 03/13/2007